Sen. Harris says the president calling things a hoax is a ‘consistent theme of his,’ and we ‘should never be distracted by that’

Sen. Harris: 'You can go down the list of what he decides is a hoax because it may not suit him politically or personally.'

7/2/2020 4:43:00 AM

Sen. Harris: 'You can go down the list of what he decides is a hoax because it may not suit him politically or personally.'

Speaking with Nicolle Wallace right after she was briefed on the Russian bounty plot intelligence, Senator Kamala Harris expresses her concerns over the safety of American troops and dismisses the president’s refusal to believe the intelligence

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He has a list of hoaxes because Democrats and media provide him with the hoaxes to list 🤷🏻‍♂️ You a hoax, so what Democrats hate America 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Well maybe if u didn’t spend 3 yea on a fake russia hoax, everyone wouldn’t think the same thing smh... msnbc SenKamalaHarris realDonaldTrump TeamTrump He is following his spiritual mentor

Bitch please. He’s constantly correct. TRUMPUTIN KNOW IT HE'S GOT EARS -S-H-O-O-K- Don't forget his famous; 'I don't know him/her.' Then hundreds of personal pictures with him and the person he doesn't know are tweeted. This is not a hoax. It appears that The Trumpster along with his friends were child sex traffickers. AmericasShame whiteprivilege NastyMan

So true. case closed then Is the job description of someone in Congress to bicker and point fingers 24/7? Do any of them actually do much of anything else but complain about the other faction? So sick of all of them. Oh please the entirety of the Capitol sets aside any and all principles the moment they become inconvenient to have.

trumpscum TrumpTreason Less than 400 deaths last week and in rapid decline since mid-April. And he knows he's too incompetent to do anything about the problem, any problem. And he never misses a chance to cast doubt on news reporting. It's all a rich tapestry, really. Biden SavedYouAClick KamalaHarris duh psycho! Because you consistently LIE, HYPOCRITE!

Hoax is the president, a fraud. Was she on her knees while saying this HeelsUpHarris She said to the mirror Did it ever occur to you that his lack of knowledge concerning the virus caught him off guard and he didn't want to cause hysteria without facts first? Are you a medical professional who summed up Covid in a snap? So sometimes a slip of offhand remarks are human.

Let’s talk about KamalaHarris prosecutorial record which is lousy. She has zero credibility to make any comment about Trump when she has decision issues herself. CanYouSee Regardless whether it is true or not, the News media is announcing there is a bounty of US soldier and if the Taliban are listening to the news, they are going to think it is true and try to collect. In other words is guilty of putting US soldiers lives at risk.

Lying Traitor TRE45ON BountyGate Our President has had to deal with an unprecedented amount of criticism that no other President has had to deal with. It’s a terrible day for MSDNC & the Democrats!! “Nonfarm payrolls rose by 4.8 million in June, much better than the expected increase of 2.9 million.“

Name one thing Kamala has done in government besides incite race baiting and attack others. Just a female version of Al Sharpton. Her contempt and divisive attitude is why she got dumped as presidential nominee. Of course she could always sleep her way to VP. She has priors! One term president. More lies and deception from the Democrats and their liberal left media propaganda machine.

The protestors and rioters are extremely irresponsible for gathering and spreading covid. I guess their grandparents lives don’t matter! I hope that SCOTUS rules to release Trump's taxes. This will sink his battleship. Decades of fraud. Hoax... liberalhoax CORRECTION: Many Hoaxes have been put upon the people! Virus not a hoax but our reaction was a hoax based overreaction! We flattened the curve! Here are others...

So I should believe the Dems same people who back the riots burning down cities and are charged with ballot fixing 😂🤔a joke Serial Liar,Blowhard,Snake Oil Saleswoman DEM sen Kamala Harris on President Trump's list of what he decides is a HOAX bc it may not suit him politically or personally is,like Her,Fraudulent. Democrats have run All kinds of hoaxes in unhinged attempts to take Trump down BUT Fail

How many innocent people did you jail. Donald DRUMPFF IS A HOAX!! I don't know about the president but I do believe that if China and Russia was to attack America the first people to leave would be the Mexicans and behind them would be the blacks and then the Arabs and I guess the Democrats they say a lot but they ain't got no backbone.

Well she did say she was going to hunt down millions of Americans and make them pay for supporting Trump. How will she do this exactly? Just thinking logistics here... 100 % of America is not Stupid - We do have some people that are not FOOLS - God Help us - God Forgive us - We Need God's Grace and your Mercy!

Go Biden Harris! Blue Wave Dems we must win this election Stay United I don't necessarily care for Harris, but she is right about Trump. Trump's presidency is the biggest hoax of all! People are out of control and now know because the NYC mayor & governor have undermined the authority of those that keep us safe. It's really time to take serious actions against thugs. The world is out of control and these thugs are getting incredible unemployment checks.

fakenews is a consistent theme for a democrat HeelsUpHarris Always on the case. 😂😂😂😂🤣 Make KamalaHarris President. ENOUGH! Every conspiracy against Trump by Democrats failed. All hoaxes. KamalaHarris is very dishonest. When are we going to start calling for his resignation? He works foris!! MSNBC is a journalistic hoax

Trump called my erection for Ivanka a hoax. Yet when there is a record of her targeting marginalized communities that is false and untrue. That wet-brain called covid a hoax and look what happened. 👍 Trump is evil BrawnsOverBronze 45isHate 45isTheHoax Feeble45 dude left our warriors hanging. he didn't get their backs abroad and then he used them to suppress and injure our civilians domestically. wtf protest this POS and his Rs. VoteEmOut BlackLivesMatter SupportOurTroops

Colorado votes for Democrat to take on GOP Sen. Cory GardnerColorado will vote on Tuesday to pick a Democrat to take on GOP Sen. Cory Gardner, a choice that will define one of the party's best opportunities to defeat an incumbent Republican on its quest to take back the Senate. Who will win It's not for children malofa On the left you have a socialist who lost every election he’s been in, and on the right you have a man that understands socialism is a fallacy.

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander Says President Trump Should Wear a Mask, Urges Protecting Americans Over Politics'The stakes are too high for the political debate about pro-Trump, anti-Trump masks to continue'

Sen. Murphy: What on Earth could Russia do to us that Trump would take seriously?Sen. Chris Murphy on White House response to Russia offering bounties for American soldiers: “We didn’t even ask them to stop, and that does beg the question what on Earth could Russia to do us that this administration would actually take seriously?” I'm waiting for this latest Democrat story to fall apart and become another hoax like all the rest.

Sen. Duckworth: Trump 'continues to put Russia's interests above the well being of American troops'Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), a combat veteran and member of the Senate Armed Services committee, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss her calls for hearings on what the Trump Administration is doing to protect U.S. troops in response to intelligence that Russia offered bounties to militants to target American service members in Afghanistan. Investigate her off-shore bank accounts. Does she have any? If so, why? Are they filled with CCP yuan? That's his little friend tho It's his job to know. End of story.

Sen. Susan Collins Gives Brett Kavanaugh A Pass For Opposing Abortion Rights RulingThe Maine Republican said the Supreme Court justice she voted to confirm “gave no indication in his dissenting opinion that he supports overturning' Roe ... SenatorCollins jfc just resign Her bullshit is getting less and less believable. She needs to be removed from office watching her twist herself into a pretzel justifying her enabling of the gop agenda to destroy America while pretending to be a moderate is embarrassing to her state I’m no proctologist but Susan Collins is an asshole

Sen. Jones: GOP should have been wearing masks a month agoSen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., discusses infection rates in his state, why he says GOP colleagues should have been promoting mask wearing a month ago and what he thinks about handling confederate monuments. Well... sloths are intrinsically slow. That’s bcuz the RED states are now affected. Those r the only states the GOP care about. Talk about narcissism!! Try 3 months we have been doing it