Sen. Cory Booker: Respect for U.S. among allies has diminished under Trump

Sen. Booker: 'We are now seeing a situation where Russian influence in Iran, in Syria, in Afghanistan has grown while American respect amongst our allies has diminished.”

7/3/2020 12:46:00 PM

Sen. Booker: 'We are now seeing a situation where Russian influence in Iran, in Syria, in Afghanistan has grown while American respect amongst our allies has diminished.”

Joy tells Sen. Cory Booker that ‘there’s something odd’ about President Trump’s warm relations with Russia President Vladimir Putin. Senator Cory Booker says, “We are seeing a situation where Russian influence in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan has grown while American respect amongst our allies has diminished.”

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So true. What a shame. Pssssssst! Iran, Syria , Afghan are not our allies End Times are coming to fruition. When Israel rebuilds the temple the countdown begins! Because we keep bombing them, trying to overthrow their governments, and/or starve them. Oh no Corey Booker is upset. Our allies have taken advantage for years and it’s time for globalism to end. The UK just dumped your movement and the progressive party there. That’s why Boris is in. Your ideals are rejected. They will be rejected here too.

Don’t care about how leadership of Iran, Syria view the US. Have to wonder why it is so important to SenBooker. Ask Schiff about the bounties. He was briefed in Feb. It was ok 5yrs ago when Obama said of the war in Syria,”we’ll let Russia take over.” This man has lost his damn mind & so has anyone buying this crap.

Exactly, SenBooker we’ve always been the most respected and feared country. Definitely dare to put a bounty on our soldiers heads. Why are we letting potus45 continue to put our country in danger, soldiers in harms way and use foreign dictator for his own personal use? Let's worry about the DomesticTerrorists first. Stop blm from rioting and destroying our country. What can you do to stop that senatorbooker? Stop looking for votes and StandUpForAmerica because EnoughIsEnough.

Our standing in the world diminishes because they see clowns like CoryBooker claiming to be Spartacus in positions of power. You mean like Crimea or Ukraine? They never liked America and never will...stop pretending that a religion based on hating outsiders will convert over trade or soccer balls Winning

Warmongering TheDemocrats want us to get involved in another stupid war. Booker is becoming the new Hillary Clinton. Don’t forget, under Trump and his republican enablers have also handed over Hong Kong over to China. We no longer champion democracy. We have retreated from democracy under Trump I got to get some hip waders! The BS from MSM is so twisted a shovel doesn't get rid of the sheep shift, going to wade through this and find the high ground!

Our allies are scumbags Who cares. Russia can have all of them. We have bigger fish to fry at home. Why other countries are losing respect for The United States. Oh, Cory, did you see protestors are trying to burn a metal Elk Statue in Portland, where a mob has taken control of a portion of the city and noone is doing anything to stop them? PULL YOUR HEAD OUT! CoryBooker

Booker is part of the diminishment!! Russia, Russia again.. fake news No I think respect has diminished for Corey Booker and MSNBC on a daily basis, in fact there are tribes in isolated places on earth who watch TV with 1 channel and even they know only one thing about the USA and that’s the fact that Corey Booker and MSNBC suck!

Worst bounty ever when more people were attacked by sharks in the US in 2019 than were KIA in combat in the same year. Geopolitics 101: RUSSIA has a decade's long security pact with Syria, shares a boarder with Ghan, vested interests in Iran. US has none of these and is enemies with Iran. You are a dangerous war hawk Booker. STFU.

I'm amazed how nobody can see that this is all the Democrats doing. In 6 months they took the greatest nation on earth and destroyed us. All because they hate the President. If they let him do his job it would be amazing what he would have accomplished. And the media was worse... Russia is a poor country with huge problems. Trump put sanctions on Russia. Anyone who thinks Trump is acting in Russia’s interests has a severe case of TDS or is into media disinformation.

The sky is falling .... the sky is falling....its falling until November Trump restored our military to a great force again after Obama destroyed it. That is a fact that just about any military person (who doesn't have TDS) will tell you. MSNBC and Booker are a joke. That would be because the US has too many Democrats in Congress.

None of those countries are our allies! America has only one ally .. Israel! Oh Thanks for that Cory . Obama made a red line in Syria and when they crossed it he did nothing. It’s just easier to blame Trump for all the problems in the world , it’s certainly not the fault of career politicians like Biden. He’s only been in DC for 45 years !

FORSOOTH, HE SPEAKS THE SYLLABLES. AND IT WAS SO. This is very serious but people do not see this. It's not all in the news. And why did it take this long to find this out and let all Americans know Diminished, are you joking me. America is a joke under Trump but we've stopped laughing, too many people dying.

Trump and his party are actually TRYING to kill America Democrats are all career liars, war profiteers and economic terrorists. If Russia is your biggest threat, you likely can afford for profit healthcare without losing your home and going bankrupt, just because your got sick in the USA Cut the middleman. Putin for president!

Yes. Not sure what else to say anymore, except to acknowledge it. Can’t blame them, can respect their lack of respect in us. Sad. According to a failed Democrat and his MSDNC cheer squad. It's time to work from home to avoid the coronavirus😷 Don't depend on your salary only. If you have a gmail account, computer or smartphone & 30mins daily you can make £2000 in daily. For more info please write me on whatsapp +1 (469) 532-3993

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