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Semenya says she never felt supported by other women

Semenya says she never felt supported by other women


Semenya says she never felt supported by other women

Double Olympic champion Caster Semenya , who has been locked in a battle over her...

The South African athlete will not be able to defend her 800-metres title at the world championships in September after the Swiss Federal Tribunal reversed a ruling that temporarily lifted testosterone regulations imposed on her.

These say that XY chromosome athletes with differences in sexual development (DSDs) can race in distances from 400m to a mile only if they take medication to reach a reduced testosterone level.

British runner Lynsey Sharp said in May that she had received death threats for past comments she made about the South African.

The 28-year-old said she was undecided about whether she would switch to longer distances or pursue a career in another sport.

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The responses to this thread are absolutely revolting. Shame on you people! He a dude women athletes should be mad Insulting to the hard training female athletes who compete on a level playing field. Say what you like, but in now way is this fair. It looks like a man Real women , maybe do mot feel any association with ?

wow a lotta salty, sad children in this thread. Anyway support Semenya, you go girl ✊🏾 No surprise there then “medical tests have established that she has no womb or ovaries & that she also has internal testes–the male sexual organs responsible for producing testosterone” No hard working woman trying to make a living from the sport will ever win. They don’t have testes. The sport suffers

THIS is not a woman... Somebody gonna tell him or should I? I wonder why?

This 30-Second Video of Simone Biles' History-Making Triple-Double Flip Is Actually InsaneI'm clutching my calves in sympathy!!

East Germany did it for years You need to MAN up flower Because it's a man It’s jealousy Semenya. You are a naturally gifted athlete. Athletics is a professional sport. That’s it - it’s all about the Benjamins. Try men ! Sounds like big strong HE ? Maybe because they're sick and tired of men competing in womens' sport?

There was only one way to stop you Caster as they couldn’t beat you. Pls fight on It’s not a woman. Why is she wearing a Confederate soldier uniform?

Simone Biles nabs 6th US title with historic triple-doubleSimone Biles pulled off a record-tying sixth all-around title at the U.S. gymnastics championships on Sunday. She dominated with a move no woman has ever landed in competition before, proving she’s still the most dominant athlete gymnastics has ever seen. She is the best and not dominant..give her credit..if she was white u would be saying is the best ever. If you can, slow the video down and watch just how complicated and incredibly well Simone_Biles gymnastics championship went. Congrats Simone_Biles

It's time for Transgender to identify themselves as such. I am an Transgender male. I am an Transgender female. Then the guessing game will end for others. Don't worry dude. There's someone out there for everyone 'Other women' Caster is XY We need a intersex section of sport/athletics where anyone male, female or both can compete. It would get huge ratings I think.

I wonder why.... Don't be rude to this woman 😒 she might sound like a man but she was born a woman. Be NICE! 😆😆😆 should be other men That’s a woman? Because they consider you a bloke 🙄 Richard?

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*he She Why she should be supported by other women? Thats fuc*ing ridicuolus Go cry to mummy, little boy😭😭😭 She must have balls to say that Ummm, women have two X chromosomes. This person does not. So they cant compete against women with two X chromosomes, right? 🤡ThatsWereYourWrongBucko WelcomeToClownWorld

Other? I think she should be allowed to run ............. Female athletes should boycott all the events she enters and let her run on her own ! If she is a trans, she/he must enter in the gender she was born; otherwise, competition isn't fair at all. Google her nice wedding pics👍🏻 The bride looked so handsome in her tailored suit👍🏻😝

Biden advisors say the former Vice President faces an 'unfair double standard'Former Senator Claire McCaskill, former Congressman David Jolly, former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and Democratic Strategist Basil Smikle on how some Democrats are worried about Biden’s unscripted moments, but should they be? DeadlineWH Sure, ask a bunch of white prep school dickheads if black people are put off by this decrepit old shit stains racists comments. I’m sure they will have the 1 person of color on the panel with the WOKE crackers. DeadlineWH Please we should be worried about a hateful racist president who lies everytimehe opens his mouth DeadlineWH Democrats moving to Trump in droves across the USA

She 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Because she is recognised as a woman Eligarabatos ¿Por qué será? A lo mejor es lo que se dice en alguno de los comentarios, que pueden pensar que no compiten en igualdad de condiciones. I thought it was Randy Moss. She is not a woman quit whining you don't do your cause any good when you do

You ain't a woman mehn. That’s a fella.

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Transphobes really going mask off with their racism here. Semenya isn't even trans ffs. Legitimate or not, if competitors feels a race is unfair, they will be disillusioned when the outcome fulfills their preconceived thoughts abt said competitor. Athletes feel she has an edge from having high testosterone her whole life, despite meds 'now'. Its bummy 4 her.

Does this dude carry a package? She ? Thats a she ? 'XY chromosome athletes' the word you're looking for there is 'male athletes' Cause she’s a bloke. Well, that's because she obviously looks like a man. 'other women' Caster is XY She?

Um, Am I Seeing Double?! John Legend and Baby Miles Are Practically Twins, and I Can't DealThese photos of johnlegend and baby Miles are officially proof that chrissyteigen owns a time machine. 👨‍👦💕

No way that’s a woman. wch women she wants support from isnt she the dude Additionally, XY women have larger vascular and lung capacity, on average longer arms and legs, and more durable joints among other advantages. These things can’t be reversed with hormone treatments. It’s simply unfair for them to compete with biological women.

THISisLULE Nna i support you baby. You have been through so much. In 2009 or so... when your gender exam results were leaked, i studied them. Thats how i knew that you were eligible to run, until they made another rule that would ensure that you wont. Listen. The devil is a liar. People should support Semenya’s pronouns and treat her with respect, but expecting women to roll over and play dead when they’re getting blatantly screwed by an unfair athletics ruling is ridiculous.

How can they support you when they feel being bullied by you No shit women have not supported her. She was born with XY chromosomes and has many times even the highest normal range level of testosterone for females. Do you really think other female athletes are going to support someone benefiting from an unfair advantage at their expense?

She/he is a man...or if u allow him/her some slack, a woman who has a medical condition & refuses to medicate it as it gives him/her incredible advantage over ordinary hardworking women athletes. Do all women have the same levels of hormones? No! Are we going to bring them all to the same level? How about men with extra high levels? Are we going to now say you can’t play basketball if you’re over 7ft tall because that’s an unfair advantage? Rubbish!

Nature is complex and non-binary. We may like everything orderly and simple, but that is not how God creates. Semenya is intersexed and has a vagina, no uterus and internal testes. She knows herself as female and it is her choice to make. Who demands she be a man with a vagina? Semenya is a woman, stop misidentifying her. She should not have to modify her body to fit your standard on what a woman should physically or genetically look like.

'SHE' is a trisomy female We need genderless competition in sports. Who's with me? Really what a surprise. Not. Do you blame them. Should have been competing in the Men's events. WAIT... if this person is XY... why were we told for years that this person “...has been forced to undergo invasive testing to prove they are female”... when this person is NOT a female?

Why should they support you exactly? deray I support you caster800m been rooting for you Is that a woman He or she. DNA says that is a man

She/it should compete with males, she is XY, that counts as male even if she has female genitalia. Testosterone is key here. I wonder why.... What it means in this case: 'other women'? He is simply ugly. That's all. Cue the obligatory scapegoating of White women over shit they had nothing to do with.. He/she/it is a sad unfortunate hic-up of nature. But he/she/it shouldn't be competing against females.

Maybe because 'she's' not actually a woman? They've got their own problens like how to compete in sports where biological males are allowed to compete in too? If the DNA is XY, then perhaps they can solve the problem by letting them compete with other XY sexes. The whole reason for separating competitors by XX (female) and XY (male) is because they are genetically built differently and have unique abilities based on that sex.

This is just such an awful story. So it’s a guy, competing as a woman, and doesn’t feel welcomed by the women he competing against? it's not a woman

Truly feel for her, she was born this way Why women should support this guy tho? what sex does the DNA say they are?

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