Selma Blair Talks Sarah Michelle Gellar Support on 'DWTS' (Exclusive)

9/27/2022 2:44:00 PM

Selma Blair had the best celebrity cheering section on #DWTS!

Selma Blair had the best celebrity cheering section on DWTS!

Blair opens up to ET about how Gellar helped nurse her through some of her darkest days battling multiple sclerosis.

dance competition show.Yes, please send me the Us Weekly Daily Newsletter with the latest news and photos of my favorite celebs! Yes, I also want to receive information about promotions, events, sweepstakes, giveaways, and other offers from UsMagazine.What the Move to Disney+ Means for Dancing with the Stars Week two of had the contestants all shook up.BRUCE R.

Donning black and white jailhouse ensembles, the actress was in total control as she and Sasha Farber breathed new life into an iconic Elvis tune this week, showing off Blair's impressive range after her emotional, ethereal number last week.The judges awarded her scores of 8 across the board for a grand total of 32, while Carrie Ann Inaba gushed:"There's no other way of saying it, but you make it look so much easier than it must be for you." Blair's partner, Farber, tells ET backstage:"The fact that someone said that she [wouldn't] know she would walk again, but yet delivers a dance like that, is just -- for anyone at home, the true inspiration is right here.The night was split into three different sections: Elvis in his younger years, Elvis in Hollywood and Elvis in Las Vegas." Blair says that being able to do a cartwheel again was one of her main goals after undergoing a stem cell transplant in 2019."I was like, 'OK, I better be able to do a cartwheel again' 'cause I used to love to tumble when I was really little and I and I always would stay like that," Blair says, noting that she lost the ability to figure out how to maneuver her body through space in that way.If Blair doesn’t wind up in the finals, producers need to create a courage award for her, particularly since she’s doing things we haven’t seen.

"So to be able to do a cartwheel now and go into the splits again, it's like 'Woah, I actually changed.Something actually corrected in my brain, like I can do that!' And yeah it's just a joyous thing." Gellar that her daughter Charlotte was so excited for Blair's Dancing With the Stars debut, that she almost missed a major milestone."I'm excited," Gellar said at a special screening of her new Netflix teen drama, Do Revenge , earlier this month."I think my daughter takes the cake as the most excited.Most of the others finished in the high 20s and offered their own spins on the season.

She almost gave up her 13th birthday to be able to be there for her first performance.So I said, 'No, you don't give up, that's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.You have your 13th birthday.We'll go later.'" For more from that interview, watch below.A good performance is possible, no matter what.

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Selma Blair Talks Sarah Michelle Gellar Support on 'DWTS' (Exclusive)Blair opens up to ET about how Gellar helped nurse her through some of her darkest days battling multiple sclerosis.