Economy, 'Selfish And Reckless.' More Than 700 Economists Strongly Oppose Trump's Reelection - Cnn

Economy, 'Selfish And Reckless.' More Than 700 Economists Strongly Oppose Trump's Reelection - Cnn

'Selfish and reckless.' More than 700 economists strongly oppose Trump's reelection

Nearly 700 economists, including seven Nobel winners, are warning against the reelection of President Trump, citing what they describe as a 'sustained assault' on democracy, a bumbled response to the pandemic and the spread of 'dangerous misinformation.'

10/24/2020 9:00:00 AM

Nearly 700 economists, including seven Nobel winners, are warning against the reelection of President Trump, citing what they describe as a 'sustained assault' on democracy, a bumbled response to the pandemic and the spread of 'dangerous misinformation.'

More than 700 economists, including seven Nobel Prize winners, are urgently warning against the reelection of President Donald Trump, citing what they describe as a 'sustained assault' on democracy, a fumbled response to the pandemic and the spread of 'dangerous misinformation.'

"In just one term in office, Donald Trump has rendered the United States unrecognizable, and has faced no consequences for doing so," the economists wrote in an open letter, which is being updated until the November 3 election. The letter was signed by prominent economists from major institutions, including Nobel laureates Paul Milgrom (2020) and Oliver Hart (2016) and Alvin Roth (2012). George Akerlof, the Nobel winning husband of former Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen, also signed the letter. Wall Street could call the 2020 election before the media does"For these reasons, we strongly recommend that the electorate do what no one else can: reclaim your democracy by voting to remove Donald Trump from office," the economists wrote.In response, the Trump campaign noted that the letter says little about Joe Biden, the president's opponent.Read More"It speaks volumes that in their baseless admonition of President Trump, these left-wing academics couldn't name a single reason why they believe Joe Biden would do anything positive for the American economy," Samantha Zager, the Trump campaign's deputy national press secretary, told CNN Business.Trump has claimed that he is the better candidate for the economy, which he notes has bounced back from the depths of the recession in the late winter and early spring.Remember, BIDEN is going to raise your taxes at a level never seen before. This will not only be very costly for you, it will destroy our economy, which is coming back very rapidly.

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Not buying your narrative. cnn you’d rather have someone who can’t put a sentence together as leader of the free world Trump all the way. Definitely a sustained attack on democracy. The pandemic has rounded the corner back into the White House 3 of Pence’s aides are positive, snd he still will be going into crowds. Of course criminals like Meadows will suppress the information and Allow pence to ho to rallies risking more spread.

The only assault on democracy has taken place by the demon possessed democrats in the swamp. Here you go again with your election meddling. 🤦🏻‍♀️ No wonder CNN is fake news! Hey, tRUMP! Where's that video you promised during the debate? more LIES, usual tRUMP antics I have a dog that thinks Biden is on the take!

CNN has informed us who the ideal candidate is and I am surprised!! They probably arrived at this after doing a fair poll among economists and Nobel prize winners, given that they are unbiased. Millions of Americans have had enough of Democrat lies and want the Swamp in Washington drained . Lock up these traitors making deals with communist countries fatting there own pockets!

You rejected Sanders for long time. As if he is a puppet Thieves have started shivering. Gods hand is God has no one can divert it Captain Karn is gonna stay in USA 2 serve d World & US in a better way'Be my somebody tonight,Honey please stay'&D Captain proved 2 proud dat he dropped his own'A boat was built of hands & sticks,US had 2 manage in representation coz d bid was World,but I nw am present in Person

should just come out and say 'Vote for Biden' So economists are also: experts on behavior, fact checkers of scientific information and 'misinformation', and rely solely on their feelings about what will happen rather than the current reality of what is happening now. Sounds like a solid bunch. Being leader of the United States is not an ONE MAN SHOW! It needs a great person bringing best experts together! If you want such a leader? Vote! Vote! Vote for BIDEN! BIDEN for President 🏆

I don’t understand why he would get a single vote. Never have. I just don’t get America. He just said no news about Covid would be allowed after he gets elected. He is demented. And he has nukes. The crowd that supports Trump probably have no idea what an economist is. Fame news Imagino que Alibaba y los 40 ladrones están con Joe Biden

The bigger threat to our democracy is a media which is so biased that they will not even report the truth. Why did CNN not have a reporter present when Hunter Biden‘s business partner was laying out the Biden family corruption? Search “Bobulinski” It must SUCK to lose the election 🤣 Nobody's listening to you CNN.

Haha deal with it 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Looks like the establishment are pulling all the stops. Listen up rich people ! Has cnn reported yet on the massive corruption that occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President and his son and brother were receiving millions from Russia,Ukraine,and China.Those country’s all own Joe Biden

On one side you have damnation and on the other side you have salvation. 42% of America loves trump and nothing will sway them from not worshipping and voting for him. It’s up to the 58% of America to save America from becoming Nazi America. Oh clowns are the dangerous misinformation!! Hey tRUMP! Where is that video you promised? Forget, again? YOU LIAR!

Will we vote for an intelligent and responsible leader? If you want to consider your wellbeing/future, which also includes int'l partnerships, with is critical to our economy and world progression, please vote for a dedicated president elect, Mr. Biden. I agree with the economists. Isn’t it funny that everyone I looked up in the article seems to be a democrat or sides left. I’m sure you can find 700 people with equal “credentials that will say the opposite

What do the other 14,000 think? This shameless dog must go! Because realDonaldTrump has only got record number concerning our economy and unemployment. you all have to be a damn joke. There's no way you are real news. Lmao!!! Go and vote him out. 2020 go biden.😊🙏🙏💪💪 Hilarious There is 194 other countries living this Horror Movie also, they are in the same boat. T Man 2020

Had eight Nobel laureates in economics say not to vote for him back in 2016. Been in a recession since February. Vote Blue i did Please provide the names of the 700 economists and the Nobel winners you interviewed for this information. We'd like to look into their information. Your followers may accept your words but we prefer facts & data so we'll conduct our own research


What a bunch of 💩 a quick reminder that economists are under the umbrella of social science, not business. they rarely have any real world experience or a successful track record as managers or entrepreneurs. Blah blah!! Bla bla bla.... There are many intellectuals & economists who are sold out to various Political fiefdoms & issue desired statements favoring their Paymasters ! You can find them each & every nook & corner ! Though bit bitter, yet its true !

anyone with a common sense know he's a bad bet. but more people now have less of that, so... Does ever stop being desperate? 😂 CNN fake news Who cares what these bias Dems think. The POTUS has done so much good for the U.S. Trump does not believe in Socialism Biden does. Would be a disaster for the country if Biden was elected! People would eventually lose all their rights as citizens!!!

As if they would have endorsed him under ANY circumstances. Who the hell cares? Just elitists trying to be relevant. Let’s make America Lead again ! 🇺🇸JoeBiden KamalaHarris Ever need an economist ? Try to find one in the yellow pages. They are mostly overpaid professors at liberal colleges. Who is taking this fake news serious?

Cnn is the biggest agency that dishes out disinformation project mocking bird public facts just a big propaganda machine Trump is going to win, just watch CNN! 😜 24 minutes on why Trump is identical to Hitler and why you should vote blue like your life depends on it, from a registered Republican. VoteThemAllOut

700 hundred liberals that want USA to manta in their countries with out TAX dollars Trump will win the election. Corona Joe knows if he doesn’t win he and his crack head Son Hunter are off to jail - RICO laws broken evilprez I’ve already voted for Biden. LeaKThompson CNN = Fake News and we all know it! Ookkk

...and besides, and the worst, a great threat against the spread of communism in the world Who are they CNN name all the Economists. So full of shit CNN it would be amazing if you could report news without your own input.... as much as I dislike the guy, you can’t really tell me that the other party is amazing and perfect....

🙄🙄 And now we go to Herman Cain to find out why masks don’t work..Herman, Herman.. are you there? Hello Herman? This oaf doesn’t listen to scientists. Why would he listen to Nobel winners? so that’s 707 people who are prone to human error like everyone else 🙄 Only 700 ! There was over 5000 architects,engineers, firefighters,and pilots asking for a better investigation into 911, but you never made a big deal about it.

FAKE NEWS Wow you people will say anything to not get Trump re-elected....shame on you radical left at work and at their finest Vote the pig out Biden’s laptop matters. Worth repeating I’m an economist and I could have told you how Trump would kill the economy 4 years ago. but his voters lack any intelligence to understand basic economics.

Dear 700 economists: Please tell what YOU, as president, would have done that President realDonaldTrump did not do, and when you would have done it. Remember, you have to use the knowledge known then! Will you have the decency to apologize? TeamTrump TrumpWarRoom GOP I’m still trying to figure out why their expertise in “economics” means i should listen to them about pandemic responses, misinformation, and threats to our democracy?

We tell you what to take Now obey Its CNN so the opposite is true. Economists acting like political scientist now? Separate fact from their opinions people. Titles mean nothing especially when absent scientific evidence to support their perspective There’s like 187,395 economists, 693 against Trump....that’s like .35% , does that mean 186,702 are in favor of Trump.....

More than 700? More than 50? more than 1000? it's easy to find this small number of Democrats in any profession. Wow CNN reaching a bit, getting desperate? Raise taxes on the rich and businesses and they will take their business elsewhere and thats what the Biden plan is. Last time I checked, people on welfare aren't offering jobs.

And 4 years ago we were warned his election would result in a host of bad things economically. With foreign policy. We see past your gas lighting. ALL 700 Democrats I AM POSITIVE! Find 700 Republicans and ask their opinion. TrumpPence2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸RedWave2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Why anyone doesn't kill him It would end in a stance. Easy

How CNN got Started... by Jane Fonda, Castro has been a good friend of Turner’s, and a big part of his career. Back when Turner started CNN, it mostly restricted its coverage from Cuba to U.S. But in 1981, CNN covered Cuba’s May Day parade and a Castro speech. StopSocialism More deep state nonsense Yeah those Noble peace prize winners are all socialist bastards their agenda is to destroy America !! Just like CNN the communist news network they’ve been on this road since, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda started this !!!!Two of the biggest communist that ever lived ! TRUMP2020

Liar, Fake News! So how the 700 million billion Nobel price Nobel winner economist could not fix the economy... What the hell they doing advice and not their job Propaganda: Communication that is used primarily to influence an audience to further an agenda, which may not be objective presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response

BS Propaganda real assault CNN...I feel sorry for you! Such Ignorance at this company along with fear mongering!! Translation: Nearly 700 idiots are trying to get rid of Trump to install a Globalist administration that will continue where Obama left off, to sell off the USA, kill 2nd amend and finally end the US as the keystone to blocking the FACIST CHINESE STYLE NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER

Aren't these the same economist that are constantly wrong. For example: didn't they say that Trump would not be able to bring the GDP above 2%. Shut up with this bullshit!!!! yesterday4me ...trump has NO plans to contain/mitigate covid. He does not care about the 1000 Americans dying each day!!! He is a sadistic sociopath committing crimes against humanity!! 👆👆Stay Woke ... Stay Focused...Vote...Repudiate trump...Eradicate trumpism!!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

The United States is a Federal presidential constitutional republic. Thank God and the founding fathers for that. Pure democracy is the surest path to loss of freedom via degeneration into social democracy and then to socialism / communism / tyranny. Think, people. freedom I’m surprised fellow Nobel Prize winners are against realDonaldTrump

The issue at hand is that his cult believes that Trump is some sort of spiritual being sent by their God. That it's the end days and Trump's their savior. There's nothing more dangerous than religious nuts. Trump has used this ideology of his cult to gain power over them. It is really shamefull that civilized and modernized us peoples governed by insane presedent.but we ethiopians never and ever surrend our sovereignty and we have absolute right what we are doing on our resources

These economists are saying such things for other reasons. The reality says The Complete Opposite. And the real question: How many economists & businesses people say that President Trump is best for the economy? CNN needs to stop being one sided, as this becomes no justNews. Theyre economists so why aren’t they talking about how great the economy was before you bozos blew this pandemic way out of proportion? Fake news again.

Do you even PRETEND to be unpartisan any longer? OUR taxes would surely go way up under Biden. Biden wants to repeal the 2017 tax cut. Biden would require that people who die with appreciated assets pay income taxes on those unrealized gains. Biden would reinstate the individual mandate to buy health insurance.

Demon-Crats are good only in hell! What did the 700 say about the Biden’s net worth while taking money from countries all over the world? How good is that for the country? realDonaldTrump is like a rash, we know he's around, we just want him to go away. Fake news. CNN is lying Hahahaha, this poll was taken at a Biden fund raiser party. The economist's were meter maids and bell hops and the Nobel Prize winners all had a box of Cracker Jack's and we're holding up their prize.

tomcolicchio Wow all this is a big list of Democrats who hate trump. Not relevant! Trump, is a very disturbed man. Now report on the 1000’s of docs, economists that are against lockdowns and the falsehoods of face diapers for the healthy. Studio420Ben It’s ok folks. It is from CNN , so it is probably three economists and a plumber and they were talking about Woodrow Wilson. You should immediately ignore them as they are merely a biased political channel, not journalists.

The President is proud of his debate performance. Trump said, “I WAS GREAT! THAT EXTRA ADDERALL HELPED! I DIDN’T SHOUT OUT TOO MANY INCOHERENT THINGS! HANNITY! TUCKER! RUSH! ALL SAID I WON! I SHOULD GET AN EMMY AWARD! I WAS ROBBED IN 2012! THE EMMYS ARE FIXED! 11Days Are they registered dimwit democrats? I wonder which economist thinks that shutting down the country would be great for the economy? Oh wait...this is fake news CNN

The system supporting the system... Das CNN nyet for America. Portland rioters never see them on cnnbrk China media delivers more truth PDChina ChinaDaily More CNN lies yo yo There is 10 times increase upon every investment made with us under the period of inbalance with bitcoin, What this implies is that you can make as much as $10k in a week with as low as $1k Too Good to be True Right?.send a Dm for more info

If he wins, I'll seriously be questioning if America is the place for me. I've always been so proud of our country, but if the majority think the direction he's taking us is the way to go, I don't want to be a part of it. Stay and fight it or move for my mental health? Not sure. TRUMP AS PRESIDENT OF THE USA = 1. 'Sustained Assault' on Democracy; 2. Bumbled response to the Pandemic; 3. Spread of 'Dangerous Misinformation'

In other words do not vote for a lunatic. アメリカのリーダーシップで、世界平和が、 Trump 220,000 plus people gone gone and u think it is Dr Fauci fault not ur lying azz President who knew on January 28th got us into this shit he had the pandemic book like Obama said and chose to ignore and tell us nothing go ahead put ur life and ur families lives n dr Frankens

tomcolicchio Propo We have a crazy uncle problem アメリカがんばれ🚩😃🚩アメリカがんばれ🚩😃🚩人種差別を、なくそう。同じ人間です、同じ地球で、生きている仲間です。なんでも差別は、良くないです。 carlivatiron Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha. Republicans stop insulting Democrats. If you do it Democrats will defend ourselves. You guys won the 2016 election. Trump was a bad idea so accept that Republicans.

Those 700 economists must not have been very good. The President did more for the economy than any previous president and has protected our democracy I suggest all the knockers go onto the foxandfriends retraction list DAILY. The double standards blow my mind, if BarackObama had even dreamed of ¹ 100th of what that clown as done people like seanhannity would self implode with smugness & erection. The Trumps are crooks

Speaking of spreading disinformation? Pot/kettle? If true... would only prove 700 economists are partisan too. Why would they weigh in on pandemic? Because its all BS. CNNSUCKS It’s not about Dems and Rep as a divided country you need to fear. That has existed since the civil war. It’s Donald’s division that you need to fear. It’s woken up an underbelly of misinformation and militias mentality. That scary and DT supports it. 😳🤦🏼‍♂️

Yet the economy was booming prior to Ronaville Those against the Pres must stop pandering & spreading malignant misinformation and finally show their plan to fight covid. Just talk nothing to show. Political pundits. You mean nearly 700 liberal economists & an additional seven Nobel winners. Stopthenonsense

So the 'I know it all' president vs 700 experts. Who's going to win? Trump, obviously. Trump keeps winning. Remember he said, 'you're going to be sick of winning...' Well now we're not only sick, we are dying in the hundreds of thousands. I actually feel sorry for people who are too ignorant to understand everything you do is agenda driven. You know Trump will win but division gets ratings. Who cares if it also tears the country apart as long as you get eyeballs right?

Too late. Republican Jesus is now in charge. This info will for sure change my vote! Thank you CNN. 🤡 crk5 Fake Since they started handing the prizes out like candy that statement has little validity. Too bad a lot of voters don't know what an economist is. same fake news , you reported she would win in 2016 .

Armenian President Pashinyan disguised in a woman's dress was detained at the airport with a suitcase of money (Video) Sweet lady Bitcoin! She is kill-ing-it! I love the Bitcoin supporters too. 'Sophisticated intellectuals' and 'Futurists' were two of my favorite descriptions! Let's go BITCOIN! 🔥 Google 'Tony Bobulinski'

4/4 is absolutely toxic. Your majority of news posting in these past 4 years was about him and killing his work...Let this remaining 10 days go by, people will choose whoever they want to. Hahaha we also can predict by playing this game Lol fake news you give misinformation WOW, that is amazing, maybe I will vote for COMMIE JOE, incredible 700 economists have come out at the same time to vote for THE GREEN NEW DEAL. Thank you CNN for showing America the way, I know we are fucking stoooopid!

Economists concerned about non-economic issues, hum. I don’t get medical advice from a stock broker. I’m not impressed. stayinyourlane FakeNews Sounds lime FakeNewsCNN is behind all the trump attacks, lies and for what? I hope cnn gets shut down and in 2021 gets sued each time thier fake news stories are non fact backed by substantial evidence. karma realDonaldTrump MAGA patriot

The scary thing is Biden getting access to taxpayer dollars. He will use our tax dollars to get kickbacks from Ukraine, Russia and China. We will be screwed! Biden giggles and raises our taxes then gives it to Ukraine, Russia and China so that Hunter can received kickbacks. 😂😂😂 voter suppression based on false stories. FBI

CNN breaking wind Of course they do coz he’ll probably expose them. The Elites, as per usual. This is exactly why Donald Trump should be re- elected. 4 more years. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha CNN IS A DISGRACE TO DEMOCRACY!!! Yet he is a Nobel nominee several times over. Now this tweet I cannot ignore at all. This is the biggest amount of bullshit I have ever EVER read on this vile platform. Well done cnn you reach a new low bar

This is the living example of those crappy ads 'Doctors are shocked! This simple trick lets you ramp up the economy like never before without creating debt, creates more jobs than people in country, and grows your d*** by 3' in just 20 minutes!'. Just do negative prime rate! 111! 😂 How does these CNN quoted reasons be the concerns of 700 Economists and pass Nobel winners? By the way; who is more Economist Nobel Winner than Donald Trump? These Economists are Washington Exploiters whom Trump has kept out from their shines and want the status quo.

The swamp? Traitor Trump is the biggest threat to America. Putin can’t believe his luck. Funny.. these “economists” are giving their two cents about every other bs BUT.... economics.. it’s as if the economics is actually looking pretty good... 🤔 Only 10 sleeps left. This is like waiting for Christmas morning.

MAGA 2020 At least he isn't planning to artificially expand the supreme court to obtain a majority. That will destroy democracy. If leaders that are suppose to uphold the country that was placed in their care and watch are now behaving like criminals, thugs and hoodlums. Who is now WORTHY to be a selfless leader, a leader of integrity, a leader that is ready to serve it's citizens and be served? 🤔🤔🤷🤷

That’s funny because that’s what they’re saying about Beijing Biden I of course agree with this opinion! Trump's re-election would be an attack, no, a destruction of democracy! And they are right, he's a danger...not only for the US but also for every alliance So what! They are all Democrats As always spreading fucking fake news or a fucking fake information every single day every hour🤮🤮🤮

Except peter navaro Nearly 700 , well what is it ? Nearly 1 million accountants in the oil industry are saying you gotta be kidding! I wonder how people still believe CNN and their lies? 700 hacks economist. fakenews VoteHimOut Meh ... Fake News ! No reason better than to vote FOR Trump. These are woke Establishment self righteous masochists who despise their country's history and the working class.

“Dangerous information” courtesy CNN. Read the blind followers comments. These guys are so sold that truth is half baked to them Let trump be. He might not be politically correct but he's doing great. That would not stop pres. Trump from being reelected. American voters are reading in between the line. Obama did nothing he makes America smaller again and make more wars but people adore this Liar ,,,Trump promis things before he becomes president and yes he did wat he promise ,no more wars! and Many people hate him ?strange people overthere !

Well some big brain people are saying the same thing many of us are saying. I don't believe we can get out of this pandemic with Trump Dangerous disinformation like the Russian probe hoax, or the Biden scandal? It boggles the mind how there aren't measures in place to protect us from a crime syndicate literally taking over the government.

It is the Democrats who are 'continuously attacking' democracy... They won't even miss any chance to destroy the United States! 😂😂Yea better have a Liar like this ! This type of ‘surveying’ posturing as credible is quite rediculous. I am for a statistics/actuarial underwriting background. It’s no different from saying 700 registered Democrats don’t want trump to be re-elected. I could swap trumps name for Bidens an find the same result.

Talk about bullshit. Same economists from the swamp that didn't see the GFC 2008 coming right? Same economists that got rich of government policy and academics who have no idea how governments and nations work... Cause of they did, they would be in government. What I say everyday- I majored in Political Science and European History with a Minor in Economics- still what runs through my brain- and he is a Giant Red Flag.

Click on the pictures to in large them. Is it not funny how '700 economists' failed to say anything about economics 🤔 Delusional. First Amendment right: 45 is Hitler in disguise. Using Covid19 to decimate the US population in order to weaken the voter base & increase his supporter base using the tinfoil hat brigade. Trump is Satan (Exercising the 1st amendment do don't me)

Who you are going to vote for? When they need a crowd of experts you know their argument is weak or wrong. Why 700? 🤪🤣🤣cnn is so fuckedup Liar BULLSHIT !!! your 700 DEM 'economist' love dirty deals and corrupted business Isn't is a bit rich CNN warning of an assault on democracy when the MSM and big tech are doing so much to distort it?

How does Cnn get away with all this misinformation? CNN should go out of business . Believe National Enquirer more than CNN. Economists not mentioning economics They are afraid of him. Vote Red!! Our lives depend on it. President Trump is faring the swamp and the swamp is clawing back You are the most pathetic “news” organization in the history of earth.

Was this one of the 'Nobel winners' who's been complaining? 👇 Trump's ignorant followers say 700 communists, they do not differentiate between a communist, a leftist and an economist😂😂😂 Everyone on this planet knows this man needs to be voted out and put in jail where he can meet his new wife, Buba!

Assault on democracy? You mean democrats dictating what you cant and cant do on the state level, demanding use of masks for all and closure of all businesses as well as making everything a race issue and at the same time to create a sort of society where criminals are in power? Do against economists, you will be right.

Biden laptop, media censorship doesn’t count I guess. If a Democrat saw that about their candidate, it would give them cause to pause and think. When a republican sees that about their candidate, they call it a lie and ignore it. Everyone needs to vote. God is in support of Mr Trump Your plot against the President is old news already. It only makes the President more powerful and resilient. TrumpLandslideVictory2020

I disagree w them Trump either not knowing or intentionally lying about who pays tariffs probably pisses this group off the most. Trump’s knowledge of economics is comparable to someone who’s about 1 month in to a business degree. What are they afraid of? ジョー・バイデンはハンター・バイデンの児童蹂躙を放任、FB Iは隠蔽の手助け、ジュリアーニ氏激怒:警官バッジを外すぞ

Ahhhh fake news from the Communist News Network MORE, fake news from the fake news leader........cnn!!!! You stumble bums want nothing more than to take out OUR President, and you're NOT going to do it. You will NOT. tell us lies and innuendos to make us HATE our President!!! Old joe is a joke!! Thank you 700 economists

VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteHimOut2020 “A President with a Plan.” Vote4Joe 🤭🤭🤭 Doom and gloom, the democratic agenda. Good luck in the basement! This shit seems made up. I'm so happy there is such tremendous support against Trump's reelection! He has been Horrible for our country, constantly lies and totally blew the pandemic response. The current Republicans who supported his destruction need to go too!

CNN nonsense, we hate your lies Americans !!!! You want change ? GO OUT AND VOTE. The margin must be incredible so no discussion is possible .... V O T E N O W !!! V O T E E A R L Y !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Trump 2020 maybe because he reduced taxes and the country's revenue miraculously shot up. an economic anomaly that completely embarrassed those 693 economists lol 😅😅

Uds son una basura. fakesnews The reason why Republicans don't like regulations is because it gives carte blanch to the all who can take advantage of the lack of regulations to make themselves rich by very dishonest means. Sick! President Trump: “You keep talking about all these things you’re going to do, but you were just in the White House. You did nothing. You did nothing. And I ran because you did nothing. I ran for president because of you, Joe.“🤣

When I hear all this so called expert talk Iam further reinforced to support Trumps re-election. The media being in bed with the academia, democrats and the Washington elites wants the status quo to remain but Trump is breaking new grounds and handing over peace and prosperity CNN making China proud..

HAHAHAHAHAHA Bumbled response? Hey ChrisCuomo !!! Care to comment on your MASSIVE HYPOCRITICAL SPORTSMANSHIP? CNN;s a joke. stroking their hose on zoom, refuse to wear masks, recorded covo ChrisCuomo saying women are lined up for him, etc Obama: false manipulations and a new world order🎃 realDonaldTrump

What is so incredibly scary is that some people actually depend on cnn for unbiased news. They don’t even pretend to be anymore. Clean the swamp of the crooks and blood suckers living at the public trough. RICO act on the Biden enterprise. Treason You know that nobody who would vote for Trump would take you seriously, right? I mean, you're not changing anyone's mind about the election.

About time people stood behind their principles and didnt just go along with Trump as candidate. Hes a shite candidate, shite Prez, and, as Ted Cruz put it in 2016... 'a dangerous lunatic.' tomcolicchio SenateGOP Message for you Democrats want to make us dependent on Russia. They don’t like the fact that we are energy independent. pretty gross

It is amazing TRUMP has any followers at all. There have been so many experts in their respective fields that tell anyone who listens the evil that is Donald Trump, economy, environment, medical experts and medical organizations are all saying DONT VOTE FOR TRUMP Hes a fucking rat! Deal with him The Clinton News Network at it again

Fake news These economists must be Marxist. Trump2020 15-Democrats Billionaires Own America's News Media Companies. The MEDIA the most Powerful Entity on Earth. They have the Power to make the Innocent Guilty and to make the Guilty Innocent, and that's POWER because they Control the minds of the masses.

To hell with that, Trump followed the rules of the debate last night so it has been made clear that 4 more years of Donald Trump is the way to go! ShaunChavis Did they at least touch on economics? Classic cherry picking of CNN. These tricks don’t work anymore. Yeah, economists are the people that I go to for my political insights. Second only to entertainers.

Forget about Trump and Biden! Here is the best candidate for the presidency: it is hard, strong, comes directly from nature, so quite a naturist! A victim, so understands the feelings of suppressed and raped, a deep understanding of gender equality in its rings! Best choice.👍 Funny how trumps economy ran circles around paul krugmans economy especially for the people harvard economists could care less about.

There’s 146 thousand economists in the USA so we will call them fringe pundits of 700. CNN wants to destroy US democracy,spread fear and rumors , most likely funded by CCP With 3 Student Loan Processors dumping their contracts by the end of the year and most the borrowers in financial uncertainty its time for student loan forgiveness

Nearly 2,500 economists says America's greatness lies in the reelection of Donald Trump not Joe Biden. And you pander to this garbage...who’s lining your pockets It's simply just their opinion. andrewgregory What pandemic? Yeah no s!!!t Sherlocks, for once people don't need rocket scientists to tell them that. And the fact that smart people are saying this makes voters even more likely to vote Trump. We in America can't stand educated people telling us things like the Earth isn't flat

😱😱😱......🤦‍♀️ Keep tweeting the story , maybe someone will believe you! I am sorry to inform you but all 700 plus any extra in the closet are all wrong. Fake news And who built those cages CNN ? Did all 700 of them described re-election of realDonaldTrump exactly as “sustained assault”. Or does need to get brutally fact checked here. FakeNews

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. They could be right, they could be wrong... Guess we all need to make choices based on our own opinions. And he’s still gonna catch a dub, cry more globalists Interesting that economists criticize several things, but don’t criticize Trump’s handling of the economy. Then again, the common joke is that economists have predicted 10 of the last five recessions.

That’s the honest truth about the potus So the A in the USA will soon stand for Assaults; United States of Assaults, in case of Trump's reelection. Your 4yr whining would be renewed for 4 more years in few days. MAGA2020 Sounds like a CNN reporter to me Fake news! So they want to talk 'over' the voice of the American voter? Something we have seen happen repeatedly towards President Trump during the debates. You want to decide FOR us what is misinformation who we should vote for and IF our voice matters. Welcome to communism folks!!

It’s so interesting that what you’re accusing 45 of doing is exactly the left is and has been doing! LatinosForTrump 🇵🇷 If economists don't believe the greater stimulus from a Harris administration wouldn't be harmful to the economy... then their degree certificates are no better than toilet paper.

Don't care. Clearly all 700 failed me miserably! I'm not about to listen to them now. Trump is no different to Jim Jones and the death he caused at Jonestown. Trump is leading people to the Kool Aide. With over 80,000 new cases he is guilty of willing culpable manslaughter. His actions are criminal and he should be jailed. Reprehensible behavior and destroying USA

Toothless tigers. So given that there are 14,000 economists in the US you are saying that 95% support Trump? Economist from where? If there are really 700 economist, how come they could get us out of the great recession? Thats alot of economist! FUck the economist! Those 700 economist probably watch exclusively. CNNisFakeNews StillVotingForTrump

We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around Why does cnn and all the other swamp dwellers try to portray their bad qualitys on to others? You support peodos Your scribes are on the payroll Your average daily viewings are lower than ever People are awake cnn , Your days are numbered

Lol deep state bureaucrats, keep talking; will help Trump win Stop your constant liberal fake news lies! The American people see right through it! So 700 economists warn against the reelection of Trump, but none of the reasons pertain to economics? Got it. Orange Man Bad. IvetaCherneva Yet one CEO does the same thing and everyone flips their lid.

You tried this in 2016, and failed. Now you show up with 90 fewer people, and try the EXACT same stunt. 🤦🏻 So not only are you pathological liars, but you are also apparently slow on the uptake. Must be why why you keep losing. 🤷🏻‍♂️ TrumpToSaveAmerica I think CNN forgot to mention which political party they are affiliated with in this headline

CNN jump up and down , come on you can't handle the truth ,can you ? This reeks of desperation. And it would once again destroy fake polls and fake news! 垃圾CNN You know we don’t really care about “experts” anymore Everything is political I swear Trump is know nothing about leadership. Even his is not learned for his age. I always wonder how American chose this man. My father is 100% better than Trump in leadership.

Cool. TRUMP 2020. And yet the Wall Street Journal calls for Joe Biden to quit the race. What is this? Australian billionaires against the planet? Are these the same barbarians that destroyed that ancient Songlines world heritage site in Australia or the Tar Sands in Canada? I’m embarrassed for ChrisCuomo the non reality world that him and his station that should be off the air soon. What a disgrace! What are they gonna do when they have to answer for ignoring reality. They have to know that there’s a real world after this election and real life

Leading scholars, economists, constitutional historians, doctors urge his defeat. And yet he's gonna get 60M votes. Good lord, what a country. IF TRUMP WINS. WE! THE WORLD! SHOULD GIVE USA OUR BACK! BAD USA!, NO MORE! BAD RUSSIA! NO MORE!, BAD CHINA!, NO MORE! NO BAD COUNTRIES!, NO MORE! ONE LOVE, ONE EARTH!

Fake biased news How does these reasons they gave reflect their area of specialization? Wrong. What a lie. Retweet far and wide WOW CNN YOU ARE DESPERATE !! Let’s scrap voting all together! Let’s stop democracy and let’s stop human rights whilst you’re at it! Follow pappinyanky1 for immediate fb HIT JOB So biased CNN

Rome is burning😞 Assault on our democracy...guess they have no problem with the party that wants to: get rid of the electoral college, court packing, or statehood for DC & PR to change the balance of power.

Election Day: 700 economists urge US voters to reject Trump - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Democratic insider Trump2020!!!

'Selfish and reckless.' Nearly 700 economists strongly oppose Trump's reelectionNearly 700 economists, including seven Nobel winners, are urgently warning against the reelection of President Donald Trump, citing what they describe as a 'sustained assault' on democracy, a bumbled response to the pandemic and the spread of 'dangerous misinformation.' Wow This article is just political tripe. It has no bases in reality, it's rife with platitudes, and partisanship.

'Selfish and reckless.' Nearly 700 economists strongly oppose Trump's reelectionNearly 700 economists, including seven Nobel winners, are urgently warning against the reelection of President Donald Trump, citing what they describe as a 'sustained assault' on democracy, a bumbled response to the pandemic and the spread of 'dangerous misinformation.' Wow This article is just political tripe. It has no bases in reality, it's rife with platitudes, and partisanship.

Election Day: 700 economists urge US voters to reject Trump - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Democratic insider Trump2020!!!

53 percent of people who voted third party in 2016 planning to vote for Biden, new poll showsJust 21 percent of likely voters said they're supporting President Donald Trump's re-election. Yeah. OK LOL. This is 2016 all over again 😂😂🤣 I'm a third party voter, why am I never polled? Lol

New Poll Confirms That High Youth Turnout Would Doom TrumpA new poll reveals that — despite our nation’s deeply ingrained regional political divisions — young Americans are rejecting conservatism from sea-to-shining sea, with only a few stray patches of red in between in TX the youth vote has gone down as a share of the electorate so far ericlevitz dude how did you not mention davidmfaris 's new book? The Kids Are All Left by David Faris via goodreads kevinpmiller Vote, vote, vote.