Music, Selena Gomez

Music, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s ‘De Una Vez’ Lyrics Are All About the High-Profile Breakups She’s Overcome

Sel's new all-Spanish single is a bop, just FYI.

1/24/2021 3:00:00 AM

.selenagomez’s ‘De Una Vez’ lyrics are all about the high-profile breakups she’s overcome.

Sel's new all-Spanish single is a bop, just FYI.

Buy 'De Una Vez' by Selena Gomez 1.29 buy it Though Gomez has sung in Spanish before, “De Una Vez” marks the former Disney Channel star‘s first official Spanish-language single. Along with the song, Gomez also released the music video for “De Una Vez,” which saw her in a dreamy landscape as she sang about love and heartbreak. Gomez worked with Puerto Rican producer Tainy for “De Una Vez,” as well as Albert Hype, Jota Rosa and NEON16. Filmmaking duo Los Pérez directed the music video.

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“I am incredibly proud of my Latin background,” Gomez said in a statement after the release of “De Una Vez.” “It felt empowering to sing in Spanish again and ‘De Una Vez’ is such a beautiful love anthem.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Gomez said that a Spanish-language single is something she’s “wanted to do for 10 years,” explaining that “De Una Vez” is important to her because she’s “so, so proud of [her] heritage.” “I feel like it’s the perfect timing. Just with all the division in the world, there’s something about Latin music that globally just makes people feel things, you know?” she said.

Gomez also told Lowe that she thinks she “sings better in Spanish” than English. “That was something I discovered. It was a lot of work, and look, you cannot mispronounce anything,” she said. “It is something that needed to be precise, and needed to be respected by the audience I’m going to release this for.”

She continued, “Of course I want everyone to enjoy the music, but I am targeting my fan base. I’m targeting my heritage, and I couldn’t be more excited.”As for what “De Una Vez” is about, the song is all about how Gomez is “stronger alone” after overcoming heartbreak. “It doesn’t hurt like before, no / The wound of your love healed,” she sings, according to an English translation by Genius. “Once and for all / I’m stronger alone / It’s just that I do not regret the past / I know that time by your side cut my wings / But now this chest is bulletproof.”

Read the Selena Gomez’s “De Una Vez” lyrics translated in English below.Buy 'De Una Vez' by Selena Gomez 1.29 buy it [Intro]It doesn’t hurt like before, noThe wound of your love healed[Chorus]Once and for all, ah-ah-ahI’m stronger alone, ah-ah-ah (I’m stronger alone)

It’s just that I do not regret the pastI know that time by your side cut my wingsBut now this chest is bulletproof[Verse]I don’t have you, I have myselfIt’s not for you to think that this is for you, nahI left so that you don’t forgetThat a death like you is revived

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When the last sea dries upIs when I will think of returningYou have understood what I feelYou are gone, how good is the timeI’m cured of you, I told you alreadyI don’t feel you here anymore, I don’t feel you anymoreYou never knew, you didn’t know how to value me, and (Oh)

[Chorus]Once and for all (Once and for all), ah-ah-ahI’m stronger alone, ah-ah-ahIt’s just that I do not regret the pastI know that the time by your side cut my wings (Ah-ah)But now this chest is bulletproof[Outro]OhAh-ah-ah, ah-ahThis chest is bulletproof

Uh-uh-uh-uhAlone, ah-ah, ahNow this chest is bulletproof Read more: STYLECASTER »

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