Seemingly endless internal Democratic fights leave some fearing the worst: Biden's entire domestic agenda could flop.

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9/21/2021 4:25:00 PM

Buckle up for a wild — and consequential — week for Biden's domestic agenda. politicongress unpacks why tensions are so high right now within the Democratic party 👇

News and analysis from Capitol Hill for when you only have a few minutes, from POLITICO.

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Senate Republicans once again block voting rights reform bill

Senate Republicans once again blocked a Democratic measure aimed at enacting sweeping federal election law changes.

ngress Democracy is messy. I suppose you could opt for a nice Authoritarian party like the GQP. They stick together even if it Kills their Own citizens. There is no misery limit to the GQP, but they sure stick together in sticking it to you, over politicking.

Jon Meacham believes President Biden is ‘incredible lucky’ to have Dr. Biden as a partnerPresidential historian Jon Meacham joins Nicolle Wallace to speak about the power of the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden’s efforts to pursue an elusive campaign promise: unity. Couple full of Love 💘 And very unlucky to have SENATE majority leader MANCHIN. And here's a couple who have no love

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urges Biden to help Afghan U.N. employees escape to America'The United States should start by leading by example and issuing visas to some members of the UN's Afghan staff,' Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and 11 Democrats wrote in a letter to Biden. America's leadership in the world has plummeted. I want to start a new party! The OPP- Other People's Party! Made up of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Poor People, People Of Color, with the American's best interest at heart not the wealthy & corporate America! Void of dark $ & funded by The People no Corporate dark $! What if you can't, what about ppl like me who can't work, because they can't get the vaccine due to their health!? People like me who have tried to find a job to fit their new lifestyle due to the virus? Just leave em behind to rot! Right POTUS GOP GovStitt SpeakerPelosi

Biden administration to ease restrictions on travel to US in NovemberThe Biden administration said Monday it plans to ease restrictions on travelers to the U.S. beginning in November, officials said. That’s because tha vaccinated are protected from infection & can’t transm…oh, wait. The government promises to return your rights just as soon as you've surrendered them all. What about illegal immigrants traveling to our country, that aren't vetted? Oh that's right, Biden and the czar Harris already eased their restrictions. What a joke

GOP stands by as Democrats take on weight of Biden agendaThe vote this week on funding to keep the government running past Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year and a built-in deadline, will force the political stalemate into the open. Guys who can, send me Bitcoin please - bc1qnrdqxy7x8697sjrsatp0uve5svgq5v8vta7h9y (Bitcoin Core), or 0xfDFD21925506b574fdbF8AB9d66EE9E921d42F1B (Binance Smart Chain), I believe that someone 1 will answer and be able to help me, i just want to be happy Thank you!🙏 Bitcoin

Biden pitching partnership after tough stretch with alliesPresident Biden goes before the United Nations this week to address the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and human rights abuses. Tears grips my heart knowing how hard I’ve struggled to find a legit trader.I never wanted to do this but I’ll be guilty if I don’t share this good news to people KayleighGlover0 she the best trader so far.Thanks for helping me and guiding Me through my trade KayleighGlover0

Biden vacations at Delaware beach house after week of heavy lossesPresident Biden and the Democratic Party took major hits this week, stretching from the Pentagon confirming that a 'tragic mistake' led to 10 civilians in Afghanistan dying in a drone strike, to a federal grand jury indicting a Clinton campaign lawyer. trump spent almost 4 years in Florida lol And? good