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Health, Seeking Relief From Nicotine Addiction

Seeking relief from nicotine addiction, some e-cigarette users turn to smoking

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Lucas McClain switched to vaping after he heard e-cigarettes were a safer alternative. Now, he wants to quit so badly that he's turning back to the problem he fled in the first place: good old-fashioned cigarettes.

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(CNN)Lucas McClain started smoking cigarettes in high school but switched to vaping after he heard e-cigarettes were a safer alternative. His vape of choice became the Juul, the king of electronic cigarettes — which comes with a king-size nicotine hit. Now 21, McClain wants to quit so badly that he's turning back to the problem he fled in the first place: good old-fashioned cigarettes. US cigarette smoking rate reaches new low"Juul made my nicotine addiction a lot worse," the Arlington, Va., resident said."When I didn't have it for more than two hours, I'd get very anxious." Even though McClain knows the dangers of cigarettes — lung cancer runs in his family — he thinks it might be easier to kick cigarettes than his Juul. Plus, his mom keeps warning him about the mysterious vaping-related illnesses that have sickened hundreds across the country. Read MoreSo last month, McClain bought his first pack of cigarettes in years. Then he tweeted about it."Bought a juul to quit smoking cigarettes," he wrote,"now I'm smoking cigarettes to quit the juul." He ended with this hashtag: #circleoflife.Bought a juul to quit smoking cigarettes... now I'm smoking cigaretttes to quit the juul #circleoflife — El Mac (@elmacadelic) August 21, 2019 One Juul pod, which provides about 200 puffs, contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. On stressful days, McClain could finish a pod in three hours — and as he and others figure out just how potent these and other e-cigarettes are, many want out."Juul made my nicotine addiction a lot worse," says Lucas McClain, who is now back on cigarettes."When I didn't have it for more than two hours, I'd get very anxious." Some are turning back to combustible cigarettes — or taking them up for the first time — in a dangerous bid to lower their nicotine intake and ultimately get off their vapes. "Isn't it ironic that to quit juul I bought cigarettes," says one Twitter user. Another points out that it's"strange" that she used the device to quit smoking cigarettes but is now"far more addicted to my Juul than I ever was to cigs." "It sucks," she said. It isn't a complete surprise that some young people are"going back to the product they were trying to quit in the first place," said Pamela Ling, a professor of medicine at the University of California-San Francisco who studies tobacco and its marketing. Trump administration moves to ban flavored e-cigarettesBut it is worrisome because cigarettes contain toxins and chemicals that are dangerous to their health, she said.Vaping may not be safe either. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating more than 450 cases of lung disease in 33 states — mostly among young people — possibly linked to vaping nicotine and marijuana. Six people have died. California is investigating at least 60 cases.The back-to-smoke trend flies in the face of the e-cig industry's most insistent PR pitch: Vaping helps people quit smoking cigarettes. In fact, San Francisco-based Juul Labs, which commands 75% of the e-cig market, says in its mission statement that the company aims to eliminate cigarettes by giving adult smokers"the tools to reduce or eliminate their consumption entirely." In an emailed statement, Juul didn't directly address the decision by some of its users to revert to cigarettes, but again clung to the refrain that its products are"designed to help adult smokers switch from combustible cigarettes to an alternative nicotine delivery system." Ted Kwong, a Juul spokesman, said Juul is not designed to get people off nicotine or to treat nicotine dependence. For those who criticize Juul's high nicotine content, Kwong noted that pods come in two strengths — 5% and 3% nicotine concentrations — letting users customize their"switching journey." Monday, the Food and Drug Administration reprimanded Juul for promoting its products as being safer than cigarettes without FDA permission. It gave Juul 15 business days to respond. After vaping-related illness, teen now has lungs like 'a 70-year-old's'Vaping has become big business, with the global market projected to hit $48 billion by 2023. Smoke or vapor, cigarette makers win either way. Altria, which sells Marlboro and other tobacco brands in the U.S., invested nearly $13 billion in Juul for a 35% stake last year. Altria has proposed reuniting with Philip Morris International, a unit it sold off in 2008. Even though the industry says vaping is intended for adults, Juul and other vaping pens took off among young people about two years ago when teens began taking the devices to school and teachers mistook them for flash drives. Students took hits in campus bathrooms and halls, and even in class when teachers weren't looking. The e-liquids inhaled from the devices contain nicotine and come in thousands of fruity flavors that appeal to kids. One Juul pod provides about 200 puffs and can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. As young adults realize how potent the Juul and other e-cigarettes can be, some are turning back to combustible cigarettes.Michigan last week became the first state to ban sales of flavored e-cigarettes in an attempt to end teen vaping. In June, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors banned the sale of all e-cigarettes, beginning in early 2020. Juul is fighting back with a November ballot measure, Proposition C, backed by millions of its own dollars. Many former smokers attest that vaping was the only thing that helped them quit cigarettes, but the science is mixed. Some studies have shown that many vapers continue to smoke cigarettes. The FDA has approved seven treatments for smoking cessation, including patches, gums and lozenges. Vapes are not among them, said Dr. Elisa Tong, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California-Davis.Tong said vapers may be using more nicotine than they realize. She understands why some choose to go back to cigarettes, but she doesn't recommend it. Juul ramped up nicotine levels, and competitors followed, study says"What they're doing is trying to taper down super high levels of nicotine," she said."Unfortunately, manufacturers don't have a manual on how to quit their devices." Dr. Amanda Graham, senior vice president of innovations at the Truth Initiative, an anti-tobacco advocacy group, said she is seeing"desperation and misguided approaches" from teens and young adults trying to free themselves from nicotine. "Young people are fumbling in the dark with what seems logical," Graham said."But there is no safe level of cigarette smoking."Early this year, Graham's group launched a digital program to help teens and young adults quit their vaping devices. Since then, 41,000 people between 13 and 24 have enrolled in"This is Quitting," which sends them tips and support via text messages. Chris Gatus of Whittier, Calif., switched from traditional cigarettes to Juul because he thought the device would help him quit smoking, he said. But because his Juul is always glued to his palm, he found himself using it everywhere and all the time. "I've sort of forgotten what it's like not to be on nicotine," said Gatus, 21. Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team. He switched back to cigarettes this year after noticing his growing addiction, but that only resulted in his using both. Now he's trying different vaping pens, looking for something less harsh than the Juul or cigarettes, he said. Last week, Ryan Hasson of New York City threw out his Juul after experiencing strong chest pains and labored breathing when exercising — and after hearing about the growing number of vape-related illnesses. He had never felt such strong symptoms when he smoked old-fashioned cigarettes, he said."I don't plan on ever smoking again, but if I had to choose, I would much rather buy cigarettes over a Juul," said Hasson, 25. The same is true of his friends, he said. "I think a lot of people are quitting completely or going back to cigarettes," he said."They're waking up to the reality that maybe this isn't as safe as we once thought."This story was produced by Kaiser Health News (KHN), which publishes California Healthline, an editorially independent service of the California Health Care Foundation. KHN is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente. Read more: CNN

elmacadelic You seem to have had a substance abuse problem in general. Run Forrest Run!! makeamericasmokeagain drsanjaygupta see this is what happens when you demonize vaping and take flavors away from adults. Your own news org is calling them 'good old fashioned cigarettes'. Shameful. vaping vapeadvocacy vapormadness cnn

And that is exactly what the happy couple, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco want out of all of this crazy hysteria: “keepsmokingweneedthemoney” Wonder why, maybe it’s because you scum bags in the media refuse to tell the truth! Then hes lying, period. Which shows exactly why you would publish it, facts are not your strong point.

This is the most irresponsible reporting I have seen from and that says alot. Shame on you. FakeNewsCNN Yes it's the government's great idea in UK to sell you bigger packs of tobacco in so hope that it will stop you smoking,that with all the packets being the same colour just pissed you of when you get given L&B instead of embassy no 1 an you open them without looking, freedom .🚬

Wonder how much they paid him for this interview.. stop the bullshit lies.. vaping nicotine is sooo much easier to stop then smoking cigarettes..

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What works... TAX CIGARETTES VERY HIGH, offer free medically approved cessation drugs and therapy, and literally make all but your home smoke free. I see very few smokers in NY . The boy is suicidal call ambulance quick. Cigarettes are proven killers. Do the math before you tweet or answer back. No sympathy.

Ok, now I'm starting to understand why the right hates you so much. How much is Phillip-Morris paying you for this bullshit? Why is it so hard to believe that Big Tobacco is behind all of this to steer addicts back to cigarettes? That’s a multi billion dollar industry. A few deaths means nothing to them, especially when the end game is to win back smokers .... which is exactly what’s happening.

See my pinned tweet The corporate press is the enemy of the people Why does this read like an onion article headline? Cigs alcohol and pills good, flavored nicotine vapor badddd. How about, I don’t know...quitting?

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Turning to cigarettes to be further addicted to nicotine and some 7000 other chemicals. In the UK, where e-cigarettes are promoted, doctors can help you step down your nicotine consumption to zero mg of nicotine He needs to look into other smoking aid options. 🤦‍♀️ Plan working. Rejoin the 521,000 people who will die from smoking tobacco this year. Big Tobacco is saved.

People are taking vaping deaths more seriously than gun or cigarette deaths Hmm. Quit nicotine, not smoking. Try NicodermCQ patches and give it all up. TheOnion So you scared him into a less healthy alternative great job CNN Better headline: Lucas is a smoker and an idiot.

Internet falls in love with these two toddlers hugging - CNN VideoA video of two toddlers in New York running to give each other a big hug has gotten a lot of love. The toddlers, 26-month-old Maxwell and 27-month-old Finnegan, have known each other for more than a year. JackiePhamotse Racism is taught. I feel that this video expresses exactly what Jesus meant when he told his disciples that they must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Unconditional 💘 is the key to Heaven's door.. so cute.

Never quit quitting. When you have evidence-based data and research to support the claims, I'll stop vaping. I quit smoking three years ago. Evidence is clear, cigarettes kill thousands of smokers and non-smokers every year. Some? How many? No data provided. One guy and a Twitter reply count as some? That's some journalism.

All these kids stated vaping so they could attempt to tricks they see vape shops do on Instagram. Only people to blame for their misfortune is themselves. just put it all down... it’s poisonous for your body & a waste of money Imagine if you all actually reported the problem and didn’t scare this kid back into his original problem. BLACK MARKET THC PODS

Y’all really need to do investigative work at middle schools! Cutting, anxiety, vaping, bullying, drugs... I’ve seen n heard. Try through our talks. Yesterday’s 17yo is Today’s 12yo! FLOTUS POTUS MariaBartiromo How long until we get “report” saying smoking cigarettes is the safer alternative.

Seizing the oppurtunity to clean up the bottom of the ocean - CNN VideoShamier Magmoet teaches kids how to protect the deep blue sea, ensuring them a cleaner future. Or you can teach them to have faith and trust in the Lord. More productive my opinion. In the book of Revelation it states that in the Last Days their will be no living thing in the ocean.

Personal responsibility. I just don't understand why people still think vaping is perfectly safe. Inhaling anything like that just can't be benign Cigarettes/ vape is the devil. Never ever start. If it was easy to quit , everyone would just quit. I am so glad smoking is frowned upon now. Our kids aren’t picking up the habit now. When I was a kid they gave out Cigs at the fair to kids and everybody smoked. It was glamorous.

How about just quitting altogether, this is wasted need. Who cares about some idiot who smokes and doesn’t have the will power to quit. Which is exactly what the cigarette makers want. This is on the heads of the media. Vaping is safe*R* than smoking. I do not know what the contaminant will turn out to be in those couple of hundred sad cases, but we must not throw out the baby with the bath!! Vaping is a safeR alternative to tobacco!!

Hahaha way to point out how much of a fool this Lucas McClain is. Or...dont do either... he just needs addiction therapy, or to smoke weed lol ComfortablySmug smart man

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How stupid! coldturkey Doesn't he watch the truthorange ads? Vaping is NOT a safe alternative and can LEAD to smoking! I don't smoke and I don't vape, even before those ads took place. He is going to die. Not because smoking but natural selection 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Weak minded. I smoked for 11 years. Quit cold turkey. It’s mind over matter. You didn’t need a vape pen, meds, patches, or Nicotine gum to get started smoking and you don’t need any of it to quit.

Really? Just stop smoking whatever! It isn’t that hard! I never really cared whether vaping helped people quit nicotine. What I liked about it was that it made it possible for me to be around people partaking of nicotine without having to get the smell out of my clothes later. Safer alternative to smoke: not smoking at all.

Tobacco abuse is bad for You. Tobacco was cultivated to flavour and give chemical through various compounds like Opium. You smoke less when a smoke gives You more.

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He thinks kicking cigarettes will be easier but yet goes back to them. Lmao ok How about just quitting smoking all together Duh That's like smoking dope to beat the munchies. Try candy, it will be better then either His fault, he heard and believed. All of sudden e-cigar are worst and unsafer than 'good old-fashioned cigarettes'? The tobacco companies are behind of all of this pressure. It's clear. What chame : 'GOOD OLD-FASHIONED CIGARETTES' ? WHAT THE F...IS THAT ?

Have some will power. Geez. Who writes these f-Inf stories. Made up BS '... because he heard ...' I think everyone who still smokes should go watch someone die from it. It’s horrible. Got me to quit 8 years ago. The patches helped. “Good old fashioned” huh? Nothing good about cigarettes, except that first drag early in the morning but that’s not the point, cigarettes cause cancer. Vaping helped me quit! Big tobacco must be putting a boot on someone’s neck... 🤔

Why do people even start, knowing most want to quit down the road? Ripping fat clouds.. That puff-puff game wasn't so 'dilly dilly' after all was it.. And of course CNN and the politicians are helping all of these people return to 'good old-fashioned cigarettes'. I hope all of these people sue the shi* out of you. Why would you even suggest people return to death sticks? You are really the Fake News Network and quite disgusting

A doctor can prescribe medication that significantly reduces your craving for nicotine. It can be done and the sooner the better. I smoked 2 packs a day for 30 years and I'm terrified of dieing of a pulmonary disease. I haven't smoked for about 15 years and I feel so much better!

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