See Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet Adorably Explain Why They're 'Going to be Friends for Life' - E! Online

See Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet Adorably Explain Why They're 'Going to be Friends for Life'

10/23/2021 5:53:00 AM

See Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet Adorably Explain Why They're 'Going to be Friends for Life'

Dune co-stars Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet opened up about working together, their iconic senses of style and more in an exclusive conversation on E! News' Daily Pop.

"Going in there, I was intimidated," Zendaya told E! News'. "I was like, I want to do my best work, you know? But this guy made it such a warm environment to work [in]."As a result, it didn't take long for her and Timothée to hit it off.

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Since when 25 year olds are talked about as if they're bunch of lame teenagers They don’t even belong in a pic together. Zendaya se ve tan inferior a él. Insegura de sí porque se le ve que vive con a ship on her shoulder. That is so cool! timewasters Girlfriends, sure Tom is totally cool with these girls!!

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