See the swimwear for trans girls designed by a loving dad

Dad designs line of swimwear for trans girls named after his own daughter

1/21/2021 11:50:00 PM

Dad designs line of swimwear for trans girls named after his own daughter

These bikini bottoms could be a game-changer for transgender tweens and teens.

, co-author of children's book"I Am Jazz" with transgender activist Jazz Jennings."Being able to do something that most of us take for granted — namely, to go swimming without fear of being stared at or teased, or even targeted — can give a child a feeling of normalcy and belonging," said Herthel.

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Alexander, an entrepreneur and veteran of the tech start-up world, developed the swimwear withRyerson University's tech start-up incubatorThe DMZ, where he had access to a fashion accelerator and a garment engineer."Everything I saw was heavily branded just to trans people and had a quilted pad in the front. They didn't look like normal bikinis," Alexander said."I wanted to create a garment that looks and feels like a regular bikini and a brand that resonates with kids, not just trans kids."

He interviewed 50-60 different families he found in Facebook groups for parents of transgender children to see what they were looking for in swimwear."The best businesses are ones that solve real problems," Alexander said."I knew we had a problem, but I didn't know if everyone else did." designer made a prototype bikini bottom using spandex on the outside with a mesh liner that is able to gently compress and"pull things in" without causing discomfort. Alexander sent samples to 25 families in North America and Australia in December 2019 to solicit feedback."The key was, they had to functionally work," he said.

Now, after finding children who have bought the bikini bottoms are wearing them as underwear because they make them feel so much more confident, Alexander is expanding the company to include real underwear made with a cotton fabric.His goal, he says, is to make the lives of trans children like his own daughter better — and more unremarkable."I want to focus on the positive stories about these kids and normalize them," Alexander said."They're just kids. That's how people need to see them."


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Another Lincoln Project fellow What a great dad. What a great gift to accept thier child as they are and work to help them achieve thier dreams. Bravo, dad! She’s a lucky girl. So they’re crazy AF in Canada too, ay That’s comforting. Isn’t the kid too young to make such a life altering decision? So many grow up to regret it...

Gag me please. 111victories 😢😢 12 years old and doesn't know the first thing about life but can pick a gender. Yeah right. Clearly this father loves his child for who his child is, without emphasizing societal norms, but being well aware of the prejudice and negativity that exists (clearly from these responses). Parents like this should be celebrated not criticized. If you don’t agre keep scrolling.