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This reservoir in California is so low that its hydroelectric power plant will likely be shut off

8/5/2021 2:55:00 AM

This reservoir in California is so low that its hydroelectric power plant will likely be shut off

Lake Oroville, a reservoir that provides water for a hydroelectric power plant in California, is so low that it must be shut down for the first time since it opened in the 60's.

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Good for them Did you hear about water desalination? Darn that indoor plumbing! Just think if homes didn't have indoor plumbing the water level might be higher, huh? Oh wait another fake global warming inference, Give me a break! Thats what happens when Southern California keeps needing water. They can actually build more reservoirs. Also, California is essentially desert. Thats why we have to water our lawns, and even then we dont mow often, not like in missouri, no watering, lots of mowing

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what's going to happen when they run out of water?

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California Drought Pushes Major Reservoir to Record Low - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.comWater levels at the Oroville reservoir are dropping by about a foot each day, and officials say the hydroelectric plant it powers could be forced offline soon. - Videos from The Weather Channel | ButteWxSpotter And hundreds of us in the valley have had our wells go dry or very close to dry !! ButteWxSpotter Water is very precious and we are running out at quite a fast rate. This is very alarming. I remember the drought of 1977. What are those white things?