See Stephen Colbert roast Trump aide for outlining 'criminal' coup on live TV

Stephen Colbert reacts to anchor Ari Melber's interview with former Trump White House aide Peter Navarro.

1/17/2022 10:01:00 PM

'Criminal activity explained on-air': Stephen Colbert reacts to anchor AriMelber's interview with former Trump White House aide Peter Navarro.

Stephen Colbert reacts to anchor Ari Melber's interview with former Trump White House aide Peter Navarro.

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AriMelber when will stephen colbert donate 99% of his multimillion dollar annual salary to the poor? while he’s living the luxurious lifestyle… many comedians are on welfare, medicaid, and food stamps AriMelber The problem is that no one watches Colbert anymore. AriMelber They know something we don’t about Merrick Garland? They sure Are confident he won’t do his job!!!!

AriMelber Great interview AriMelber AriMelber All of these bad actors need to be charged by the DOJ. They need to do time in prison. Drop the damn mike! AriMelber Stephen: get behind paying students to register voters like the 64 Freedom Summer AriMelber GOP’s Surrendered Souls- AriMelber Scooby Coup

Sheilal_l_smith AriMelber “Damn you, Scooby-coup!” AriMelber Looking forward to an analysis of the Biden enterprise. - what a joke .

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AriMelber And Merrick Garland says there is NOT enough evidence to prosecute trump? President Biden BETTER interfere or we are doomed, the fascist will come fit him first!!! AriMelber I’m old enough to remember when Colbert was funny. AriMelber Not down for this. AriMelber Worst late night show ever😬

AriMelber Ari must make them drink truth serum before each interview, cause it’s amazing, if only he cld get DJT to talk to him😳😳😳 AriMelber Since Navarro happily outed the plot, why isn't he & the rest of his motley group who planned the coup, under arrest? I thought trying to overturn an election &/or overthrow the govt. was against the law.

AriMelber Seditious conspiracy is the turducken of crimes & NoOneUnscripted warnings about it began weeks before the insurrection. Get caught up! AriMelber JoyAnnReid AriMelber Oh did he “get them”? That’s all we get for accountability is a comedian points out some foibles? Fuck this. AriMelber maga trump magahats gop republicans morons idiots antivaxx trumpsupporter antiscience antivaxxers trumpsupporters stupidmotherfuckers racists treason

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Mike Lindell Rages At 'Disgusting' Fox News For Not Talking About Election 14 Months Ago“When was the last time you’ve seen anybody on Fox talk about the 2020 election?' the pillow magnate complained at a Trump rally. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s because Fox, and their viewers, are tired of hearing The Big Lie with no proof whatsoever. They know that they’re audience doesn’t want to hear that Trump lost. Bigly.

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Jan. 11, 2022