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See photos of the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse that captivated the world on Thursday

A 'ring of fire' solar eclipse illuminated the sky on Thursday and quickly became a trending topic

6/10/2021 11:52:00 PM

Thursday's eclipse was called the “ring of fire” because the moon only partially blocked out the sun, forming a red ring.

A 'ring of fire' solar eclipse illuminated the sky on Thursday and quickly became a trending topic

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon aligns between the sun and the Earth, blocking at least a portion of the sun’s rays, according to NASA. This eclipse is called the “ring of fire” because the moon only partially blocks out the sun, forming a red ring.

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The “ring of fire” eclipse is visible when the moon is at its farthest point from Earth and appears smaller, according to The moon doesn’t completely block out the sun when it’s right in front of it.The eclipse was visible from the U.S., northern Canada, Europe, northern Asia, Russia and Greenland, according to Time and Date.

Because the sun’s rays will be coming from behind the moon, it’s “absolutely essential” to wear proper eye protection when viewing the solar eclipse, according to the American Astronomical Society. Read more: MarketWatch »

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'Ring of fire' eclipse burns across the sky — see the dazzling photosBreathtaking scenes were captured early Thursday of the 'ring of fire' — the first solar eclipse of 2021 that was seen from Russia to parts of the U.S.

Solar eclipse video shows sun turning into Pac-Man as moon covers itPeople in several parts of the northern hemisphere were treated to a 'ring of fire' solar eclipse on Thursday.

When to see the next solar eclipse if you miss June 2021's 'ring of fire'In addition to the June 10 annular solar eclipse, there will be 224 solar eclipses visible from Earth in the 21st century.

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