Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett

Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett

See Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Live 'One Last Time'

Not 'One Last Time' 😟

7/24/2021 8:00:00 PM

Not 'One Last Time' 😟

The timelessly talented duo will perform at NYC's Radio City Music Hall.

are saying goodbye with two final two performances together.The timelessly talented duo announced on Twitter that the shows will be called,"One Last Time: an Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga," taking place on August 3rd and August 5rd at the world renowned Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

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One Last Time 🤍 An evening with @itstonybennett and me at Radio City Music Hall on August 3rd & 5th. I am so honore…— Lady Gaga (@Lady Gaga)The first show comes as a celebration of Bennett's 95th birthday and with songs from their first collaborative 2014 album,

Cheek to Cheek, as well as music from their recently completed second album."I am so honored and excited to celebrate Tony's 95th birthday with him at these special shows,"Gaga said.Related |In a February interview withAARP Magazine, Bennett revealed that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease back in 2016. The singer wrote to Twitter,"Life is a gift — even with Alzheimer's. Thank you to [his wife] Susan and my family for their support, and AARP The Magazine for telling my story."

In the interview, Susan said Bennett is"not always sure where he is or what is happening around him — there's a lot about him that I miss because he's not the old Tony anymore. But when he sings, he's the old Tony — that music is helping his brain health."

Life is a gift - even with Alzheimer’s. Thank you to Susan and my family for their support, and @AARP The Magazine…— Tony Bennett (@Tony Bennett)1612185929.0Bennett's last show took place on March 11th, 2020, right before COVID halted all live performances.

Pre-sale tickets for"One Last Time" go on sale July 21st at 10 AM local time on Citi Entertainment and general ticket sales will begin the following day at 10 AM local time on LiveNation. Read more: PAPER Magazine »

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Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett To Celebrate Their Decade-Long Friendship ‘One Last Time’.ladygaga and itstonybennett are returning to the stage together one last time ladygaga itstonybennett Bravo 🙌 ladygaga itstonybennett Look at amptoken on FlexaHQ

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