See Adam Levine's Surprised Reaction After Fan Jumps Onstage During Maroon 5 Concert - E! Online

She will be loved… unless she jumps up on stage. Then she will be escorted out.

10/26/2021 7:30:00 PM

She will be loved… unless she jumps up on stage. Then she will be escorted out.

Adam Levine was caught off guard when a fan burst onto the stage of his latest Los Angeles concert. She grabbed the star before security pulled her away.

captured the viral moment on camera, showing the audience member running up to Levine and putting her arms around him while he sang "Sunday Morning.""This lady jumped on stage during Maroon 5's performance," the user wrote. "Adam Levine was not having it."

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The video shows his reaction before a security guard pulled the intruder offstage. "Adam Levine was a whole mood yesterday," the user captioned the video. Read more: E! News »

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It’s a TikTok challenge waiting to happen.

In Chile we used to love him but after his performance in Festival de Viña, in which he acted as an ass****, we can’t stand him anymore. This is exactly what’s happening here (again)

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See Adam Levine's Reaction to a Stage Crasher Who Grabs HimAdam Levine was at a loss when a Maroon 5 fan stormed the stage. Same, “Maroon 5 has fans”? That looks staged Don’t forget where you came from and how you got to where you are. ✌🏼

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