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See a First Look at the Mysterious One of Us Is Lying Character Portraits

9/23/2021 8:08:00 AM

See a First Look at the Mysterious One of Us Is Lying Character Portraits

When high school detention turns deadly, we know that One of Us Is Lying. Get the exclusive first look at the highly-anticipated Peacock murder mystery series, premiering on Oct. 7.

Annalisa Cochranewill play Addy, who makes high school look easy. But you don't become the school's most popular cheerleader without hiding secrets. If people really knew her, she fears, her whole world might fall apart.PeacockSimonMark McKenna

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will play Simon, a brainy outcast and the creator of a gossip app that holds the entire school captive. His posts are juicy, snarky, cruel, and most importantly: always true. He takes pride in exposing his classmates as the "liars and hypocrites they really are." Even though all of his classmates read his app, they also all hate him for it.

PeacockJakeBarrett Carnahanwill play Jake: The captain of the football team and the boyfriend of Addy, Jake seems to have it all, but it's never enough.PeacockJanaeJessica McLeodwill play Janae: A punk outsider who hates her fake classmates, Janae is left angry and alone when her only friend is murdered. Rather than simply grieve his death, she promises to honor his bitter legacy.

PeacockNateCooper van Grootelwill play Nate: The school's most notorious drug dealer, a delinquent who lives alone with his alcoholic father. But that's not the only reason he's the police's prime suspect.PeacockBronwynMarianly Tejadawill play Bronwyn: Top of her class, Bronwyn is so focused on the future she rarely thinks about the present. Most classmates admire her more than they like her, and a few rivals wonder how far she'd go to get ahead.

PeacockMaeveMelissa Collazowill play Maeve: Bronwyn's little sister Maeve developed a tough demeanor while losing years to a childhood fight with Leukemia. In remission now, she's hungry to make up for lost time.PeacockCooperChibuikem Uchewill play Cooper: A dominant high school baseball pitcher, scouted by the major leagues, Cooper is on the verge of signing a life-changing professional deal--unless something (or someone) gets in his way.

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