Secret Service publicly contradicts Trump claims (again)

.@MaddowBlog: Secret Service publicly contradicts Trump claims (again)

6/2/2020 8:22:00 AM

.MaddowBlog: Secret Service publicly contradicts Trump claims (again)

If Team Trump would stop peddling nonsense regarding the Secret Service, the Secret Service probably wouldn't have to set the record straight so frequently

"The Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Park Police were on the scene."As for assertions that agents were eager for a violent confrontation with protestors, the Secret Service's official statement seemed to dismiss this, too."Some of the demonstrators were violent, assaulting Secret Service Officers and Special Agents with bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks, and other items. Multiple Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers and Special Agents sustained injuries from this violence. The Secret Service respects the right to assemble, and we ask that individuals do so peacefully for the safety of all."

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To be sure, the Secret Service tends to operate with great care when it comes to political disputes, and Saturday's statement made no specific references to the president. But the context was striking: Trump claimed in the early morning that D.C. police were not permitted to address unrest around the White House, and the Secret Service made clear in the late morning that D.C. police"were on the scene."

This comes up from time to time. In 2017, for example, a leading member of Trump's legal teamtried to blame the Secret Servicefor the infamous 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with a Kremlin-linked attorney, prompting the Secret Service to make a rare entry into a political debate in order to defend the agents' actions.

More recently, in April 2020, White House officials tried to force a CNN reporter to the back of the press briefing room, and when CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins resisted, shethe matter would be resolved by the Secret Service.Soon after, the Secret Service

toldthe White House Correspondents' Association that the agency was"not involved whatsoever in this effort." Read more: MSNBC »

MaddowBlog the IRS will get gone after by Empower Federal Credit Union and Social Security Administration and Louie Woodworth because I will have all of those people with me ok MaddowBlog the IRS has tto pay every cent of it back MaddowBlog What we see on TV is the America of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer & the rest of the state & local Democratic Party corrupt ideology at work. The cop that killed Floyd worked for a city/state run top to bottom by Democrats. Democrats can't run from any of this, they own ALL of it.

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Chinese state media tells Donald Trump to not 'hide behind' Secret Service amid George Floyd protestsOne communist party mouthpiece said witnessing protests across America felt like 'retribution' for the U.S. backing of Hong Kong demonstrations. Trump's reaction protestors outside the white house Führerbunker TrumpisaRacistThug

More than 60 Secret Service officers and agents were injured near the White House this weekendOver 60 US Secret Service officers and special agents were injured between Friday night and Sunday morning near the White House as protests rocked Washington, DC, after the death of George Floyd last week, according to a statement from the Secret Service. If America value the life of it citizens why uniform men are killing the citizens. riots2020 To quote trump, “they knew what they were signing up for.”

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