SEC opens season with COVID-19 infection rates double the national average

Daily new coronavirus cases in SEC counties tumbled during the past week but remain high compared to the rest of the country.

9/25/2020 5:02:00 PM

Daily new coronavirus cases in SEC counties tumbled during the past week but remain high compared to the rest of the country.

Daily new coronavirus cases in SEC counties tumbled during the past week but remain high compared to the rest of the country.

The Southeastern Conference hasn't played a down of football in the 2020 season, but the SEC has seven teams ranked in thetop 25 of the Amway Coaches Poll.The SEC also dominates another top 25 list: the most COVID-19 infection rates among counties with Power Five football programs. Those nine schools include the Florida Gators, who rank in the top six of both lists.

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COVID-19 and the commitment to start the season leaves the conference in a precarious position aswith most of their stands filled to 20-25% capacity."I still am in the hold-my-breath moment — a bit,” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said this week.

The good news for SEC teams and fans is that the average daily new cases per 100,000 residents in their counties declined by 32% this week to 25.8 — nearly double the national average of 13.4."I was really surprised to see that the numbers have declined drastically in SEC counties combined and individually, as well, in 13 counties," said Pooja Naik, a master of public health candidate at Emory's Rollins School of Public Health, who conducted the data analysis for USA TODAY. 

Still, Naik says she worries about the thousands of fans shouting together in"the same air space" and potentially driving infection rates up again."We need to understand that numbers going down does not necessarily give us a green signal to stop social distancing and stop using masks," Naik said."It wouldn’t be surprising to see a completely different picture from our data next week."

The numbers, though, are similarly encouraging around the country. About two-thirds of the counties with Power Five programs saw their daily COVID-19 cases decrease during the past week. SEC schools are highlighted, below, in red.Beyond the SEC, COVID-19 will be a significant storyline throughout ACC matchups this weekend.

Wake Forest's game with No. 7 Notre Dame has already been postponed to Dec. 12because of an outbreak on Notre Dame's team that has 13 players in isolation and another 10 in quarantine.A COVID-19 diagnosis sidelined Florida State's new coach Mike Norvell from his team's game with state rival 

14th-ranked Miami in Miami-Dade County. Miami Dade has nearly triple (39.5) the national average of daily new infections.On the other end of the coronavirus spectrum, the University of Virginia will likely open its season against on Duke on Saturday after

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its three previously scheduled games were postponed by COVID-19. Case rates in both schools' home counties are nearly half the national average.  Read more: USA TODAY »

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So you're saying the SEC is more virus-prone? Young, healthy athletes. The real question is how many are getting so sick they get hospitalized (or die). Lot of recoveries Are we really still doing this?

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