Seattle Protesters: 2 Women İnjured When Car Drives İnto Crowd, Police Say - Cnn

Seattle Protesters: 2 Women İnjured When Car Drives İnto Crowd, Police Say - Cnn

Seattle protesters struck by car; suspect in custody, police say

Two women were seriously hurt early Saturday morning when a vehicle drove into a group of protesters in Seattle, authorities say.

7/4/2020 5:25:00 PM

Two women were seriously injured after a vehicle drove into a group of protesters in Seattle early Saturday morning, authorities say. A suspect is in custody.

Two women were seriously hurt early Saturday morning when a vehicle drove into a group of protesters in Seattle, authorities say.

A suspect faces multiple felony charges, said Capt. Ron Mead of the Washington State Patrol.Seattle has been the scene of protests over police brutality and systemic racism, including in a six-block area controlled by protesters after police abandoned their precinct -- the Capitol Hill Organized Protest or Capital Hill Autonomous Zone. Seattle Police disperse protesters from occupied CHOP area after emergency orderA few blocks away at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, the car drove into a group of protesters on a section that the WSP had closed about midnight. Mead said a car drove around a series of"support vehicles" that protesters were using to block I-5 and protect themselves, and onto the shoulder of the freeway where protesters were standing."A vehicle drove through the closure and struck multiple pedestrians on the freeway," Trooper Rick Johnson said in a tweet.Read MoreSeattle Fire units transported two females estimated to be in their 20s to Harborview from this incident. One patient is in critical condition and the other is in stable condition.

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cnn how come none of these reports actually say that it was a black man Dawit Kelete was driving that car that mowed down the women in Seattle? It doesnt fit the narrative considering that the protest was for BLM and then a black man ended up injuring 2 white women with his car Welcome to Trump country where the scum running Chicago n.y. l.a. etc all democrats look at their stats

Good job ignoring the “race” of the victims and suspect CNN LOVES ANTIFA ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Uh driver was black. Don’t think he’s a trumper The driver was a black person but the problem is that the car was white color which means the car is racist and car manufacturers should stop manufacturing white racist cars😢

A black man hit two white BLM protesters and killed one and seriously injured the 2nd victim. How will you spin this? Should we thank you CNN for this? We are still voting TRUMP in 2020! We still united as a nation all colors against one thing corruption!💪🏼🇺🇸 Good. Bet they move out of the way next time

If they stayed home like they are supposed to this never would've happened ! He's 'a suspect'. I wonder what they would call him if he were not black. askyourselfwhy 27-year-old Dawit Kelete of Seattle - has been charged with two counts of vehicular assaul As violent and crazy as the rioters have been it's only natural to get some push back. And as the left is lenient on violence so should they be when the other side does it.

You mean rioters. Nothing truthful on CNN. Leftist media took bribes from the Chinese Communist Party Dumbasses deserve it! Stay off the damn freeway! Standing in the traffic Dumbasses get out of the way No one want to be attack and pulledfrom there car Don't block roads. Didn't your parents teach you that at the ripe age of 3?

Well ! Enough of that crap! Go take care of your kids !! Suspect custody It’s ok for them to drag people out of cars and nothing happens to them Protesters blocking an interstate in the DARK. In custody for what? These “protestors” play these idiot games in traffic and a fed up driver is arrested? Arrest the morons who think they have some kind of right to break the law and harass those with around them. They got what they asked for, so too flippin’ bad. Enough!

So much hate in this world....let's make a effort to be kinder in the last part of this year !💕 It still continues Plot twist - protesters were all white, driver was black. Care to mention this, CNN? That’s why you don’t play on the freeway.... Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Play stupid games win stupid prizes leftwinglosers

AltHomelandSec CNN? Yokay. Stay out of the streets. Easy solution. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti admits 'connection' between coronavirus outbreak and BLACK LIVES MATTER protests Give him a medal Trying to flee from police? Good news! With a little more practice, they can learn to take out a dozen or more of the Marxist bastards!

McClain_on_NFL This is some bullshit...this isn't like all the other times where someone intentionally rammed protesters... These werr idiots standing on a highway and the guy didn't see them untill too late. Applications Mobiles Dernieres Nouvelles: And the racist nazi cops still try to blame the victims. DefundThePolice

You conveniently forgot to add that they were in the middle of a freeway. FakeNews Still misleading. The protestors were on the INTERSTATE. in the pitch black. They swerved to avoid other pe… Don't they like police? They need police now? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes Acting on TraitorInChief inuendos? Thinking loud

'Protesters' were in the middle of a hwy. If you’re protesting on the road I’ll try to get to work I’ll run your ass over. They should of not been playing on the freeway! Cars drive fast on the freeway! In custody. Great. Poor driver ☹️ Hahahaha. Block traffic get hit bitches. Don’t be trying to hold people hostage on the roads. Sorry I see it as self defense. Let the suspect go. They didn’t do anything wrong. They were defending themself and others. Sorry I wouldn’t stop.

Screw them. Im already released CNN, thanks for asking... man... first day people think Im white I got doxxed and threated with violence, wassup with dat The us is more dangerous than Afghanistan Wrong thing to do but anarchist not protestors! No news about the Ohio police officer killed in a Home Depot parking lot yesterday

Poor DRIVER :( Where is the GoFundMe for the driver Screw the protestors, I hope they both live, but they should not have been playing in the highway to start with. Frogger wasn't supposed to be a way of life. Defund cnn matthewtkrause Suspect is in custody? Guess it wasn't a cop then. If the interstate was blocked off due to protest THEN the driver goes around the roadblock & hits someone THEN the driver is at fault period. Driver should be held fully accountable for any deaths/injuries especially if it was racially motivated.

CNN's report is very vague, Is it true that the protestors were there to support President Trump and the driver has been released and is now the honorary Mayor of Seattle. BTW - I do hope the two protesters recover regardless of their political views. Oh here's CNN to make it racism or hate. IT was an accident❗️ Driver tried to avoid parked cards on highway went around and then tried to avoid protesters on the right and veered to left and hit the two that were going to the right. Tragic for driver and protesters.

Lock that person away for life peaceful hit Was it a Karen or a Skippy? Speed bumps They just ran out onto an interstate at night. This isn’t some malicious person trying to mow people down. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I support protest. I don't support protest on highway, period. Wow this headline is a blatant lie. First, they were on an interstate. Second, the protesters were on the northbound, this was on the southbound. Third, the video shows the southbound was clear and the two literally walked in front of the single car driving down the road.

It was a fully autonomous vehicle? To bad only 2 were run over, only an idiot would stand on a highway. Odds are that if you stand on a highway, your going to get run over. Quit playing in the street They shouldn't have been in the road Protesting? They don't know how good they have it here. They should protest for people that are really oppressed in this world and fleeing as refugees and illegals and get on those governments tails

In the meantime these leftist anarchist libs are turning the city into a lawless, demoralized, unstable third world country under the pretense of fighting for justice and equality Those women shouldn’t be there! There needs to be repercussions for all the hate speech posted on social media encouraging this kind of attack on people. People need to be held accountable for thier hateful and terroristic rhetoric.

How about a public service to stay out of the streets. Most people know by the age of five to stay out of the street. A good guess is, the suspect in the car was the victim. Stay off the highways people Maybe Antifa should consider changing up the color of their uniform? I hear they like red a lot. cnn won't show you the video because they are wrong haha the idiots on the road are at fault

Protestors Good get out the street Protesters. I sincerely do not want to see you hurt, but you have to stop standing in front of these moving chunks of metal on wheels. This not a video game. You will get hurt. Your tantrum fueled determination will not stop that. Very misleading, wonder why Trump's lonely wolfs are performing his plan to stay in the white house even if he loses next elections

Good I’m glad they ran Over them get off of the streets Whats the connection between people who block highways at night, loot stores, wreck statues and spray graffiti ? They all go BOOM like the big bass drum when a car hits them doing 50 ! If you are stupid enough to protest on a major highway.... 🤷 Not sure if this was intentional, it was dark and driver had just came around a bend. He saw and avoided the disabled vehicles but may not have seen the people till it was too late.

The protesters ran into a car on the roadway. Ron Mead , Washington state patrol captain , said the troopers did not know whether it was a targeted attack. Rewrite: People blocking a major freeway, I5, were hurt bc they were blocking a major freeway! Disingenuous reporting by cnn lacky JayCroft FIXED IT FOR YOU! (CNN)”Two women were seriously hurt WHILE STANDING ON THE FREEWAY CLAD IN ALL BLACK early Saturday morning when a vehicle drove into a group of protesters in Seattle, authorities say.” Utter morons.

Suspect in custody , police say. Stand on a road.....get hit by a car. This is news? This is mental illness. And what 'colour' is the suspect? CNN didn’t realize the driver was black when they posted this story The incident with the vehicle occured in the early hours of saturday at a southbound section of Inter- State -5 that had been shut ahead of women's protest march.

Pick some where safe to protest. You wouldn’t do one on a rifle range would you Since the driver was black, I assume this is the first and only time we'll hear about this story from CNN. I feel more sorry for the driver than the pedestrians. It's a major interstate freeway! Remember when CHAZ militia murdered an unarmed black child, and cnn never reported on it?

Was the car ok more importantly, you know the thing that streets were made for Someone is going to get fired CNN . They forgot to type “peaceful protest” . A picture of me in the jury box Two Antifa chicks Id call it Are people so full of hate that they don't care about going to jail? They don't care about anyone else's life?

Opt 1 - Car stops & is swarmed by “protesters”. Driver is shot at or dragged from the car & beaten. Reginald Denny outcome. Opt 2 - car drives through saving driver, but injuring “protesters”. James Fields outcome. Opt 3 - LEOs don’t let “protesters” block highway. Everyone OK Driver was black, so this will be the first and last time CNN reports on it. Doesn't fit their narrative.

Oh well maybe try not blocking roads 🤷🏻‍♂️ Let's hope the driver is okay and will be swiftly released after the investigation is complete and the video footage proves their innocence. As for the idiots playing frogger in the middle of the night? Fuck 'em. CNN is not a news organization, it is a Platform for leftwing, anti-white and marxist activism. You have lost all your credibility already 15 years ago. Go fy.

3 cars blocking sideways (2 of them black) with no lights on. People wearing all black in the funnel opening created. Flashing lights on opposite side making it harder to see. Highway stop sight distance simply not designed for this. What could go wrong? Darwin award time. How can a driver be expected to see an anarchist jaywalking on a freeway? The suspect should get a trophy for beating the high score

Well if they were blocking a freeway I’d say fuck em. If they were peacefully protesting then fry that driver for stupidity Feel sorry for the driver, how can you even arrest him, who was on the right of way here Retweet this poll!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 STAY OUT OF THE STREET, PEOPLE HAVES LIVES AND NEEDS TO ATTEND TO....QUIT VIOLATING THE LAW, PROTESTERS....THERE ARE EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ON THE ROADS WITH DRIVERS....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Who plays in the street in the dark?! Foolish! CNN has become the biggest joke of any movement ever! They could literally be filming the end of time and would report that it’s the beginning of the new earth🤦🏼‍♂️ Yes, spending most of the rest of your life in an American maximum security terrorist prison is an excellent way of showing your support for the President. You could even pick up some pointers from your fellow Jihadis on further ways to impress your friends on release.

The protesters setup an illegal roadblock on the freeway at night, which the driver was attempting to avoid when he struck the two people.

Two injured, one critically, after car plows into protesters on Seattle interstatePolice in Seattle have taken into custody the driver of a car that struck two women during a protest on a downtown stretch of Interstate 5 late Friday, leaving one of the victims in critical condition. What these two morons were doing in the middle of the bloody road?! Hope the driver is acquitted. No sympathy here. Protesting on a freeway is like protesting in a burning building! Release the driver now

Two protesters in Seattle seriously injured when hit by car on closed highwayOne of the protesters, a 24-year-old woman, is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, and the other, a 32-year-old woman, suffered serious injuries. When I was a kid the first thing I learned was not to stand in the middle of the street. Omg, hopefully the driver was unharmed! We can only imagine the trauma that driver went through. Not closed...blocked by rioters

Ugh, These Two Again?They’re back! The couple that nearly ripped the internet in half by sheer force of will the last time they broke up. What was the reasoning again? It was something about Him sitting on a friend’s lap at a party he did or did not go to in L.A., while She was pregnant? Or no, she already had a baby. (Time’s collapsing.) Anyway, they even filmed an entire reality television show special about it. Despite the fact that the rest of the world has thankfully moved on, they’ve come back for another go-around. What am I supposed to say: Congratulations?\n Man, she just doesn't learn. Isn't his bb career on a slump? He is securing his sugar momma/future. They deserve each other!!! Please tell me why we care.

Two killed in clashes as mourners struggle to get into Ethiopian singer's funeralTwo people were killed on Thursday as Ethiopian security forces scuffled with mourners trying to attend the stadium funeral of a singer whose shooting this week sparked protests in which more than 80 people died, hospital officials said. Jeffrey Epstein ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI Can BLM help these black lives? While there are problems in America, Problems like the Oromo face are a much bigger threat to black lives. May HaacaaluuHundeessaa rest in peace. May his killers be found and punished. Be careful that the terrorist JawarMohammed does not use the blood of this young man to start a civil war.

Two Michigan Counties Show Protests Reshaping 2020 CampaignTwo Michigan counties, separated by the 8 Mile Road, show signs of racial healing following Black Lives Matter protests Ok we are with trump

China-backed AIIB to lend $500 million to two Turkish development banksThe Beijing-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) said on Friday it would lend $500 million to two development banks in Turkey, to help ease liquidity issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons why Chinese eat bats and everything.. Not a big money to become a news on Reuters. Unless you have a secret agenda about it. 'China-backed'? It has more than 100 members.