Seattle has reached a $3.5 million settlement in the fatal police shooting of pregnant mother of four

Seattle has reached a $3.5 million settlement in the fatal police shooting of pregnant mother of four

Charleena Lyles Lawsuit: Seattle Has Reached A $3.5 Million Settlement İn The Fatal Police Shooting

12/5/2021 12:45:00 PM

Seattle has reached a $3.5 million settlement in the fatal police shooting of pregnant mother of four

The city of Seattle has agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle a wrongful-death lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of four who was shot and killed in her home by police in 2017.

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Until more blacks join the police force this will not reduce... Yeah this is the entitlement I want stopped. The police person who shoots should have to pay that money. As tax payers , we do not support this, we support due process. Police stop shooting or you pay. I guess her laywer was broke and wanted to get paid before Christmas and accepted a low ball of $3.5 mil. This always happens when you hire broke ass lawyers to represent you.

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Family of Georgia Tech student fatally shot by campus police settles lawsuit for $1 million dollarsThe family of a Georgia Tech University student who was fatally shot by campus police settles the lawsuit with the school for $1 million, the family's attorney says i think that the 1 million need to be more America Georgia: GeorgiaTech: CampusPolice: Homicide GeorgiaTech PAYS GeoffCollin $2,883,115 If you can pay a Football Coach who once was paid $3,200,000.00/yr, you can take responsibility for a Student's death. PAYMore Lawrence Maddow. Shouldn’t Mark Meadows return his multi-million dollar book advance as he now refers to it as “Fake News” prior to its release?

Explainer: How Unusual To Charge Parents In School Shooting?Following the fatal shooting of four students at a Michigan high school, the parents of the alleged shooter have been charged with multiple crimes. Well at least they let them take their hats off before the mugshot... Deserved MAGA monsters raised a monster ☹️

Parents Of Oxford High School Shooting Suspect Charged After Damning Texts SurfaceBREAKING: James and Jennifer Crumbley will face four charges each, one for each of the four students fatally shot by the 9mm pistol the suspect's father had recently purchased. We have to start holding those responsible that have the weapons that their Children kill With Excellent news. Fantastic.

Parents Of Oxford High School Shooting Suspect Charged With Involuntary ManslaughterEthan Crumbley's mother and father face charges in the wake of a Michigan school shooting that left four students dead and seven people injured.