Season 5, Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Climate Change

Rising temperatures can lead to changes both in the oceans and on land. How do @NASAEarth satellites track these changes? Gavin Schmidt, NASA’s senior acting climate advisor, talks with Chief Scientist Jim Green in this new #GravityAssist podcast episode:

6/18/2021 9:12:00 PM

Rising temperatures can lead to changes both in the oceans and on land. How do NASAEarth satellites track these changes? Gavin Schmidt, NASA’s senior acting climate advisor, talks with Chief Scientist Jim Green in this new GravityAssist podcast episode:

What’s the difference between climate and weather? How does NASA monitor changing sea levels, melting glaciers, and other effects of climate change? Gavin Schmidt, NASA’s acting senior climate advisor, explains how rising temperatures lead to many complex changes both in the oceans and on land.


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TerliWetter Earth Sollen diese NASA-Menschen nicht Raketen in den Weltraum schießen? Warum machen die jetzt mit dieser Klima-Sache Wahlkampf? 🤡 TerliWetter Earth Tracking is giving us the false feeling that we also control the situation Earth Or more accurately how does NASA fiddle the figures to reflect their climate alarmism.

Earth Merci Earth I'm curious isn't the whole solar system heating up Earth The One and Only! ?

Gavin Newsom orders state of emergency due to California heat wave, strain on energy gridThe state of emergency, which is expected to last through June 18, calls for Californians to take measures to 'reduce the strain on the energy infrastructure and increase energy capacity.'

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Will early heat wave take down California's energy grid and Gavin Newsom?'Voters, even a lot of Democrats, viewed [Gray Davis] as not handling the electricity crisis that we faced in 2000, and particularly in 2001, properly. But that was a crisis that affected one state,' a Democratic strategist said.' [The pandemic] s a national problem, and it's affecting every state.' Maybe the private utility company playing games.

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Gavin Newsom attacks Trump Republicans in 'just getting started' ad dampaignThe California governor's campaign released its first TV and digital advertisements two days after the state's official reopening on June 15.

Earth In a few billion years the sun will become a red giant so large that it will engulf our planet. For a star the size of ours, this phase lasts a little over 8 billion years. Our solar system is just over 4.5 billion years old, so the sun is slightly more than halfway through .. Earth Man really needs to know the reasons behind this. How is it the Earth took care of itself for MILLIONS of years with it's ups and downs, and Man comes along and in the span of several hundred years, with the Idustrial Age, Ignorance, & Arrogance throws it out of Whack ?

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Heat deaths in the UK could triple to 7,000 per year without more climate action, report warnsHeat-related deaths could triple in the UK by 2050 unless urgent efforts to tackle climate change are made, the country's Climate Change Committee (CCC) warned on Wednesday.

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Opinion | The Senate's risking a slow-motion infrastructure car wreckOpinion | HayesBrown: Addressing climate change, expanding health care access, and more are all on the line. - MSNBCDaily