Season 5, Episode 16:Meet a Space Weather Scientist

Did you know that the Sun creates “space weather” that can endanger our spacecraft? Yaireska Collado-Vega explains how her team helps protect robots and astronauts on this episode of our #GravityAssist podcast:

10/23/2021 12:32:00 AM

Did you know that the Sun creates “space weather” that can endanger our spacecraft? Yaireska Collado-Vega explains how her team helps protect robots and astronauts on this episode of our GravityAssist podcast:

Yaireska Collado-Vega leads a team at NASA’s Goddard Spacecraft Center that is studying the solar weather environment so that robots and people exploring space can be protected. In this episode of Gravity Assist, she describes the excitement and challenges of understanding space weather, and how she got to be a NASA scientist.



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