Sean Hannity, who downplayed Covid, urges viewers to 'take it seriously'

'I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death,' the Fox News host said Monday.

7/21/2021 8:17:00 AM

Fox News host Sean Hannity, who has spent considerable airtime downplaying the effects of Covid-19, urges his viewers to 'take it seriously.'

'I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death,' the Fox News host said Monday.

A recentfound that while just 6 percent of Democrats said they were likely to decline inoculation, 47 percent of Republicans said they were unlikely to get the vaccination.Hannity is not the only Fox News host sounding the alarm.the Covid-19 vaccine to cliff diving, saying on Monday that people who don't survive the disease made the “choice” to die.

Researchers Discover Galaxy-Sized Goldfish Astronauts Discarded From Space Shuttle In 1988 Woman Wishes Husband Was Still Alive To Help Her Bury His Body In Garden About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC data shows

The assertion came as co-host Steve Doocyurged those who have resisted getting the vaccine to get the shot."If you have the chance, get the shot. It will save your life,"' Doocy said.During another segment, co-host and anchor Bill Hemmer asked Fox News medical contributor Marc Siegel:"The vaccine works, right? We haven’t budged on that, have we, doc?”

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Cause he’s a major 🍆 Blah blah blah…..where were you months ago? Did he grow a conscience? He must have been threatened You said viewers, you mean voters. Too late to avoid lawsuits big mouth Hannity, Fox and right wing wing media bear the brunt of the blame for vax hesitancy. These corporations are killing people. It’s time to shutdown foxnews.

TheBeatWithAri Hypocrisy in action. Stock market dives as covid cases rise, so these money loving hypocrites decide to flip their messages of hate. The only thing that makes them have a public conscience is the threat of losing wealth. Not fear of poverty. Fear of loss of wealth. TheBeatWithAri Will he reinforce this statement

Shame on him & FOx network. TheBeatWithAri Waiting on the TheDailyShow video clip to drop to show his hypocrisy.

Sean Hannity's 'please take COVID seriously' speech on Fox News viewed over 2M timesFox News host Sean Hannity told viewers: 'It absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated.' BIGLY RATINGS THROUGH THE ROOF OMG seanhannity is a RINO now?

All these AssHats are Now worried about being sued over Negligence And Disinformation Leading to Deaths? There’s a four letter word for Sean Hannity…begins with j and ends with k. Over a year and a half into the pandemic, 600,000 dead, and now he thinks it’s time to urge vaccination? Ah the government must have got to him and threatened him!!

Too little, and waaaaay too late. 🤡💩🤦‍♀️ Because now people are asking the likes of Hannity & Carlson if THEY HAVE BEEN VACCINATED! The answer is a resounding YES, in fact they probably threw their own mothers out of the line to nudge their way first. Another NBC LIE!! Hannity has never downplayed the virus. He has done the opposite. What makes NBC so afraid to speak the truth?

Little too late there buddy, the damage from the things you said is already done and can’t be reversed Encouraging, but the damage has been done. The skeptics have been poisoned by him and his network. COVID19 Too late Sean.

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You don’t watch FoxNews if you think there’s any merit behind this story. Across the board they’ve told viewers to get vaccinated and who gets credit for vaccine: OperationWarpSpeed Trump They’ve pointed out inconsistent messages from CDCgov and Fauci Another lie from Nothing But Crap “News”. No one with a brain would watch this man.

Looks like Fox’s legal department is concerned with potential lawsuits For that to work a person would need to take the channel and the individual seriously - surely nobody does? After telling the not to did three ghost visit you last night scrooge That’s not really Hannity talking. That’s the Fox lawyers using him as a ventriloquist dummy. They’re afraid they might get sued for a billion dollars if someone dies because they listened to fox and didn’t get vaxed.

I wouldn’t go that far he wasn’t pushing it like his life depended on it or like the biden admin was paying him, nothing like like your news station. “Good morning Sean”?! Your conscience does not let you sleep? Finally

Hannity pleads with his viewers to get vaccinated: 'I believe in the science of vaccination'Hannity's push for the vaccine is in stark contrast to other Fox primetime hosts like Tucker Carlson, who, in the hour right before Hannity, told viewers, “There are a lot of those people giving you medical advice on television, and you should ignore them' Fox news has to survive in post Trump era. This was immediately after he chastised a court in Indiana for upholding Indiana University's requirement for all of its students to be vaccinated to attend classes on campus.

At this very moment, the Islamic Regime in Iran has opened fire on people. They've brought tanks and machine guns to the streets. An hour ago, they shot and killed a 16 year old. Please help us, as we urgently need your support. Right now, Iranians are being murdered AGAIN by the Regime for peacefully protesting. An hour ago, a 16 year old was shot to death. Please help us and be our voice.

Whomever is suing him...sue him and Fox. It's funny seeing everyone laugh about it and be sarcastic because they just hate Fox so much that they don't even care if it works and people get vaccinated they just want to hate him. Keep it classy. Why now? Did some family member die of covid or something? He is slime, should have said this months ago

Does anyone take this guy seriously? He’s just another “how are my ratings” guy. Anything to keep the paychecks coming. too little too late Are his followers getting sick/dying off? Survival of the fittest. 🤔 Son of a b...

Sean Hannity's 'please take COVID seriously' speech on Fox News viewed over 2M timesFox News host Sean Hannity told viewers: 'It absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated.' BIGLY RATINGS THROUGH THE ROOF OMG seanhannity is a RINO now?

To little to late. I hope it weighs on your conscience, the sickness and the death that could have been prevented. Why stop at 600,000? He should shoot for a million! foxandfriends FoxNews FOXTV seanhannity Aw, his stocks plummeted! But in all honestly if this helps more people to get vaccinated then I am all for it!

After all this time? Too little too late. More like yet another Republican trying to cover his $$. Like the nzis after WW2 that claimed they were forced. It appears that after 6 months Republicans might have figured out that their strategy of killing off their own voters to try to sabotage the economy to hurt Biden contains a potential flaw.

Whoopsie doopsie

Editorial: It's time to get tough on COVID vaccine evadersCarrots haven't been enough to compel the 41% of Americans who have yet to get a single shot. It’s time to break out the sticks. opinion My body my choice? opinion IF medical professionals are looking for a vaccine bounty hunter I've been practicing on my sweet 'blowdart skills' during pandemic opinion nice

‘Freedom Day Farce’: England Lifts Lockdown As Covid Cases Soar And Prime Minister Self-IsolatesEngland ditched the last of its Covid restrictions on Monday, but the so-called 'Freedom Day' has been marred by surging Covid cases and the nation's most senior ministers self-isolating. In the UK this makes TOTAL sense Complete lack of leadership in the UK, I am surprised that this is really happening! These careless young people aren't making this any easier. I don't want to hear anything about any of their social issues as they continue to parade around not wearing masks and unvaccinated.