World, Seagulls Are More Likely To Go After Food Humans Have Touched - Cnn

World, Seagulls Are More Likely To Go After Food Humans Have Touched - Cnn

Seagulls are more likely to go after food humans have touched

Seagulls don't want just any food. They want *your* food.

2/26/2020 1:12:00 PM

Seagulls don't want just any food. They want *your* food.

Seagulls prefer to eat food that humans have already touched, according to new research.

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MineMineMineMine True So they're Bernie supporters. Rats of the sea!!!!! Can’t even enjoy a nice lunch at the beach without those rats trying to attack your food I seen a seagull eat a live pigeon once This is true...check at Great of adventure in Jackson....they will try to attack....smh... It's like how Bernie prefers money you earned.

Cats and dogs do that too. But if you think feeding seagulls is fun, you should try swans - having a swan eating out of your hand is pretty special! Like my damm kids Time to feed our young to the overlord seagulls before they start to eat us Violetta 👍 Stop war.v Sounds like my girlfriend go to dinner but her food but she just eats off my plate😂

Lol it’s their right I hope they’re employed 🙄

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