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‘Screen Time’ Is Over

The phrase can’t remotely capture our ever-shifting digital experience, social scientists say. Say hello to the “screenome.”


RT nythealth: The phrase 'screen time' can’t remotely capture our ever-shifting digital experience, social scientists say. Say hello to the “screenome.”

The phrase can’t remotely capture our ever-shifting digital experience, social scientists say. Say hello to the “screenome.”

The analysis found differences in how frequently certain kinds of words appeared. For instance, people who later received a depression diagnosis talked about themselves on Facebook measurably more often than people who did not develop the mood problem. The analysis, while small by big-data standards, was the first to link to diagnoses in medical records, and it solidified previous correlations between online language content and low moods.

a person was on their way to being diagnosed with depression about 70 percent of the time. “That’s about the rate you get with clinical questionnaires, and we haven’t been able to do better so far,” he said.

The link between screen time and personality is another area of intense interest for researchers. In a 2015 study,

and which are likely linked to levels of social media use.

But if the idea takes hold in social science, it could prompt a fundamental shift in the kinds of questions researchers pose. “How much screen time is too much” is a puzzle for a past era. Asking which patterns of screenome activity are problematic, and for whom, is the better inquiry for today.

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