SCOTUS allowing Texas to mostly ban abortions 'very bad' but not political: Justice Breyer

Justice Breyer says the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision allowing Texas to effectively ban abortion across the state was “very bad” but not politically motivated.

9/14/2021 5:57:00 PM

Justice Stephen Breyer says the Supreme Court’s recent decision allowing Texas to effectively ban abortion across the state was “very bad” but not politically motivated.

Justice Breyer says the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision allowing Texas to effectively ban abortion across the state was “very bad” but not politically motivated.

Breyer explained that"a rule of law means you sometimes follow decisions you don’t like."Erin Schaff/Pool/AFP via Getty Images, FILEAssociate Justice Stephen Breyer sits during a group photo of the justices of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on April 23, 2021.

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The 83-year-old justice has published a new book --"The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics" -- defending the Supreme Court as a nonpartisan institution whose power depends on credibility among Americans of all viewpoints."That’s a treasure, and it’s been built up over many many years," Breyer told Stephanopoulos.

MORE: Justice Stephen Breyer warns against 'packing' Supreme Court"I am worried if people don’t understand it," he said,"they won’t have trust in our institutions. And if they don’t have trust in institutions, it becomes difficult if not impossible to live in a society of 331 million people of tremendous diversity."

Breyer, the court’s oldest member, has come under intense pressure from progressives to step down while Democrats control the Senate and White House.MORE: Mississippi abortion clinic warns Supreme Court against overturning Roe v. WadeHe told GMA that he is thinking about retirement but has not yet made a decision on timing.

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Bullshit If you don’t like abortion you should certainly not get one, especially if you are a man I take issue with the not politically motivated part. how is legalizing bounty hunting pregnant people not politically motivated So he’s saying they’re just bad at law? Well, then, that means five of them are incompetent like I suspected.

No more lifetime appointments! Retire... Talk about a guy who needs to retire 🙄 Maybe he IS suffering from dementia… Wasnt Breyer&Breyers son(or some other relative)involved in some kind of monetary behind-the-scenes dealings with TFG? Cant quite recall what it entailed....something about TFGs loans?

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Do these justices live in America? They seem detached from reality yet their allegiance to the Republican Party is alive and well bullsh!t Breyer needs to go! His reality is so convenient for him Ask Justice Breyer what RBG would say of his legacy and his still sitting his a** on the bench 🤨 Absurd untruths do not help with credibility

What? This is reason no 556798543 why scotus should have term limits. They become so insulated in that position that they lose touch with cultural and diverse changes & just everyday people; and he sounds like a complete 🤡 Sorry! Don’t trust you guys anymore! Say that to Madam Justice! Umm, I’ll believe that crap when I see a President nominate a judge from across the aisle. This is 100% political.

Salesforce to help its workers leave Texas, other states over abortion lawsThe CEO of Salesforce said the company will help employees leave Texas, and he did so while retweeting a story linking the offer to concern about Texas’ new... Yes, move them to California. They will love the taxes there. Or you can put them on Skid Row. Broken record. The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of TonishKevin I've been earning R25k weekly I've never regretted this decision. 🙏

Bullshit So he’s saying they need to go back to law school? Constitutional lawyers/judges my foot. Political Hacks. Yes, because it was religiously motivated, which is almost certainly more dangerous. Oh FFS; resign already. We went from fighting the taliban to becoming them. He's right in that it was papally motivated. It was about imposing religion more than anything else.

So, is he an idiot or a liar? It’s not scientific. It’s definitely political. What?! Right It was RELIGIOUSLY motivated WHICH IS WORSE = THEOCRACY Gee, where might there be a Theo-? Try the Taliban

Texas Right to Life gets barrage of disturbing threats and messages after abortion law's passagePolice dispatched a bomb squad to protect Texas Right to Life amid a bomb threat on Friday as multiple online and voicemail messages wished rape and death on pro-life activists who supported Texas' abortion law, S.B.8. Because of the piss poor accountability of 'pro life' people take on providing for children after they take their first breath... Good. Well earned

Bafflingly naive for someone who is 83 years old He needs to retire now. Religiously motivated? 🙄 Whatever happened to separation of church and state? My religion doesn’t obsess about abortion. Why should everyone be forced to follow someone else’s cult? He’s wrong. That's disgusting. Delusion is fun

John Oliver, Back In Studio At Last, Blasts HBO’s “Business Daddy” AT&T Over Texas Abortion LawJohn Oliver – back on air after a two-week hiatus and in studio for the first time since Covid – started in by bashing AT&T for contributions to legislators who supported the harsh new Texas ab… Oh, yay, another zero-laff show from Oliver… The article has Oliver calling AT&T’s signal “weak.” He needs to get more informed. AT&T is ranked 'America's Best 5G Network,' 'America's Most Reliable Network,' and for 4th consecutive year 'America's Best Network' according to Global Wireless Solutions tests. attemployee

Answer us this, Justice Breyer, why would the Supreme Court make a VERY BAD decision if it weren’t to achieve some politically motivated purpose? I assume you all are smart enough to make halfway decent decisions based on, you know, THE LAW. Great....another Susan Collins Yes it was politically motivated.

If not politically motivated then absolutely religiously motivated which is waaaaaay worse Polysci 101. assignment 1. Tell me you’re an idiot without telling me you’re an idiot, in 6 words or less… Age limits please. 75 is my cut line. They can side gig at colleges and law schools as long as they want. Every college and university would be happy to have them.

He just lost ANY credibility he built after decades in that position. He just became another asterisk. This a$$hole is going to be just a selfish as RBG and sit on the bench until his death. Hipe we luck out with a left leaning exec & legi branches when it happens.🤞🏼 Who does he think he’s fooling?

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Duh so it was motivated by dark money? or the personal religion of the members? help me out here ... the supreme court is doing things that aren't politically motivated? ... that's worse he does know that worse right? Ok Steve explain the motivation then? Get out of here! Who are they trying to fool!? Cause it’s not working!

Dude just no. Retire. He came off as self-deluded in the portions of the interview I saw. Did not fill me with confidence in the SC. Can he resign now?

Worse Than Texas: The Real Threat to Abortion Comes Next MonthTexas’s near-total abortion ban is bad, but there's an even more serious threat on the near horizon: a direct challenge to Roe from Mississippi that may well succeed at the Supreme Court. jaymichaelson writes

Right.. good luck trying to convince good Americans you're not Partisan Hacks! The SC justices allowed Texas to deny 50 years of precedent, Women's rights & her own healthcare choices & now they're afraid Americans will see who the 6 Republican justices really stand for? 🤣 He clearly has dementia. Then what was it motivated by? Cause it wasn’t precedent.

Breyer reducing his entire career down to one horrible decision. the same one horrible decision that RBG reduced her career down to. I don't know if JusticeBreyer was ever going to have a legacy, but whatever legacy he was going to have he is currently setting on fire Ancient white man makes other people suffer for his own brain rot.

In other words, this piss flavored rain is not piss. If Texas allowed abortions past 6 wks, child support money and inmates would dwindle. Texas can't have that. They are extremely greedy.

Suuuuure. 🙄 Saying anything to prevent expansion and diminish his own power Might be time for Justice Breyer to hang it up Of course not😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I can't decide if he has family being held hostage or if it's just his aw gee whiz way of giving America the finger. uhhhhhhhh I, too, enjoy being the pudding-brained moderate in the minority of a partisan far-right institution

Basically politically motivated

Ok, yeah, he needs to go, he actually believes their lies Not politically motivated, just motivated to make women second class citizens Bullshit. Life is fine in an ivory tower. Retire! I object B.S. ! Sounds exactly what a husband would say when his spouse goes missing. 'I didn't murder her'. Yeah you did.

Financial not Political the corporations are paying and the people are clueless I'm pretty sure any action a political entity takes that affects politics is, in fact, politically motivated It was bad and it was politically Motivated. Stop the nonsense. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY and depoliticization of the Supreme Court

he is too too old and needs to retire Try getting zealots to understand the nuances of a legal decision. BULLSHIT! The majority of the SCOTUS are conservative leaning republicans and this odd ball is claiming it’s not political? Yeah ask Amy Coney Barrette Stephen Breyer is wrong. thanks LOL Of course it is politically motivated. Abbott is competing with DeSantis to be Trump's VP.

Really creative language you use. 'Effectively ban'? So, there is no criminal liability for abortion in Texas; just a civil liability. Meaning the father can sue the mother for financial/emotional damages. Not exactly sure how you can say 'effectively ban' with a straight face

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Texas needs more babies! Bull💩