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Scott Disick Has 'Unsettled Ill Will' Towards Kourtney & Travis

Kourtney and Travis, meanwhile, were spotted making out in New York City this week. See the pic.

9/15/2021 6:21:00 AM

As Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker get more serious, a source tells ET that Scott Disick has 'unsettled ill will' toward the couple.

Kourtney and Travis, meanwhile, were spotted making out in New York City this week. See the pic.

the accident brought them even closer, the source says."Kourtney and Travis have grown even closer since traveling together. They have gotten so much more serious, to the point that they could very well spend the rest of their lives together," ET's source shares."They are both very committed and very happy. Their kids are also excited about a bigger, closer future together."

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The source adds that Kourtney"has helped Travis regain confidence in so many aspects of his life, including flying again, and he can't imagine his life without her at this point.""Travis makes Kourtney laugh and he is honest, sincere, genuinely caring and a great dad, lover and partner," the source continues."The list goes on and on. Kourtney loves all of those qualities about him and finds him very endearing."

Kourtney and Travis, meanwhile, aren't slowing down the PDA. On Monday, the two were photographed having a steamy make out session while out in New York City.Diggzy/Jesal/ShutterstockA separate source, meanwhile, previously told ET that Kourtney and Travis"don’t care about Scott’s opinion,

but Kourtney is upset it’s now public." The mother of three was concerned how stories about them in the media will affect their children, with the source adding,"Scott and Kourtney have always had a public united front and have done a great job co-parenting. Kourtney doesn’t want her kids seeing anything online that makes it look like their parents don’t get along."

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Move on Scott Kourtney Kardashian just can’t get over the fact that Scott Disick stopped being attracted to her at a certain point and was just paid to say it for tv. Just except it and stop putting out the silly articles about how jealous he is. Focus on your boyfriend Travis Barker . If Scott Disick was going to be jealous of anyone it wouldn’t be Travis Barker , it would be MGK for Megan. Let’s get real here. KourtneyKardashian

How about her kids not seeing her lick her boyfriend at the VMAS Poor Scott is nothing without the Kardashians. Aww Cake and eat it too. What a slime Travis Barker look like a novelty at the store. Who doesn't? It must be a slow night in Hollywood. This is the man who had 2 baby gfs, right? Travis will take that sh— down. Go date more teens, ScottDicksick

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eh he’ll be fine after going to the homecoming dance to pick out another girlfriend

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