Uk, Scotland Becomes First Country To Make Tampons And Pads Free - Cnn

Uk, Scotland Becomes First Country To Make Tampons And Pads Free - Cnn

Scotland is making tampons and pads free

Scotland has become the first country to allow free and universal access to menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in public facilities

11/25/2020 12:17:00 AM

Scotland has become the first country to allow free and universal access to menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in public facilities

Scotland has become the first country to allow free and universal access to menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in public facilities, a landmark victory for the global movement against period poverty.

The Scottish Parliament voted unanimously in favor of the Period Products bill on Tuesday, months after lawmakers had initially signaled their support.It means period products will be available to access in public buildings including schools and universities across Scotland. According to the new rules, it will be up to local authorities and education providers to ensure the products are available free of charge. "The campaign has been backed by a wide coalition, including trades unions, women's organisations and charities," Monica Lennon, the lawmaker who introduced the bill last year, said ahead of the vote."Scotland will not be the last country to make period poverty history."

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When do we think we will do the same. Anyone? eternal life Jesus agency for universal menstrual products might not mention this ad for gov pads white uptight out of sight Tackling the critical issues!! Bravo Who is paying for it? Period poverty?!😅🤦🏽‍♂️ How about free & universal shampoo & body lotion, deodorant, makeup, mascara, or breast enlargement? Free free free free!!! Such an entitled generation!

Farmerprotest Who the hell knew there was a global movement against “period poverty”!?!? If your goverbment is focusing on shit like this and not economic advancement and jobs then you should move somewhere else. What an absolute batch of nonsense. Lmao Period poverty? Check out people celebrating having their feminine hygiene products be provided by the lowest bidder. I see an overwhelmed complaint department in the near future...

'there is no free lunch' someone will have to pay the bill somehow. Yay, now you can stop and get free tampons and shit before going to the cities where heroin is accepted Access to feminine hygiene products is great, but Scotland needs to figure out why nearly 20% of women live in poverty. No they are distributing Cost across taxpayers/ Many of which receive nothing for the tax paid.

europe nato mak office's are fighting against terrorist fascists is a lie, fight against Azerbaijan and Turkey are terrorist states and dangerous for the region A right is not a right if you have to compel others to provide you Kudos to Scotland!!!👏 How many times are you going to post this article. We get it. 30 is enough

Plumbers will do well now with the incoming rise in blocked drains. You guys want everything for free don’t you? Free isn’t free by the way but okay have fun with this. “allow” ? The choice of words and the automatic thought patterns behind it show cnn to be a sexist and limited company.. sad. I'm all for the SNP gimmicks like tampons etc free school meals to infinity and beyond but what when how will keep this going once you've got your independence! As to Johnson the clown I don't blame anyone fucking of from the union, I'm from Gibraltar and we hate bojo 🇬🇮

❤️❤️💪❤️❤️💪Trump Come on . STOP tweeting this . I've seen it several times The Scots must be very poor 🤭 Just use a sponge How about period diversity? They make it free for shemales too? It was the bloody right thing to do...I will see myself out This is progress... Yes Scotland. Yes Finally free flowing! Now give men toilet paper and ass-wipes

Uh oh...the Devil must have taken hold of them... About time! Scotland leading the way again. 💚💚 Way to go👏👏 Conservative men will be pissed that they still have to pay for theirs out of pocket... NOT FREE PAID BY TAXES Does it include tampons for men who “have periods”? Allegedly Scotland: a land of poverty? What happened to the proud Scots who built and then educated the Empire? Independence will leave them with generous welfare entitlements and not enough taxes to pay for them.

And in our American Schools, we make young women beg for menstrual products, that normally their family's can't afford. Time to move into the 21st Century. Scotland. The U.S. just got lapped by goddamned Scotland. Why is this a thing? People have needs. Provide! Is there something I don't understand? Seems simple enough.

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Wouldn't sex change operations be a more permanent solution? Why can’t America do that too? This will be a headline in the US in the year 2100 😓 JFC. Period poverty? How many woke causes are we going to find? Way to go 👏 🙌 the Scottish men still have to pay for theirs, sorry laddies More good news please(((

Period poverty 😂 I love woke word salads. Excellent!! Good job 👏 Thank you. No, someone is paying for them. I’m not sure CNN understands the definition of “free”. That is unbelievable That’s Fantastic long overdue Nothing is free, someone always pays, and it is usually tax payers. I’ll never forget the news story I saw about homeless women in my hometown. It was a very hard week that kept coming back every month. We take certain things for granted but let’s be honest if feminine hygiene products disappeared nobody would be having a good time.

cnnsucks cnnlies cnnfakenews Joebidencheated Wow 😳🥺🥺 Do you suppose the U.S. could be that forward thinking? Maybe SCOTUS should think about this the next time they decide to take away WomensRights. My company already does this and has done it. Diapers should also be free for babies and for the elderly.

How will CNN ever change the Election Year Terrorism news cycle with a menstrual cycle? This will be a bloody mess but interesting. Conservatives always bitching about things like this but when the military industrial complex wants to build another aircraft carrier they real quiet. Shame they won't be able to eat them when the food runs out

Can someone explain why Scotland is the first country to do this? And not a truly poor country like let’s say..the Congo? Go ahead and pat yourselves in the back. Progress. Now make birth control free. Is that what got Toobin all jacked up Thank you, Scotland! Maybe Americans will follow They're not making anything free: just getting one group of taxpayers to pay for another group's shopping.

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I have wondered for decades why this just wasn’t the norm, and then I remember the greedy side of our capitalist society. Joe will form a commission... Proud of my country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💕 👍 Just sure if men had periods they would have already been free Mad Respect to Scotland I enjoy snagging me some free stuff as much as anyone. I guess it's time for me to get gender reassignment surgery and move North in order to avail myself of this great deal.

America you tripping This will backfire. Who is going to pay for the product? The taxpayer Bloody bs Come on Scotland!!!!! Free? Everyone will pay for those. Free, lol. Excellent. Scotland, a true leader. I really long for the days when what happened in people's pants was kept private. What the hell is wrong with America that we don't provide this service for our women? Answer: it is still run primarily by men.

Bloody good job Scotland! pakistan block Her gateway for any type of bisenus chaman torkham and ghulam khan on daily basis *taxpayer-funded Can I get free deodorant and shampoo? I thought that America had done that a long time ago. Guess I, 'Thought like Papa dreamt'! What Scotland has done should be an example for other countries to follow suit. It makes common sense to allow free & universal access to menstrual products & pads, in public facilities!

As long as we only are talking about public facilities, then it makes sense. However, I can see ppl starting stealing them. Also, it isnt really that expensive in general No more fretting about being on the blob... New spin on when it bleeds it leads? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 😊😊😊😊😊 Brafooooooo Brafooooooo Brafooooooo

If the English refuses them Independence, then the Scottish Parliament should vote for bigger and chunkier free cash handouts to the Scottish population. Spend every penny and then ask London for more cash. good news for women I'm sure if men had periods they would have already been free You keep using the word 'free', but I don't think you know what it means.

Do men get free condoms? Was that why scottish girls always have red hair down there? Period poverty Well there's another country that makes the United States look like a bunch of heartless, archaic clowns. Way to go Scotland... you'll never walk alone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 thanks for this news Good work Ladies!

✔️✔️✔️ Thats great Anyone genuinely against this is a horrible person Well, it's about bloody time! Great, great Well done Scotland. Good job 'Free' country What a sensible thing to do! Free food and housing next and I might actually consider moving there, even though yall don't have free speech. If you are not woman shush, just don't talk, you don't know what happened down there, period

who would have thought it possible with the Scotts, bravo to them ! Sooo how are they being manufactured if there’s no profit being made? Does that mean it’s gonna be very poor quality? 'Free' but paid by tax payers money.... Free What’s the tax rate there? Nothing is free Scotland: *ignores all the people suffering and decides that those who need the most help are... women

There 3 of us in my house and we all cycle at the same time(my husband hides)! This is great I wish they would do this in the U.S. I’ve literally had several men tell me that was a woman’s fault for having a period and that we deserve to pay for sanitary products. 'Free'* There is that “free” word again. Lul

'Free' means paid for with Taxes and tariffs. CNNlies Yes! At last a long awaited step in the direction of better WomensHealth A good example to follow. Thanks Scotland 🙏🏼💗 Spoiled American here I want to know where the world are they get them before since here in America you can get them wherever you want to get them any store grocery or dime.

Excellent! Women are clearly incapable of paying for anything. From dinner to abortion. Every country should do this. Meanwhile in America, our healthcare is neither healthy or caring when it comes to the destitution that results from a single visit. Aye but we’re not allowed free speech They should make this book 📖 FREE for every citizen as well!! At $9 a book, it will “teach their citizens how to fish 🎣 “ so they can have all the money 💵 they ever needed and would save the government millions & millions!! 💯💯💯

As it should be Will you guys export them for free ? :D Free baby wipes to clean up our wanks WOULD YOU LET YOUR WIFE MALTREAT YOU LIKE THIS AND YOU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING? 👍 Good for them! Anyway... JamilaMohamed JamilaMohamed please your memo next thursday for newsgang Great work 👍 Setting an example for all countries .

Single-use products should not be offered as part of this package - rather reusable products have opportunity to reduce “period poverty” whilst helping the environment. A landmark victory? R u kidding me? perfect All these nasty mysoginistic men screaming I want a condom then....well mate they probably don't come in miniscule size....

Bloody well right!! Well done Scotland. Other countries should also follow suit. Free TP now! Wiping your ass is a human right. Enough with these gendered politics ffs. Smfh. Good to know that discrimination against Men is allowed... how about our toilet paper and ass wipes... In high school, my friend and I calculated about how much we had spent on Tampax, tampons, b.c.pills, ibuprofen, ruined clothes, and missed classes. I think it ran about $6K . In 1971. This is a good thing they are doing.

Send me a DM if you need help clearing your credit card debt I'm a Powerball lottery winner and I'm doing this to give back during this pandemic and beyond really great I need free condoms 🤭. Send me a DM if you need your credit card debt cleared I'm a Powerball lottery winner and I'm doing this to give back t the society during this pandemic ad beyond

Except...they aren't free, are they? They are being paid for by the tax payer. Which means that women are still paying for them, but now men have to subsidize them too. The dumpster fire that is 2020 Never knew glad rags and joy sticks were so important over there to make 'a landmark victory' House the homeless and feed the hungry there not an option.

People are becoming stupid like CNN..since when did poverty period become an issue? Its wasn't a problem with the ancients yet halfwits today see it as a major issue and a great victory for women. The Scottish Government care about the Scottish people. Free Healthcare,university tuition,prescriptions,bus travel for over 60’s and many more benefits. People across Europe look at what your president has done to your country with real sadness

Vroeger deden ze er gewoon een bolletje sokken in. Waarom moet hier weer allemaal marketingsonzin bij komen kijken? William Wallace knew... Free free free free nothing is free cnn Men on this feed Honestly it should be free. Heavyweights Good start ,next step , I suppose , the Lagavullin lolaescreva Acho que você já postou isso, né? Se continuar assim, daqui a pouco vai ter papel higiênico grátis em banheiros públicos também. 😉

grahamr55403856 davie boi mate is all set now Don’t forget free diapers for babies and also incontinence pads for elderly. I need a Bentley. Can Scotland make that free and accessible to me and potentially everyone? What America, or California at least, did used to do this. You could get them at all kinds of public places in the restrooms for women. Very helpful.

Maybe after all this election crap, we can get down to business should be a global campaign Period poverty is large in Africa than anywhere else in the world! 16Days EndPeriodPoverty Are Scotland people too poor to buy that?Should the gov buy toilet paper for me? All medical care free and all prescriptions free too 👍 not so many billionaires as you guys. thankfully 🙂

Toothpaste is up next. 🙄 Lol, you just made up a new thing, period poverty. Trump got destroyed big time, like America's team today Congratulations to Scotland people great news And 74m people still voting for a narcissist in the United States? When will we ever have such conversation? Wait. Is this Babylon Bee?

Great why don't you report something important... like the massive fraud in the US election being exposed now. Q good luck taesweetnight03 CNN, DROP THE BOMBSHELL ON YOUR VIEWER BASE PLEASE, TRUMP WON. Cnn Reporter: Joe how will you help the economy? Biden: BUILD BACK BATTER. CNN and Democrats: GENIUS. anti-Marxismlist! On my opinion, the human society is running on these: 1 technology define theoretical economic aggregate 2 labour define gross economy 3 finance system define distribution of wealth from gross economy

*Some nobody saying they heard Russia collude in the election Democrats MSM: Now Thats Evidence! TRUMP RIGGED THE ELECTION! *Hundreds of people signing sworn affidavits about irregularities that clearly happened Dems MSM: WHERES THE EVIDENCE?! Lmao what total clowns 🤡😂 reapeating the news Baaaahahahaha 🤣

So cool!Period!😎👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 婊子养的 In Michigan we pay taxes on our feminine products. Period poverty? What an idiotic term. Did Hillary make that up or that moron Obama lady. Freaks How decent and sensible! The women of the world applaud the Scott’s! What about some free scag for the really needy? 💉💉

Did you write fake news today? What about hemorrhoid medicine? Lube? Talcum powder for the boys? Free menstrual products and free school meals during holidays but what about the free mobile phones, alcohol, cigarettes and flat screen televisions!!!!! Wanna get things done? Make men wear skirts. While we are at it....every woman should have at least one day off a month do get through the cramps that no man could endure. Paid day off.

During a pandemic of epic proportions, this is news why? Is Scotland handing out facemasks free of charge? good for them! Period poverty? For fuck’s sake... Now Id really love to hear feedback from Scottish women about whether they'd use a tampon from a dispenser in a public bathroom. Honest question. Do what my gran used to do, she used to roll her own with king size Rizla and cotton wool bless her..

Positive😎 Kraken SolYanım So! Do you have to leave home to go to a public facility to change your tampon and pads Good Thing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see McConnell try to block access here in the USA. Yes on the rest of the uk backs i want a new vote tô get ride of them. This is sexism, where is the free stuff for the genders that doesn’t have periods?

And by free they actually mean paid by everybody. Isn't socialism fun! ...🤦🏻‍♂️ Very helpful Nothing is FREE good 👏👏👏🤢 This is a very nice gesture towards all women Que bien! 'Period poverty' 🙄 What about toilet paper? Que maravilla y eso en USA y Colombia lo llaman communismo, todos ayudando a que el gobierno se olvide de las necesidades básicas de Los ciudadanos

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Yup. Well done Scottish Govt. Free TP too? Keep the momentum going...... Cool, how about free Kleenex next? TP? Toothpaste? Protect women by making condoms free. When will ppl learn that nothing is “free”? Too broke to buy tampons ? Sad period poverty? Ignorance blooms on kittens, puppies and Prozac. Equality and equal rights must be paid for by the people. Equal rights aren’t equality if you have to work for it.

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Lol bemuses me that we can accept paying for drug addicts who make bad choices (not always there fault) but 9/10 there CHOICE but women don’t choose to have periods 👀👀 Diapers next. Usa next. YES. True equality!!!! AMEN. Of course, this wasn’t because of a man So who will be paying for this and if you can afford toilet paper then maybe you can afford tampons if not go back to the old days use a rag

Paying for menstrual products indirectly through taxes is a landmark victory? SMFH! Superb move by scotgov Scotland recognising the harm caused by Period Poverty will hopefully be a wake up call to other nations. As a man, I'm sorry about all the inevitable 'when do I get free razors' etc etc comments. Scots men overwhelmingly support this move.

Best news ever. HipHopTheVideo available now. Go watch y'all 👇🏾 Lol.really? let’s do toilet paper next This is 100% sexist - the government shouldn't show favoritism to one gender - the men need to be compensated Watch “Period. End of Sentence” Should have made weed universal. Fake news 🤡 Why are men even commenting on this 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Thank you for paving the way Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Hopefully testicle powder and deodorant and mouthwash will follow. Beautiful gesture from Scotland Can they please give men free razors to stop shaving poverty? Nice one👏 Great milestone for women! mohpnep mowcsc_nepal menukadhungana2 Bloody hell For alot of girls and women that should have happened in America first but Scotland had the respect and class to be the 1st. Mad Respect

Well its about bloody time 🤣 So this is what passes as momentous in these pagan days...😂 'Scotland is a 'star'👏🏽👏🏽 👍👍👍👍 And we have to pay ₹5 in public toilet to loo and ₹2 to pee. India Govenment is sucking blood out of people to pay for the products. I don’t really have a comment on the story... I’m just floored this is trending so high. Are we really that bored?

khayadlanga Really The Scots bloody well know what they’re doing! 🔥Black Friday🔥 TOP rated haircut tutorials in Udemy You will learn how to professionally cut your own or anyone at home. Save time and thousands of dollars money! 🔥Bio 70%OFF🔥 COUPON💵💲: BLACKFIDAYHAIR I always find it funny when men care more about “taxes” then woman’s health products. I think it’s disgusting how uninformed men really are about woman’s periods. Isn’t a sex education class required in school districts or is that only in some states?

HumzaYousaf Breaking news:59%of Scots say stick you're independence up you're Kilt. AfriWoman Great news. Every woman should be given a menstrualcup mooncupltd a much less well known but convenient, less costly and more environmentally friendly approach to menstruation. Really? Scotland made tampons out of thin air, at no cost to anyone? And those public facilities will never run out of those 'universal' products? Robert Burns and David Hume would sure be proud, I tell ya!

Nice! I always thought: “Why do women have to buy tampons and pads?” They didn’t choose to have a period and besides the painful cramps, tampons are pretty expensive. Congratulations, Scotland for this decision. Let’s hope that as many other states as possible will folow. I like how every single tweet under this thread is just getting ripped to shreds by blood thirsty sjw’s ready to prey on any slightly misogynistic comment

Dude just pay the like 3 dollars and be on your way South Africa should follow! Been saying, why do we still have girls in rural areas missing school every month when they r on their periods because they can't afford pads whilst condoms are free AngieMotshekga LindiweZulu6 Scotland Leads🙏🙏🙏 If you have receipts can you get back pay?

Think for a moment. Someone has to take responsibility and pay for it. I guess Scotland has decided who. TraceyLindberg Seriousily, I am calling my mum in the morning to celebrate this. She's Catholic and a was a nurse. She was also a midwife. This will be a huge victory for her Good for them. The US charges women for the 'luxury' to have a period. Growing up with two older sisters and my mother, i know it aint no luxury.

Sounds like a bloody good time. How unfortunate that something so “basic” is news. Women have been marginalized too long(s)- pun intended Goes to show how intelligent CNN is. Scotland is not a country, it's part of the United Kingdom. Wow Cnn, inventing countries! God it’s sad Why can’t this be the US Sick of having period on top of that, I have to pay to have it!!! Sick of it!!!

Anybody that hates this idea should have to buy individual sheets of toilet paper from a machine that only takes quarters. Are these people crazy That's awesome! 🙌🏼🤩Too bad here in the US we get stuck with a grab em by the pussy president, no hope for free products to manage it 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Its_maRIAHyo did you see this?

What about snacks? Will snacks also become free? I’m about to save so much fucking money the more the gov't pays for things the more they control your life. The media is teaching society to want communism / socialism in their lives. People don't realize high taxes pay for those pads & gov't programs. MM arr

JustinTrudeau about time! FINALLY. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Even men with period? Just saying peanotbazter This is a start. Hopefully, the rest of the world picks up soon Gross. I hear that stuff attracts bears. Recipe for disaster HumzaYousaf ✅ HumzaYousaf But the SNP where against it to begin with...... Lol Scotland

JohnLaprise Women in American prisons and Trump's concentration camps are not given sanitary napkins or tampons.