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Scientists say monster penguin once swam New Zealand oceans

New Zealand scientists say they've found fossilized bones from an extinct monster penguin that was about the size of a human and swam the oceans some 60 million years ago


Scientists in New Zealand say they've found fossilized bones from an extinct monster penguin that was about the size of an adult human and swam the oceans some 60 million years ago.

New Zealand scientists say they've found fossilized bones from an extinct monster penguin that was about the size of a human and swam the oceans some 60 million years ago

Paul Scofield, a co-author of the paper and senior curator at the Canterbury Museum, said the discovery is significant because the species is similar to another giant penguin found in Antarctica in 2000 and helps show a connection between the two regions during the Paleocene Epoch.

But he said the giant penguins themselves became extinct within 30 million years as large marine mammals began ruling the waters.

New Zealand is believed to have been the site of many gigantic birds that later became extinct, including the world's largest parrot, a giant eagle and an emu-like bird called the moa. Scientists say the lack of predators allowed such birds to thrive.

"It wasn't until I got the fossils home and did a little preparation that I realized I had something completely different than what had been found before," he said.

Massey University Professor John Cockrem, a penguin expert who wasn't involved in the research, said the discovery was significant in adding to knowledge about giant penguins and cementing New Zealand's place as the penguin center of the world.

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Scientists say monster penguin once swam New Zealand oceansScientists in New Zealand say they’ve found fossilized bones from an extinct monster penguin that was about the size of a human and swam the oceans some 60 million years ago. Be cool if it looks like Burgess Meredith. Evidence shows life was better off when earth was much warmer. These giants all lived with dinosaurs when it was warmer. No glacier. More co2. Soon to be a major motion picture...

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A 'monster penguin' as big as a human once lived in New ZealandThe giant penguin, which stood 5 feet 3 inches tall, is the latest member of a growing cast of massive fauna that used to call the island nation home. Looks like mayor Pete

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