Schiff: Trump admin is 'flooding the zone' to confuse the public about Michael Flynn

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump administration's efforts to confuse the narrative around Michael Flynn is part of a strategy of distraction.

5/23/2020 5:32:00 PM

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump administration's efforts to confuse the narrative around Michael Flynn is part of a strategy of distraction.

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, explains that the Trump administration's real goal in spinning a befuddling narrative around Mike Flynn is in keeping with a political strategy of distraction as articulated by Steve Bannon.

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Michael Flynn is a crook. If anyone is a pro at creating a strategy of distraction, it would be you and your Democrat cohorts in the House. Pot calling the kettle black, I think. ShiftySchiff LiesLiesLies Obamagate UkraineJoe RussiaGate He’s been doing that since day one about everything. We know & apparently it’s going to up to us not MSM to overlook these distractions

Still waiting for Schiftys 'overwhelming evidence' of collusion. Schitt is a Russial asset, always has been The only injustice here is that Flynn was allowed to plead down to lying to the FBI in a deal to avoid a plea to Treason for violating FARA by being an agent for Turkey while acting NATSEC. Trump and Treason go hand in hand, that’s why Flynn is his man.

Rep schiff is a liar Still haven't heard correct three years of lies about direct evidence of Russian collusion. If it weren’t for trump, many more people would have died. And the numbers are over blown. Really the message should be stay healthy and out of New York and California and you stand a better chance of surviving

Conmen like Traitor Trump never want anything thoroughly invested let alone for the truth to come out. Don't forget Flynn was working as a paid agent for Turkey while he was supposed to be looking out for America's best interests (he wasn't). The walls are closing in on AdamSchiff Sure, Adam. You must be on the verge of a breakdown knowing that they are coming for you. You made your bed, now you get to sleep in it, with your cellmate.

ah I see MSNBC has a disinformation expert on... good call! Leave OUR TAX $$ ALONE. Loser AdamSchiff POS You can't always judge a book by its cover but in Schiff's case one can just look at that face and there's no doubt. He looks as crooked and deceptive as can be. Mr. Schiff - Do you have any good & positive thing about Mr. Trump administration? Ever since ever started listening you- tothe best of my knowledge,you never said any thing positive about this President. Why ? U are not honest to your self?Take a cool glass of water &then think!

I think your about a week late 👎🤡 now your name is swiffty schiff👎🤡 You do know Schitt is lying yet again. Ask him about the Standard Hotel. See if he tries to confuse the narrative and distract. 😉 Profoundly sick creature Schiff self awareness level negative 400. It’s called KARMA Mr. Schiff💩 Remember fake collusion/ dossier. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

The Flynn case is not a distraction, it’s a correction. flynn-stone the movies!!!!!$++ directed by 'TRUMP''===== Tick tock...... How about your”I have Russia proof”, was that a distraction? This scum bag has been lying the whole time! Haha too late Boy. You’re fake. Schiff has done nothing but LIE to the American public and MSNBC has been complicit. Where is the IG Michael Atkinson’s Transcript? RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA It was the dems that colluded with Russia with the fake dossier. ALL A HOAX

I hope we make it intact, as a democracy , with all the daily things that are happening ,beyond just the pandemic failure. No it’s getting to the truth Adam is all There are three types of People : Donald Trump who makes things Happen. Bernie Sanders. ( DEMOCRATAS ) who watch things Happen. and Joe Biden who wonder's what Happened..

Emperor Trump. Did MSNBC forget about Schiff's 3 years of lying about Trump-Russia 'collusion?' Apparently so. He lacks any credibility. Amazing that you put Shifty Schiff Shifty on your show and sell it as journalism. This guy has lied repeatedly. Where is the evidence this joker had of Russian collusion? He claimed to have seen it, where is it?

Absolutely! The ten D's of opposition tactics are: Deflect; Delay; Deny; Discount; Deceive; Divide; Dulcify; Discredit; Destroy; & Deal .... I’ll add Distract :-) Not true it a lie his part of the deep state full of lies and garbage covering for Obamas mess. RepAdamSchiff TO all voters in Burbank.. Adam sold his house in California years ago he only owns a one-bedroom apartment here, he’s lived in Maryland for ages no one seems to care..

Lee Smith - How Russiagate Began With Obama’s Iran Deal Domestic Spying Campaign They need to lock you up . Causing division and hate rich fat cat like you . F .o. The entire thing was a scam bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her cartel. Adam Schiff is a habitual liar and justice will be served.

Ep. 1251 Did It - The Dan Bongino Show® via YouTube - [ ] RepAdamSchiff BarackObama JoeBiden DoYourJob -ask the right questions. Obamagate Distraction, deflection and conspiracy theories is the Democrat mantra. SOCIOPATH How many times can Adumb Schiff lie to you before you figure it out? ❤😍 Love the Press Secretary

Reallllllly?🤣😂 how did impeachment workout for you RepAdamSchiff Here's some more news to confuse you Schiff Riiiiight Because everyone is too stupid to learn more than one piece of news at a time It's sooo confusing🤣🤣🤣 Unbelievable this guy. It’s part of a strategy to tell the truth. Whistleblower reaches agreement to testify, will appear 'very soon,' Rep. Adam Schiff says 🐇🎩🐍

You need a distraction other than your constant belittling of President Trump! Trump 2020 The word is “shit” and that is straight out of this guy’s playbook. What else would this Corrupt Politician say? MSNBC is on its ass, Journalistically speaking. America knows Mr. Schiff is a bold faced liar. If there is a liar in Washington, it’s you RepAdamSchiff. To me the circumstances of the Flynn case are abundantly clear. The FBI Brotherhood, Comey, petestrzok, McCabe, et al) beat the crap out of him with a goal of entrapment. You two ignore the facts. We have seen the notes

Sidney Powell🇺🇸 Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice My boss dislikes you Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell puts Obama Justice Department on trial. Well shifty,,, shirty... shitty... The narrative you proposed is full of lies soo.... Lol what a dope. Great video MSNBC strchld269 Confuse the narrative = Staged question at yesterday's briefing by that OAN freakshow to fake-PressSec as to whether trump is considering pardoning President Obama. Truly pathetic spin -- trump's common m/o ...

WE are not distracted. Democratic leadership is. WE are here & YOU must speak to our situation today on a daily basis. WE are not concerned to the extent you are about Nov 2020 because it's real life & death. 98k AMERICANS ARE DEAD WE get it. DO THEY USA allowing destruction Flynn is a nut job and plead guilty - nothing more to know -

Maybe MSNBC could give us all a run down on everything that has gone on with Flynn, who has been involved, and why. From Obama to the agencies involved. 🤔😜

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen released from US prisonPresident Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen was released from federal prison to serve the remainder of his sentence at home, according to a person familiar with the matter. Cohen was freed as part of an attempt to slow coronavirus in prisons. Now we can play Candy Land together! He better let me win! Will someone send Mike into my office? I need a fresh diapy. Trumpism translator for hire, will work for room and board. Now FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinnerNOW CompassionateRelease4Reality

Donald Trump morphs into Michael Scott to say he tested negative for COVID-19Donald Trump said he tested negative for coronavirus in the most Michael Scott way possible. 'I tested positively toward negative.' SamuelRibeiroo Bitches be there to make sons... He actually said that. Single mothers were the problem.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen released from prison into home confinement due to coronavirus concernPresident Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was just released from prison over coronavirus concerns. He will serve the remainder of his sentence in his Manhattan apartment, according to a law enforcement source. Says Who?!!!! GO CANES!!!! Lol

People Think Trump Went Full Michael Scott With His Latest Coronavirus CommentsTrump said he'd “tested positively toward negative” for the virus and folks said it was straight out of 'The Office.' He sir, is no Micheal Scott. Please, don't compare anything TheIdiotInChief does to the likes of the brilliant ACTORS of The Office. That's just not right. 😳🤨🤦‍♀️ Come children lets gather around when President Tweety praised the World Health Organisation's response to the Coronavirus, and how he was working with everyone, how everything was under control, oh how things have changed.

Ford asked Trump to wear mask during visit, Pres. Trump removed mask while in publicFord asked Pres. Trump to wear a mask while touring production plant Shaq Brewster says, “They [Ford] said, ‘Bill Ford encouraged Pres. Trump to wear a mask when he arrived. He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs … the president later removed the mask.'” shaqbrewster The mask was tied to a Ukrainian national with whom Trump had a phone conversation mentioned in the dossier that implicated Russian collusion that ...... Wait, what? He just didn't wear a mask, after he already tested negative the same day? You're running out of good stories here shaqbrewster Glad he wore a mask 😷 2 protect the 🚗 shaqbrewster Ford should be selling lots of those GTs Trump looked at. To all Trump's rich buddies who grabbed the Trillions in PPP money. Everyone else will be riding a Bike.

Trump Says Mailing In Your Ballot Is Corrupt, Unless You're TrumpThe president repeated his baseless conspiracy theory that voting by mail leads to election fraud.