Fox News, Viral Video, War On Christmas

Fox News, Viral Video

Scathing Supercut Video Exposes Fox News’ Endless Obsession With Phony Wars

From the 'War on Christmas' to the 'War on Hot Dogs,' the Fox News troops must be exhausted.

10/20/2021 11:42:00 AM

From the 'War on Christmas' to the 'War on Hot Dogs,' the Fox News troops must be exhausted.

From the 'War on Christmas' to the 'War on Hot Dogs,' the Fox News troops must be exhausted.

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World record set for most decorated Christmas trees in one place - CNN Video

The Jeromin family, living in Lower Saxony, was awarded the world record for the most decorated Christmas trees in one place. Months of preparation, more than 400 trees, and 10,000 ornaments went into their display, reports Reuters.

Fox is not News! it is pure opinion entertainment. We should limit its ability to use the term “news” 🤣idiots It seems to be one extreme or the other. Fox probably talks about wars too much. At the same time, the rest of the media won’t even talk about the war that takes place every day on the streets of our major cities.

It’s just a loop of road raging white people. How embarrassing. When does the War on Fox begin? I want a ticket. They are a bunch of war mongers no doubt. Strange, they don’t mention the one war that they are winning, the war on truth What about their wars on vaccines? Masks? Truth? Ingraham's brother claimed on Twitter that his sister is a monster and learned to hate minorities from their father, whom he described as “an abusive, alcoholic father” and “a Nazi sympathizer.”

I have a lot of trouble telling Fox News headlines apart from articles in The Onion… thebsfactory

Fox News’ Roberts Deletes Tweet Questioning Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Following Colin Powell's DeathMore than 187 million Americans had been vaccinated as of Oct 12, and less than 7,2000 experienced a breakthrough case resulting in death. Much-music video DJ at to this dude. Google it. Erica M. Rock on baby!! Reporting with experience of a video DJ. That’s his credentials. Next! He was JD Robert’s then. His wrestling name. lol.

We need a war on morons Been this way for over a decade... Snuffpost is obsessed with Fox News. Upset about interfering with a phony capitalist holiday and junk food? The IDIOTS are out to play. Their viewers are the ones who truly impress - how do you stay enraged this long and put up with those commercials when you don’t have any money?

How about a war on dandruff, that stands about as good a chance of success as a war on drugs ?

Fox News Host Deletes 'Anti-Vax' Tweet About Colin Powell's DeathJohn Roberts clarified that he is pro-vaccine and said he plans to get a COVID-19 booster shot as soon as possible.

‘Late Show With Steven Colbert’: Host Praises Superman’s New Motto, Mocks Fox NewsOn tonight’s episode of Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Colbert celebrated comic superhero Superman, and his new motto: “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow.” In typical fashion, he c… *Stephen How is this a headline Colbert is a disgrace to the Ed Sullivan theatre...

Fox News Hosts Trashed For ‘Disgraceful’ Spin On Colin Powell’s DeathTucker Carlson, Will Cain and John Roberts faced backlash for their responses. this is terrible news fox news (entertainment) is a disgrace anyways. the channel serves no purpose at all

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto tests positive for Covid-19 Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, who has been open over the years about his journey with multiple sclerosis, has tested positive for Covid-19. He is vaccinated. Wow So what?Fake News Wishing Neil a speedy recovery

Fox News' Cavuto tests positive for COVID-19, urges vaccinesLOS ANGELES (AP) — Fox News Channel anchor Neil Cavuto tested positive for COVID-19, which he said was surprising but made him grateful that he was vaccinated. Cavuto, who learned of the test results after Monday's episode of “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” wasn't on the air Tuesday. Denver Police Constable Jose, who had served in the military for 12 years, was forced to vaccinate. His hands trembled. He suddenly fell while taking a child. He had problems sitting in a wheelchair. The doctor said it might be worse. His ratings just went down. He’s a nice man I like Cavuto a lot I hope he’ll be fine