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Saweetie on Why People 'Admire' Her Romance With Quavo (Exclusive)

The 'Back to the Streets' rapper opened up to ET about her new music and her beautiful romance.

10/21/2020 5:24:00 PM

Saweetie opens up her relationship with Quavo and explains why they 'don't share everything' about their relationship with their fans.

The 'Back to the Streets' rapper opened up to ET about her new music and her beautiful romance.

, appreciation for the pair got even stronger.In an interview with ET's Melicia Johnson, the"Icy Girl" rapper opened up about why she thinks so many people are fascinated by her and Quavo's relationship. "I think what they admire the most is that they were wrong," Saweetie explained."In the beginning, there was a lot of false narratives that kind of surrounded our love."

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According to the artist, some fans accused the pair of dating for publicity and said their relationship was just a PR stunt."I think, because we're not so transparent and we don't share everything, it's easy for people to put a narrative or a story behind something," she said."And then other people run with it because they don't understand. And when they don't understand, you try to make yourself understand, and that's when all these rumors started circulating."

However,almost three years laterthe couple are still going strong, and their relationship is now getting a whole new level of support and appreciation among fans."I think they love it because I think they had an 'a-ha' moment where there's like, 'Damn… this is really genuine,'" she shared. 

"With anything, when you falsely judge something and then you figure out it's better than what you expected, I feel like it creates some sort of like connection to it," Saweetie said, adding,"We share what we share but it's very low-key."

Apart from attention on her adorable romance, Saweetie is also excited for the support she's been getting for her new music -- specifically her upcoming track"Back to the Streets," featuring Jhené Aiko."I'm just so happy we waited for this moment, because now it's special and the visual is coming out soon," Saweetie said."I feel like what really makes 'Back to the Streets' special is it doesn't really sound like anything that's out right now. It's a different approach, at least for me, when it comes to rapping."

As for working with Aiko, Saweetie explained,"I've always been a fan of her since my college days.""She definitely has soundtracks for moments in my life," she added."So I think it's an exciting moment. We're both from the West Coast, we're both Blasian, so there's a lot of common denominators that make this collab make sense."

The new song is part of Saweetie's debut album,Pretty B*tch Music, and many fans are wondering about another possible collaboration, perhaps with Quavo."We shall see," Saweeite teased, coyly."He actually has a song in mind. We just both been working, so we will see."

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The pair previously worked together on her song"Tip Toes," which Quavo featured on, and Saweetie said she has an idea for what she wants to do next with her man, musically."I was talking to him about it, and I really wanna do something R&B with him. Like, almost like a duet," she shared."Everything is about pushing the limit and getting outside the comfort zone for

Pretty B*tch Music.So I'm like, 'Baby, if we do something, we gotta take take it above 'Tip Toes,' ya know? Let's really explore our artistic sides.'"Saweetie’s latest single"Back to The Streets" featuring Jhene Aiko drops on Friday, and her debut album

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