Saweetie Buys New Rolls-Royce, Flexing on Quavo's Bentley Shot???

Who needs a Bentley when you got your own Rolls?!?

6/20/2021 12:00:00 PM

Saweetie Buys New Rolls-Royce, Flexing on Quavo's Bentley Shot?

Who needs a Bentley when you got your own Rolls?!?

The rapper was photographed with RR's Client Experience repCassidy von Seggern-- with the two ladies posing in front of a Rolls that Saweetie appears to have just purchased, and which was being delivered to her in the Hollywood Hills, with champagne glasses in tow.

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Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.Cassidy captioned the pic ..."She a real bad bish, drive her own RR ✨#icy" -- which is a double-entendre ... referencing both Saweetie's song withDoja Cat,"Best Friend," while also alluding to a pickup line Quavo used to holler at Saweetie way back when. Well played!

Saweetie responded to Cassidy's post, writing ..."My girl ! 🤩❄️." Now, it's unclear if Cassidy posted this at Saweetie's behest, or if she did it of her own volition -- but in any case, Saweetie definitely seems to appreciate the gesture ... and the subliminal clap-back.

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