Saudi Arabia’s Telfaz11 Closes Multi-Million-Dollar Funding Round

Saudi Arabia’s Telfaz11 Closes Multi-Million-Dollar Funding Round

Muvi Cinemas, Red Sea International Film Festival

12/8/2021 10:00:00 AM

Saudi Arabia ’s Telfaz11 Closes Multi-Million-Dollar Funding Round

Saudi Arabia n production and finance outfit Telfaz11 is planning to expand its ability to finance film and TV content after securing a multi-million-dollar funding round. Exact amounts were not dis…

for it to producer eight features for the service.Telfaz11 CEO Alaa Fadan said of the funding round, “We are focused on being a premiere destination for filmmakers and talent throughout the world, this new round of funding further solidifies our goal of being an effective partner for Saudi Arabia’s new wave of filmmakers, auteurs, actors, actresses and producers across film, television and digital content.”

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Justin Bieber performs at Saudi F1 race after boycott callsJustin Bieber performs to a packed crowd in Saudi Arabia as human rights campaigners and activists called on him to cancel his performance. One could take the view that constant engagement with these countries can only bring about change. Shall we boycott them into action? Doesn't work. Yeah, I'm sure NBC would turn down Saudi $ because of any type of values. Anything for a buck

Justin Bieber performs to packed crowd in Saudi Arabia despite activists' calls to cancelJustin Bieber closed the Saudi Arabia n Grand Prix with a concert despite calls from activists to boycott the country for their human rights violations. There's human rights violations happening in the states too. Innocent people in Saudi Arabia deserve the joy the Biebs brings as much as anyone else. Money talks!!!

Saudi Aramco CEO warns of social unrest if new investment in fossil fuels ends too quicklyNasser's remarks come amid growing pressure on oil and gas producers to limit production of climate-changing fossil fuels. He would wouldn't he

‘West Side Story’ Banned in Saudi Arabia, Other Gulf NationsJust a month after 'Eternals' suffered the same fate, Steven Spielberg's musical adaptation has fallen foul of regional censors, this time supposedly over the inclusion of a transgender character. Only a matter of time before we've got similar censors here in the US thanks to the growing theocracy and white supremacy... Hypnotism by George H Estabrooks. Be Water my friends. 🌈🌊 It's showing in the UAE tomorrow! So not banned....

Yemen's Houthis target Aramco, other Saudi sites in missile, drone attacksYemen's Houthi movement said on Tuesday it fired several ballistic missiles and 25 armed drones into Saudi Arabia , targeting Aramco oil facilities in Jeddah and the defence ministry in Riyadh.

Fact-check: Did the U.S. import oil from Saudi Arabia during Trump's presidency?Hannity said that under Trump, 'We didn’t import a single barrel of oil from Saudi Arabia ' FACT CHECK: In 2019, the U.S. imported about 500K barrels from Saudi Arabia per day. In 2017 and 2018, the U.S. imported about 949K and 870K barrels per day But he definitely did lower it. U.S. didn’t import a SINGLE barrel of oil. That’s true, by your own facts. That would have been one barrel. Didn’t import a “single” or just one barrel of oil. ZaleskiLuke Hannity is busy preparing MAGA for Trump’s bogus defense against real charges of corruption with the Saudis. The large majority will remember —and believe—Hannity’s lie. They won’t see this fact check; wouldn’t accept its accuracy for the world. One choice: AmericaOrTrump