'Saturday Night Live' staged a goofy meeting of Joe Bidens present, past, and slightly less past

What do you expect from a Jason Sudeikis-hosted 'SNL'?

10/24/2021 3:51:00 PM

What do you expect from a Jason Sudeikis-hosted 'SNL'?

What do you expect from a Jason Sudeikis-hosted 'SNL'?

Saturday Night Livejust a couple weeks after presidential impersonation whiz James Austin Johnson joins the show's cast of featured players, there's gonna be a meeting of the Bidens.Sudeikis, who is himself a formerSNLcast member, famously played Biden in numerous memorable sketches over the years. And Johnson, who found big viral success for his comic impersonation of Donald Trump, has stepped into the Biden role multiple times already in the four episodes since he joined the cast.

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The sketch is what you'd expect from a joke riffing on present-day Joe Biden meeting his Obama-era self. Sudeikis' younger Joe knew a different world, and they find the comedy in then vs. now comparisons. But it's Alex Moffat who almost steals the sketch when he puzzlingly pops up as March 2021 Joe, and turn in a strong impression himself.

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