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'Saturday Night Live': Lampoons Trump and Biden's 'Dueling Town Halls'

'SNL' turned to this week's dueling town halls for a wild, unhinged 'cold open' sketch.

10/18/2020 7:05:00 AM

'SNL' turned to this week's dueling town halls for a wild, unhinged 'cold open' sketch.

'SNL' took on the presidential town halls in this week's politically charged 'cold open.'

As Stephanopoulos struggled to keep Biden on track, Trump and Guthrie got into a full-on Wrestlemania match and beat each other with chairs like maniacs.In their closing segments, Biden made his bid for the votes of the American people:"We have to restore sanity to the nation. If elected, I promise I won't tweet once. Because I don't know how. And I'll have exactly one scandal: I will mistake Angela Merkel for my wife, from behind, and tell her she's got a rocking caboose. There's no malice in that!"

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As for Trump's final bid for votes, it essentially boiled down to him screaming,"Just try and take me alive!"SNLairs live, coast-to-coast, on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC. Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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SNL’s portrayal of Biden was terrible. Not what we need right now. Poor taste. It wasn’t funny. Undecideds would never go to the polls seeing this. Boring at best nbc Jim Carrey has to go. nbcsnl How about Stephen Colbert's Biden instead. That would be awesome. Awful Carey is not convincing me he's Joe Biden. Most of the time he's doing Kirk Douglass.

I’m still waiting for the funny to start. And it sucked hard !!

‘Saturday Night Live’ Recreates Presidential Town Halls with Alec Baldwin and Jim CarreyThursday’s presidential town halls took the spotlight during “ Saturday Night Live ’s” third episode of its 46th Season. Alec Baldwin was back in his guest role as President D… So funny! Remember back when we cared what actors and celebrities thought about politics? Lmao Alec next time you do Trump just do the humpty dance but change it to the trumpty dance. Love you guys.

Donald Trump’s COVID Results Had ‘Saturday Night Live’ Scrambling, Says Lorne Michaels Saturday Night Live writers were revising the season’s first cold open right up to the last minute after President Donald Trump ’s positive COVID test tossed all plans into the air. In a… And it still sucked. And it showed. SNL I want to see one of the actors dressed up as a BALLOT DROP BOX.....and then run away after people put in their votes.

Leslie Jones On Her Saturday Night Live Exit: “I Don’t Miss It. At All.”After five years on Saturday Night Live and an Emmy nomination for her work, Leslie Jones had enough. She stunned many by leaving her gig as a full-time cast member. Now, she’s resurfaced as … Feelings mutual Now she is nowhere to be seen. No one misses her, either.

Issa Rae Likens ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut To “Prom” During Opening MonologueIssa Rae made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut and reflected on her success within the past four years. Upon her entrance the Insecure and The Photograph star said it was an honor to walk and … Who is she?

‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Sees Issa Rae Voting for ‘Everybody Black’ — But ‘F’ Kanye WestIn the Oct. 17 episode of “ Saturday Night Live ,” guest host Issa Rae played a lawyer for the NAACP who swore to vote for “everybody Black” come election day — but when… On the Che Bsndwagon... lol So funny! Kanye is a maga conspiracy theorist and he’s not one of us! Racism is cool again. Love it.

No Saturday night party for Parisians as curfews kick offThe streets and terraces of Paris and eight cities in France emptied on Saturday night as people were asked to stay home to stem a second wave of the coronavirus that caused a record daily number of infections in the country. the cellar stash will take care of saturday night I love how responsible they are though! Act in unison and you can stop the virus! It may come back, given it is an interconnected world and someplaces like US arw sing in the virus, thanks to realDonaldTrump! But when it returns, do it again Save France! We love you!