Sarah Palin's New York Times Lawsuit Is Delayed Because She Has COVID

1/24/2022 8:20:00 PM

“She is, of course, unvaccinated,” U.S. District Court Judge Jed Rakoff noted Monday.

“She is, of course, unvaccinated,” U.S. District Court Judge Jed Rakoff noted Monday.

“She is, of course, unvaccinated,” U.S. District Court Judge Jed Rakoff noted Monday.

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What a shame it would be if such a nice lady didn’t recover. Why give her the time of day? She's totally inconsequential! Hope she gets feeling better. Now back to ass ho comments below vvvv Hello my friend how are you doing? I want to introduce Dr usman spell caster to you, he is a spiritualist and a very strong one at that, his works are powerful, if you are having any issues and you found it hard to find happiness, contact him and your lost happiness back you

This woman has a child with Down Syndrome. COVID is 10 times more lethal for people with Down's than it is for the general public. Or so she says. Her body, her choice. NO pity for her. None. Tainted Tests ring a bell? She either wants attention or she didn’t want to go to court to a lost case and invented getting COVID.

I love how media outlets choose the worst possible photo if their readers don’t like the subject. She looks pretty crazy in that one. Lol wow talk about spinning your case before it starts

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May the Delta find her and treat her like the poor and uninsured. Another whack job Why delay the trial, just do it by video. Been done many times already. Sad to be born Brain 🧠 Dead . I’m glad they are investigating what happened. MSNBC says ALL restaurants in NYC require a vaccination card. The owner/ manager was not working that night either. For Palin to risk families knowing that without a Vaccine she risks all !

She’s like a pimple that just won’t go away . I though she went away quickly/quietly. Stay that way. Of course Sarah Palin isn’t vaccinated and now has Covid. Only stupid people didn’t see that coming… She always looks rumply, like an unmade bed. schadenfreude

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And unnecessary, too. Nice click bait. Dumbass bimbo She says she’s unvaccinated but is she really🤔 Really once everyone else is 3x vaxed the rest can just crawl away and die She reminds me of Don Jr. in a wig these days. Was there any doubt? She’s also nutty AF. Don't know who picked the picture. Give them a raise!

Lea Michele shares first pic of son's face as she celebrates husband's birthdayFormer Glee star Lea Michele paid a sweet tribute to hubby Zandy Reich on his 39th birthday by sharing a throwback snap of her beau with their son Ever Leo DailyMirror 👇🏼🔞👇🏼

2nd time- you think she learned anything the 1st time? I venture to guess she doesn’t have it just saying it to delay. Who gave her the tests? I call BS. And she was out at a restaurant in NYC a few days before. I guess rules don’t apply to her. No vaccine… Need to give Pres Biden a hot mic to make a comment or two about Palin. Want to talk about stupid

Why is she news worthy?! Who cares!! PRAY THAT YOU DON'T GET IT BAD.WHICH YOU SHOULD FOR NOT BEING VACCINATED Is it still: one, two, three strikes, you're out at the old ball game? If so, let’s keep Ms. Palin on the plate. “Over her dead body”……promises, promises. Now that she tested positive will she want to partake of the same science she refused to use to be vaccinated?

UROCKlive1 Hopefully karma

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Lol HuffPo FTW with photo choice ❤️ If she is unvaccinated..sorry..not sorry So only the unvaccinated ever test positive? I’m confused 🤔 GOPdeathCult zo stom en nog steeds in leven, hoe is het in hemelsnaam mogelijk? Relax - I'm sure Ms. Palin is taking regular doses of bleach and Ivermectin to cure herself of COVID.


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The stupidest woman in America? i hope she fuckin bricks it This woman is hilarious without even trying 🤣 And your point? I know plenty of vaccinated people that have Covid. Is she in the hospital? I know vaccinated that are. May she RIP Of course she is May her spoken words come true! 🙏 Hahahahahahaha And just think John McCain created that monster.

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Will the judge have to recuse now? JoyceWhiteVance JillWineBanks LGD!!! “Over my dead body” Sounds good! The Queen of lunacy is back in the news again.😵‍💫 Hardly surprising! She probably thinks the vaccine is a plot by Bill Gates to take over her brain with 5G technology.