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2020 Election, Primaries

Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds

With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach. But many Iowa voters said they could still change their mind.


Breaking News: Bernie Sanders has opened up a lead in Iowa in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, a New York Times/Siena College poll of likely caucusgoers found

With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach. But many Iowa voters said they could still change their mind.

upend his candidacy . It would also create a moment of high anxiety for establishment-aligned Democrats who are deeply alarmed about a potential Sanders nomination. Should he prevail in Iowa and face a similarly fractured field of mainstream rivals in New Hampshire, where he also currently leads in the polls, Mr. Sanders could be difficult to slow. Several voters who backed Mr. Sanders cited the consistency of his positions over the course of his career, and their ideological alignment with his views. “Bernie’s authentic,” said Austin Sturch, 25, of Evansdale, adding, “Pretty much everything he’s saying — I can’t put it better than he can.” Still, much here remains uncertain. Iowa voters are famous for settling on a candidate late, and this year is no different; Mr. Sanders, along with the other senators in the race, is pinned down in Washington during Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial and unable to campaign here on weekdays. And the final results could turn on two factors that will not be known until caucus night: the size and composition of the electorate, and the preferences of voters whose first choices are eliminated because of the arcane caucus rules. If the other leading candidates finish bunched together on caucus night on Feb. 3, it is unlikely any of them will drop out of the race after Iowa. Each of the three top hopefuls trailing Mr. Sanders has the money to compete in New Hampshire, which is just a week later. And should no clear moderate alternative to Mr. Sanders emerge from the early nominating states, the self-financing Michael R. Bloomberg, who has already spent more than $260 million on advertising and hired more than 1,000 staff members, is awaiting the field on Super Tuesday in early March. But first is Iowa, where the race remains up for grabs to an unusual degree so late in the race: In the Times poll, nearly 40 percent of voters said they could still be persuaded to caucus for a different candidate. Mr. Sanders, however, has some of the most committed supporters in the race and, significantly, his advantage with Iowa Democrats does not ebb when the field is narrowed to only the top four candidates. The Vermont senator still leads by seven points in that scenario, according to the survey, capturing 30 percent of the vote while Mr. Biden and Mr. Buttigieg both win 23 percent and Ms. Warren garners 19 percent. These results are important because of how the caucuses work in Iowa. Candidates must receive 15 percent support in a precinct to reach what is called viability, meaning they are eligible to win delegates. If a candidate falls short of that number, his or her supporters can either leave the caucus or support better-performing contenders for the second and final vote of the evening. So voters’ second choices can prove crucial. Ms. Warren, according to the poll, is the top second-choice preference of caucusgoers, which could lift her candidacy after the initial vote. But that is in part because she is the preferred alternative for those who support Mr. Sanders, who will most likely meet the viability threshold in nearly all of the caucuses. Ms. Klobuchar’s supporters could play the most crucial role, though, should she fail to achieve 15 percent in most precincts. When voters were asked whom they would support if they were left with only four choices — Mr. Sanders, Mr. Buttigieg, Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren — Mr. Biden was the overwhelming favorite of Ms. Klobuchar’s backers. He received 55 percent of them in this scenario while Ms. Warren received 18 percent. One troubling sign for Mr. Sanders came in an ideological matchup with Mr. Trump. In The Times/Siena poll, 56 percent of caucusgoers said they thought a democratic socialist would have a harder rather than an easier time defeating the president — a higher number than those who said the same about a woman, a gay candidate or one over 75. In fact, among general election voters in Iowa, a state he carried four years ago, Mr. Trump defeated all of the top five candidates as well as Mr. Bloomberg in head-to-head matchups. He bested Mr. Sanders, 48 percent to 42 percent. If the 2020 U.S. presidential election were held today, who would you vote for? Trump Read more: The New York Times

Warren a lier Biden a career corrupted Sanders a communist and Peter a puppy I'd say demons r screwed.. Lol PeteButtigieg 'poll of likely caucusgoers' in Iowa. But nationwide: And besides, imho Sanders most probably won't be able to beat Trump, as opposed to Yang or Biden. Iowa is staying red they don't trust the democrats, Fake news putting out fake polls that no one believes,

interesting cropping for the thumbnail image. If Dems had good arguments, perhaps it would not be so easy to shut them down. Actually, i have not heard one point any Dem makes that I could actually agree with because they are not center, they are far left and sound crazy. They advocate socialism for god sake.

JoeBiden for President and PeteButtigieg for VP. PLEASE beat BernieSanders Don't care.

Trump team locks down Iowa after getting burned by Ted Cruz in 2016The spotlights are on the Democrats ' wide-open race in Iowa , but President Trump's reelection campaign is working to try to persuade Republican voters to turn out at their caucus sites, too, in an effort to avoid delegate issues from 2016. Who woulda thought politics could be such a money maker for the media? It's like the gift that just keeps giving, I bet the media outfits hope it never ends So Biden has Iowa mostly to himself, yet drops in the polls. Such a mystery. RT We've watched Biden's stellar career of getting caught lying, telling other people's war stories as if they were his,.... So now we'll know he's a crook using his position to bilk the countries he's supposed to be helping?

None....You must be joking!! It means nothing bc each state's caucuses are different. WTF do they see in Buttigieg? There is nothing more 'insider party politics' than the Iowa caucuses Cliques and cults harassing people into supporting someone Useless, the sooner it's over, the better All that last minute support from KellyAnne Conway is working !

Well if SenSanders socialist win the nominee the Democrats just handed realDonaldTrump 🍊another 4 years the country couldn't let this happen NO TRUMP OR SOCIALIST!!!! WHO? WHY? No one gives a shit anymore! Thank the NYT for that endorsement Bernie needs every supporter he can get.

In impeachment lockdown far from Iowa, senators deploy shadow campaignsFour Senate Democrats running for president are pinned down in the chamber for Trump's impeachment trial, keeping them from campaigning ahead of Iowa 's caucuses. But they do have some tricks up their sleeves. Lolol Sanders campaign casts a HUUUUUGE shadow. BigUs is almost to Iowa. write about the ' shadownet ' TRUMP LANDSLIDE TRUMP LANDSLIDE TRUMP LANDSLIDE

I’d like to see Petey win. He and his husband would look so cute in the White House and they would decorate is really pretty and all of the World Leaders would be so impressed. Petey and his husband would host the best dinner parties and ....😂I can’t keep going, lol Verb/noun-agreement error: underscores should be underscore in 'The changing fortunes of the leading candidates underscores the volatile nature of the primary.' jmartNYT melbournecoal

Bernie is the man Go Bernie Any of them would be a better POTUS than trump. My dog would be a better POTUS than trump VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 Cold but no snow storms predicted so maybe turnout in Iowa will be good? Clinton led by 8% points in an Emerson poll right before the 2016 caucus but only won by .3% points against Sanders.

Who would you vote for? Klobuchar عشق من ساندرز Thanks for posting the real results!

Williamson To Support Yang In Iowa Caucuses: He's 'Deep In Substance'The Democratic presidential dropout said she also admires Warren and Sanders, but suggested they don't need her help 'right now.'

If I was a Russian Dictator I’d absolutely want Bernie Sanders to run for President. Hope it's a big caucus That’s an unfortunate name... I’m not going to vote for Bernie. Damn, Bernie's kicking ass. SenSanders 2020! I don’t care about Iowa or NH. Let’s see how Super Tuesday turns out. DNC trying to screw over sanders again...

Iowa Voters in Obama-Trump County ‘Open-minded’ About 2020 ElectionHoward County, Iowa voted by more than 20 percentage points for Obama in 2012 and more than 20 percentage points for Trump in 2016. WSJ’s John McCormick sat down with a group of the county’s voters to discuss their outlook on the 2020 election . Need much more of this in the “news.” Pretty even handed. Listening. Not telling people what to think. Definitely worth a listen. This county’s voters sound really wishy-washy.

My opinion of people in Iowa just dropped. Sanders is a Socialist whack job. Go Biden or go home! mikiebarb Breaking: white men lead white led state. Notice also all of these polls will be underrepresenting his support, he could kill in Iowa Yessss!!!!✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 Full court press- just donated today! NotMeUs

go bernie go! 3 5+Million contributions & counting—voters recognizes what $6+Trillion in good calls on the right side of 40+years of history (more than any candidate in history); says about the strength of Bernie2020’s priorities, competence, integrity, & leadership in comparison to the rest. Glad to see my monthly donation working

This might be great for PeteButtigieg

Marianne Williamson lends her support to Andrew Yang in IowaFormer presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said she'd support businessman Andrew Yang in Iowa on Wednesday night in order to help the candidate get through the early state primaries. peyote for everybody! Well that's a game-changer... I’m sure Yang is thrilled to get those 10 supporters

He still won’t be the nominee. DNC will find a way to screw him. Watch badass I am so sick of Iowa, Iowa Iowa polls. If the voters in Iowa can’t make up their minds by now, maybe Iowans shouldn’t be the first primary voters 🌹✊ He can't win unless he wins Florida. There's no way the moderates here will go for him. No way in hell.

...but what about your endorsements!! Bernie is the peoples president. Exactly what they have been asking for for years, but being drowned out. What are you afraid of? He is exactly what people have been looking for. working for the people not lobbyists or corps. Seizes the lead just like Lenin huh? MedicareForAll $15 minimum wage College for all Green new deal Ending endless wars Cancelling student debt Cancelling medical debt Taxing the rich Expanding social security iLikeBernie IEndorseBernie BernieSanders

Democrats’ Iowa Ads Take Aim at TrumpIn a barrage of 85 different ads that have aired more than 72,000 times in the past two months on local television, no Democrat has mentioned a primary rival by name, a Wall Street Journal review found. Instead, candidates and the political groups backing them have trained their fire on President Trump. It’s a shame because no new ideas came from this event. That’s what they are intended to do. This is dangerous to have a planned message as a party. Progressives - Play it safe as they have no sane following to protect them - or its collusion ~ Dnc won't let them

At least the Iowans have as much brains as not to put Biden in the lead, and to put nanny state tyrants Steyer and Yang down low. You'd better put your smear machine in high gear! Bernie will shred Trump It's happing. We're going to win. Let's go mikiebarb The highly respected intellectual of our time, Noam Chomsky says he would vote for Bernie.

Bernie is the peoples president. Exactly what they have been asking for for years, but being drowned out. What are you afraid of? He is exactly what people have been looking for. working for the people and lobbyists or corps. Sanders wins if too many old voters eat the deep-fried cheese curds on caucus night. Biden wins if too many young voters get deep fried eating the weed brownies that night. 'Sanders leads with Iowa voters under 30, taking 40 percent of that bloc;' Biden 32% among those over 65.

Thanks CNN, NYT, HRC bots, Liz Warren and talking heads trying to smear Bernie.

Cool the three people I don’t want to see as our nominee are ahead in the polls Wake up. Putin and jaredkushner and parscale are hacking polling. They have a plan to get Ds to believe that BernieSanders is leading. Please don’t allow them to steal this election like they did in 16. If u do t u derstand the lengths these thugs will go 2 to win we have lost

Let's all have a moment of silence for that ace political strategist and perfect CLOTUS (Cat Lady of the United States) Elizabeth Warren (ElizabethWarren ) as her campaign justifiably crashes in a fire created by her absurd slander and lies. Well Iowa probably doesn’t even know Bernie is an Independent, and not a Democrat. What has Bernie Sanders done in his 30+ years in the Senate? What? Hell at least Trump was a Businessman, while Bernie was a bum, Government Leech, before fools voted him into the Senate!

You mean your endorsements didn't work? Weird... Ever thought about this “Bros”: real Democrats will stay home just like you did in 2016. Pray for USA Beautiful and much deserved. Feel the Bern! It’s crazy how an Independent can screw Democrats again! I’m outraged! Him and his base, screwed Hillary, and now expect Democrats to support him, and his bad ticker! Get real! He may not even make it to Election Day! He looks like he’s about to keel over any minute!

This impeachment trial is hurting Biden for sure 👍 Guess that New York Times endorsement for Liz and Amy isn't worth jack. In unrelated news, the DNC has announced a bunch of people that hate Bernie to their rules committee Get ready for our first Jewish president!!! 😊 Lol warren and Klobuchar are way down there good work

consider ending interactions with this garbage rag. defund them by refusing to opine or retweet their stories, even when they support a joyful narrative. The New York times is unequivocally an enemy of peace and progress. When you combine the polling of *both* Warren and Klobuchar, the two NYT endorsements, they still don't catch up to Bernie Sanders in Iowa. Bernie's gonna win.

I fear all of this is being rigged. How can we trust anything. BenjaminPDixon This is why the libs are still trying to make Joe Rogan a thing lol Polls are a laughing matter - how many polls predicted Hillary would win?

Also worth mentioning, Warren is on the verge of not qualifying Ayyyyy how does this taste BernieBeatsTrump Bernie 🔥❤️ Bernie Sanders is the best candidate? Dems are so dull 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Poor Yang This is amazing, people truly loved that the NYT editorial board didn't endorse Bernie and the two you did endorse are falling in the polls because they're stuck at impeachment but without a movement to carry that zero momentum from a lousy endorsement.

Sounds like the times. It's a caucus. They should be outlawed. I smell lots of Republicans. Meanwhile PeteButtigieg is the closest to beating Trump in Iowa. Within the margin of error! Bernie has been ignoring rural areas & focusing only on his base in cities. He’s not positioning himself to win the general. Pete’s running great primary & general campaigns all at once!

Better get the DNC to step in and unsure a landslide loss for Biden in the general election.

Iowa’s 90% white, 1.5X more white than the rest of the country, which is 40% diverse. TheSystemIsRigged Looks like not getting your endorsement gave him a bump in the polls Thank god. Sanders guarantees a trump win you love to see it It's almost like your ridiculous dual endorsement had no impact on the contest whatsoever. You're less relevant than the former host of fear factor 😬

your endorsed candidates are in 4th and 5th...yikes Glad to see the best candidate take the lead! Fuck yeah! Bernie is going to win . TURN UPPPPPP

Third place. Joe say it ain’t so. I thought it said 'pull of likely caucasians'... honestly, that's about white...😟 Trump should be happy his preferred candidate is in the lead considering he's always voiced his concern about an alleged plot against Bernie? So no more bad mouthing Berine we hope? 🤔 Why are people supporting mayor Pete? Please make me understand

The NYT endorsement is polling at 23% combined lol Let's remember, that's the guy the NYT did NOT endorse, because its political editors where sceptical about his claim that a 'groundswell of support will emerge to push through his agenda', and who they painted as an 'over-promising, divisive figure'. D'oh.

McClellandShane I like Bernie I find this hard to believe

I’ll VoteBlueNoMatterWho, but let’s be real, there’s NO WAY that Bernie beats Trump. Let’s nominate not just someone who can beat Trump, but also whose policies are more in line w/ the American voters. It is most definitely NeverBernie! This is great news for Team Sanders BUT let’s remember that Iowa is NOT reflective of the US electorate. Iowa Demographics White: 90.28% Black or African American: 3.51% Asian: 2.40% Two or more races: 2.10%

ggreenwald How will his own eat him this time? Should be president as we tweet Love it. Bernies socialist agenda wont play as well in the election when moderates are faced with him Sad that anyone at all believes in bernie but trump will have a much easier time beating bernie than biden. Now, even my Dem party, has been taken away from me.

'a moment of high anxiety for establishment-aligned Democrats' love this cute moment

PresidentYang2020 God help us LETS GOOOOO BABBYYYYYY . they know the polling' gets more accurate as we get closer to kickoff. This way the MSMinistryOfPropaganda can walk back the polling propaganda of the last year and save some credibility. Even the new ones are inaccurate. OnlyBernieBeatsTrump LFG HillaryClinton and ewarren must love this good news! NeverWarren VotingForBernie Politics

Go Bernie NYT editorial board right now Those pool are fake.

Keep fighting!!! PresidentSanders So the Democrats are heading towards a left wing socialist as their leader for the election. Now I wonder where in the world an English speaking ultra left wing socialist/Marxist was voted leader of his party, stood in the general election and his party suffered its worst defeat.

LupeMohawk Que bien para el mundo Thank AOC I hope he wins the nomination, LOL. Bernie is our best shot to beat Trump. NotMeUs Time to unite behind the front runner 💪🏻 Jheeeeeeze 🔥🔥🔥 Uncle Bernard is stretching his legs now 🏃‍♂️ You love to see it

So, a guy that just got endorsed by someone who uses the N word on the regular, and is glad for his support. Or a guy who can’t go to a gay club, because there is a pole there, and which the only song he knows all the words to is the SPB? JFC. No thank you on both. ps Biden is the front runner. Very glad to see this. Bernie2020

The pro-peace, pro-veteran candidate is going to win the IowaCaucus. Live in Iowa and want to help? Offer your couch space for Bernie volunteers at BernieBnB: IOS Android But Mike2020 Bloomberg isn't on the ballot. So, your endorsement of Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar didn't work? Maybe it helped him even more lol

Next, vote him into office! There is only 1 Democrat candidate left who would not draw a single middle leaning Republican vote and that’s Bernie. HouseDemocrats SenateDems Lol Warrens campaign is dead weight

Im still voting for ewarren in the primaries but i will also vote on Nov 3 2020 for the Democratic nominee to beat trump 100% whomever that may be BlueTsunami2020 VoteBlue 🌊🇺🇸🗽 Constitution RuleOfLaw Democracy Keep it up, fam. All praises to those working in Iowa. We see you, we love you. Everyone has a part to play.

But sure let’s endorse Klobuchar and Warren... I love how Democrats will say the guy who is most popular and got the most votes can't win..... Iowa isn’t representative of America and should no longer be the first race WeNeedANewStateToStart RepresentativeOfALLAmerica! NeverBernie Does this mean Trump & Guiliani will now ask some other foreign country to investigate Bernie?

Warren should drop out and endorse Bernie. It’s the only way to salvage her reputation at this point. Bernie is not leading at Liz's expense. She has a problem with the truth. Is it safe to assume that Warren killed her own campaign by attacking Bernie? Yes. Authentic politician - go Bernie!

Do any of the polls measure the young people and disaffected former voters who will only come out if Bernie were the nominee? Amy is at 8% she's done. 70% of the working people WANT Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to beat trump. His polling against Trump is the best of any democrat. So this great news!

anydemocrat2020 Not that I am a Biden supporter, but I am guessing that this impeachment is hurting Biden more than Trump. The house managers brought up “Biden” and corruption over 200 times in 24 hours. My guess, the DNC has lost confidence in Joe. Looks like a great way to split the party and alienate part of it so that they sit out based on disappointment when the smoke clears. I wonder who benefits?

it's not too late to change your endorsement, y'all Eat . . . the . . . rich.

Mira unplebeyomas Ah, the power of the New York Times endorsement. Excuse me, endorsements. For once, just for once stop being so stupid and elect someone the world will respect and understand, stop living in a bubble and make dump choices, America !! Bernie2020 Sanders is the best chance vs Trump. awoouu

LOL How’s that Editorial Board endorsement working out? Say no to communism. Bernie has always been the front runner. 🤔🤔🤔

This explains the attacks on sanders from ewarren and HillaryClinton as well as the odd focus on joerogan and his support for BernieSanders. The DNC will never let him be the candidate Keep going PeteButtigieg ! Cronies in panic mode Warren needs to drop out now and endorse Bernie! Now!! ewarren BernieSanders

^ _BEN_11 TheBenNatan philatticus Looks like a great way to disenfranchise his supporters again by hyping expectations. Wonder who benefits we need to be going harder at buttigieg but just LOL at centrists just jumping around from sinking ship to sinking ship. NotMeUs Love it

It’s going to be interesting how the Democratic Party will attack and go after Bernie. Party leaders don’t want him. HillaryClinton has started the ball rolling this week. I’ll sit back and watch party infighting Why polls don’t always show the big picture There are so many other polls that show Biden winning or tied and there are the same with Bernie winning or tied.. no one knows anything.. just have to wait

Thank you HillaryClinton 😀 Oh yeah bb FeelTheBern Yuck BoomersLoveBiden 🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍 Allez Bernie ! 😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩 My hope is that no matter who gets the DNC nod, every registered American who isn't a MAGA fool votes blue. If you don't, you're not really seeing what we are up against. This election is not to regain power, its is to keep our democracy.

ArielAnaliza Felicitaciones señor BernieSanders Un respiro para el mundo si usted llega a la presidencia de EEUU. I will never stop bernieorbusting NYT, the centre of neoliberal establishment, can barely bring itself to write this. Revolution is coming. Sorry you don’t like universal healthcare and end to wars so much.

In other words, Dems don't want to win 2020. Yes Bernie for the win 🙌 Who was polls, specifically...was this after the Hilary comments, after Bernie got torched by his state constituents? What were the questions! Bring It On haters! BERNIE topped a CNN poll after they dissed him got a fundraising jackpot when Hillary dissed him A poll surge after Elizabeth Warren dissed him After NYT endorsed Warren & Klobuchar, their own poll has him besting both COMBINED in Iowa NeverDissBernie

I see everybody is avoiding the elephant on the list, for fear of being called homophobic. What is Buttigieg's experience again, and what does he stand for, other than thinking that as a 'minority', he's entitled to be there? simonhelberg IT'S A POLL!! Only a certain number of voters are being asked the question. This does not translate to actual people pulling a lever or writing down a name on a caucus ballot. Do not fall for this BS by the media to push the narrative they want.

Don’t believe any polls. VOTE!!!! Cult45Catastrophe

shaunking Bernie scoffs at NYT. Bernie surges to top of NYT poll. NYT endorses Warren and Klobuchar. Both plummet to the bottom of the same NYT poll. I’m surprised Pete is so close to Biden babe WayneSquared ggreenwald Thank you ewarren, CNN, , JoeBiden realDonaldTrump and all others for your support. BernieSanders will win.

If I'm reading the trends right, this isn't even a two horse race at this point. Bernie is walking away with it. He can lead in all the polls. Bernie can’t win general election. Bernie is the Jeremy Corbyn of USA. Pete and Bernie are opposite sides of the Democratic spectrum (if you consider Bernie “a democrat” anyway). This doesn’t speak very well of the split within the party. Glad Biden is still high there and Klobuchar is hanging in there.

Iowa means nothing! let's goooooo!!!!!!!!!! Can I point out the Sanders' surge doesn't feel very joyful. It's not an Obama 08 groundswell of inspiration. It reeks of gaslighting and bullying.

Please recall that Michelle (Crazypants) Bachman “won” Iowa one election cycle. Let’s keep this in perspective. Who can forget her husband eating a corn dog? It's time MAGA are running an OperationChaos Republicans are voting in Primaries for Sanders bc Trump can beat him. They’ve announced it on TV and later the Radio shows will start pushing it. Be Prepared JoeBiden ewarren

Here come the anti-Bernie bots 😭😭 More to the point I am sick of these f****** state by state caucuses and primaries we need a single national primary all candidates one day.. ggreenwald Ooh... FeelTheBern Lord help the country if Sanders gets in. I would predict the entire fall of US. Tripling our debt, making us a weak paralyzed country. I love his passion, dedication but his complete lack of budget focus would be our demise. cnnpolitics

Bernie2020 notmeus

A Bernie nomination guarantees 4 more years of Trump. Bernie Sanders could win Iowa and New Hampshire and still lose states like South Carolina and Nevada ... because Black, Latinx, Asian voters ... looks like that times endorsement really pushed warren and klobuchar over the edge! He also opened up a new box of Depends

planoneck This is how we win, fellas Yes, that's what America needs right now - 4 more years of upheaval & revolution. Who the fuck is voting for Buttigieg? People here sound like a scene from Les Mis. The WhiteHouse must be thrilled 👏🏻 flooring it baby

Twitter lottery on our page, enter $2 but you could win $50, game starting 50 followers !! And how many likely caucus voters are Republicans? The great untold story of primaries is the number of Republicans voting in open democratic primaries to make Bernie Sanders the nominee believing that Trump can easily beat Sanders or Warren. It is absolutely happening in Iowa.

Wonderful! America needs health care! Real health care they can use w/o huge deductibles and premiums that they cannot pay. And the NYT and all corporate media is shitting their collective pants because they might have to pay their fair share of taxes if he wins. Bernie2020 Thank you Iowa!!! Now let's get Bernie to the finish line and let's win this election!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Finally people power begins to assert its will! 👏👏👏👏👏 We're gonna win Poor yang The most eye-opening stat is that Bernie has worst shot against Trump, and Pete has the best. I’m not settling for a popular vote “win” again. We need to win back independent voters and reasonable Republicans. TeamPete Maybe Joe, Amy or Elizabeth. NeverSayNeverButNeverBernie

Time to make more calls for Bernie :) Hmm. What happened to your all powerful, all important endorsements? In what position are your chosen candidates in your own poll? 🤣 Would love to see (and vote for) a Bernie/Warren ticket in November. 🙏 The establishment will do whatever they can to torpedo Bernie again. If you think Trump was a problem for the elites, Bernie would be a nightmare

The New York Times=🚨FAKE NEWS🚨 I'm really scared that a Bernie presidency will kill my identity of being a mindless consumer for capitalism and a world where we have less systematic abuse frightens me ggreenwald And you better vote for him. Or else. I mean his campaign is fond of gulags and reeducation camps. So.

didn't you guys predict that Warren and Klobochar would be the winners? stick to investigative stories and quit trying to steer the election. AndrewYang2020

IF we believe the pundits that joebiden's primary appeal is electability, then if BernieSanders wins IA and NH we should expect to see some/most of those supporters FeelTheBern Don’t worry guys. I’ll drop out soon. Its because bernie is not a democrat, and all the other candidates are. If it was bernie against biden, then biden would get all the votes from all the other candidates combined.

ggreenwald Trump2020Landslide 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...just wait. I want Weekend at Bernie's to win the nomination. Trump v Bernie would be fucking hilarious! How big of a role can superdelegates play? If they torpedo Bernie, then have to think the consequences lead to an easy Trump win. His voters would stay home at that point. Nate_Cohn AsteadWesley

That’s a lie Lol AllOnMedicare Bernie2020 stacyherbert Warren

Since BernieSanders is considered anti swamp well over 1/2 of the electorate has had enough of old D.C. When it breaks out to realDonaldTrump v Uncle Bernie. Then Sanders falls into the socialist abyss category. Iowa is a bad sign for the left. washingtonpost NRO WSJ Forbes Bernie supports are just lazy millennials that made bad life choices and want the government to pay for them being artists or something else that pays them crap.

ggreenwald ggreenwald GoBernie ggreenwald This scares me cuz Republicans are pushing Bernie up to get him the nominee to go against 45 ggreenwald withthesehands Don’t believe it until the Des Moines register poll reports it. ggreenwald Gross

The polls are always going to be a little skewed. jupjamie a top rated pollster and a sizeable lead for bernie...👀 Despite your efforts to stop him shaunking QuotedReplies I'm a dem, I will never vote for trump or BS. Bernie is the Dems Trump - disaster by any other name, perhaps more moral but every bit as spiteful, divisive & unable to deliver. Hillary is spot on.

That’s right. Bernie is going to beat Biden, then he’s going to crush Trump, then we’re going to transform this country into one that works for all of us, not just the wealthy owner class. 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 💥💥💥💥💥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽👊🏼👊🏻 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️ ILikeBernie WomenForBernie SandersSisters BernieBras BernieBros NotMeUs NobodiesForBernie Sanders2020 GreenNewDeal CancelStudentDebt CancelMedicalDebt BidenSocialSecurityCuts

Ignore the poll and go vote

This is great news for the GOP!!! How long before the DNC sabotages him and how? The vast majority of polls show Sanders beating Trump, you snowflakes. mehdirhasan Sanders Will be much tougher opponent for Trump than Biden. Thank you for not endorsing him, NYT, the check is in the mail TwinklingTania mehdirhasan how stupid is america? you need a fresh young person to shake things up like the rest of the world.

Because your polling has such a good track record I don't know anyone considering voting for Buttigieg, how the fuck is he second? Establishment candidate

It’s just Iowa. Repeat, Iowa. EL REAL PRESIDENTE DE TODOS I can’t wait for the DNC to sabotage Bernie again and then install their Corporate Democrat candidate. Seems like the fastest way to turn Bernie supporters into Trump Supporters CNN suck it Why again do we give so many fucks about Iowa? It’s ridiculous that this state matters for so many months.

Americans, this is once in a life time opportunity FeelTheBern! Oops Bernie with the solid 25-30%. Like Trump will be enough to propel him to the nomination. Unlike Trump, that will be his ceiling and will be lucky to get 170 electoral votes. Thanks for the non-endorsement. You all rocks!

NYT. I love POLITICS! Mike BLOOMBERG for President of the United States of America! The Best. Sincerely MS Gary 4everNeverTrump If impeachment witnesses & docs=Joe & Hunter go down, I’m okay with that. 🤷🏻‍♂️ BernieSanders will win the nod and announce TulsiGabbard as his running mate.....you heard here first or second! This is the team that will bring America back from the brink

Such a shame ewarren 😥 yesssss My bots are working overtime to nominate the most unelectable D. Bravo my little bots and trolls! TRUMP 2O20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅💯👊 “Despite Mr. Sanders’s ascent, the combined strength of the moderate candidates is unmistakable.” The combined height of the shorter trees is taller than the tallest tree.

GDubya07 Go to bed Iowa you’re drunk. Its Fake News

Bernie is going to win!! An insanely garbage poll. Not accurate at its finest Your editorial board is going to get free at point of use healthcare wether they want it or not Great news! He might win!! No really Oh good...lots of stuff will be 'free' & my taxes will be 65% of my gross income while someone who makes 1/4 of what I do will not have to pay taxes. Awesome. Then I can quit working hard and go work at Wendy's and get 'free stuff' off of others hard work 🖕 Socialismsucks

Iowa should not be the barometer. It’s 85%+ white. South Carolina should be the new caucus barometer. outwiththeoldinwiththenew We need to open the primaries! This poll reflects the opinion of registered DNC and ignores the millions of Independents who may vote in the general election. In 2016, nearly 70 million voters were 'stuck' with the choice between HillaryClinton and realDonaldTrump

An endorsement from the NYT has had an impact on Warren... 📉😂🇺🇸 oblivious Ok Dems...now what?

Even as the DNC tries to stop and slander his campaign, he's forging ahead RichardSchulder siennamarla nice poll by your college how can we say that bernie is not loved and while he reports the primary of the demoncrat, he is the leader of the demoncrat whatever choice we say but who does not like the interest of the parties supported them for their personal interest

The poor New York Times? Your BS duel endorsement not working out? Bunch of elitist establishment clowns. Diversity!! What happened to Bloomberg? Flavor of the day Democrats waved in Bernie, OAC , Omar, Tlaib. Scorpion asks frog for ride Who cares what IowaCaucus thinks. When they stop voting for that racist SteveKingIA and Donald their opinion will be worth something. Until then they are irrelevant. FlipTheSenate Democrat supertuesday MoscowMarsha AdamSchiffHasMyRespect DemocraticDebate IowaCaucus

Here we go again.

Polls are so volatile We’re fucked. With just a week until the Iowa caucuses, here's the state of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in Iowa, according to the new Times-Siena poll: —Bernie Sanders, 25% —Pete Buttigieg, 18% —Joe Biden, 17% —Elizabeth Warren, 15% —Amy Klobuchar, 8%

Waiter, there's a fly in my waffle: Belgian researchers try out insect butter

US, Taliban set peace signing for America's longest war

New coronavirus case in California is second of unknown origin

Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a ‘hoax’

New coronavirus cases in California and Oregon are second and third of unknown origin in US

Bill Gates pens op-ed saying coronavirus is a 'once-in-century pandemic'

Trump supporters believe coronavirus could be a 'nothing burger'

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Waiter, there's a fly in my waffle: Belgian researchers try out insect butter US, Taliban set peace signing for America's longest war New coronavirus case in California is second of unknown origin Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a ‘hoax’ New coronavirus cases in California and Oregon are second and third of unknown origin in US Bill Gates pens op-ed saying coronavirus is a 'once-in-century pandemic' Trump supporters believe coronavirus could be a 'nothing burger' Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult Stocks post worst week since the financial crisis Wall Street has worst week since 2008 as S&P 500 drops 11.5% It's likely there are more coronavirus cases in the United States than the numbers show Mexico confirms its second case of coronavirus