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Sanders Is Said to Have Told Warren That a Woman Could Not Win the Presidency

Bernie Sanders denied making the remark in a private 2018 meeting with Elizabeth Warren, accusing her campaign staff of “lying about what happened.”


According to 2 people familiar with the discussion, Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in a private meeting in 2018 that a woman could not be elected president. Sanders denied making the remark.

Bernie Sanders denied making the remark in a private 2018 meeting with Elizabeth Warren , accusing her campaign staff of “lying about what happened.”

Ms. Warren subsequently told associates about Mr. Sanders’s comment, according to people with knowledge of her remarks.

Larry Cohen, a longtime friend and adviser to Mr. Sanders, said that Mr. Sanders had told him about the meeting after it happened and that he did not believe the report.

For months, Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders, the most prominent progressive candidates in the presidential race, abided by a tacit nonaggression pact. But that pact has begun to fray.

on a script distributed to volunteers for the Sanders campaign that suggested telling backers of Ms. Warren to support Mr. Sanders instead. “The people who support her are highly educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what,” the script said. “She’s bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.”

that Mr. Sanders had been “sending his volunteers out to trash me.”

Democracy for America, a prominent progressive group, expressed alarm on Monday at the growing tensions.

Sydney Ember and Maggie Astor contributed reporting.

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Probably the only time that old communist fart ever told the truth. BoycottCNN Boycottnyt Ridiculous world we now live in. Total lie! She waited until she was loosing to make this up. Joke reporting by NY Times. Two people were in the room and one is a obviously a liar. Warren has a history of lying. Feeding Trump a victory. Bernie is the only one that can beat Trump.

Of course he does. I am sure Bernie could not be more happier if woman became president in 2016 or in 2020 but he is not wrong if he said something like this. Something that cannot be proved is published as fact just before a critical debate. OK then. Let the Dems rule the lies!!!!! This is why...... 2018? This isn’t news

Two whole people?!? The New York is an active participant in trying to deny Sanders and Warrens popularity, prevent progressives getting elected, and support the right. This story is the 'but the emails' of the 2020 election You have been warned.

Sanders Campaign Goes Negative on Warren, Claims She Is Candidate of the WealthySanders, who leads polls in NH and IA, instructed volunteers to tell Warren supporters that she is “bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.” The make a Nice Socialist Couple I guess it makes sense that Warren is confused about how elections actually work, after she & every other viable D candidate very politely declined to run against Clinton in 2016. “Liberal Outrage Peddlers Publish Unverified PDF, Tell Readers How to Respond”

Find it very suspicious that this comes out now like really I don't believe one word of it I have seen Bernie Sanders say the complete opposite of that. Does it seem like a series of well-coordinated “hit” pieces against SenSanders to anyone (everyone) else? First CNN then this rag? Cernovich ScottAdamsSays

He lives it. Of course he said it. He portrays’No Women’ quite frequently and naturally. 😨😱 Your headline is inaccurate and so is your tweet. Needs context. Here is said context. This will tell us about her character and that's the bottom line! The smear campaign will not work! Now lairs got on each other

Warren’s sounding pretty desperate. More media lies- Shame on Warren

Warren, Sanders campaigns spar in rare show of discord between progressive Democratic contendersA rare sign of discord emerged on Sunday between progressive Democratic presiden... Rare? Give me a break They have different ideologies. Warren is a liberal centrist. Bernie is progressive centre left. Every other candidate is right wing. The term 'progressive' is a total misnomer!

RefundWarren I'm more concerned about what the Republicans are doing as candidates. The more we squabble during the primaries, the less likely we are to rally behind the eventual winner. We can't be Infinity War (scattered and divided), we have to be Endgame (United in huge turnout) Simpletons According to 2 people, can we find 3 people to say it didn't happen and move on

Sanders also denies that his idiotic closing of Vermont Yankee Nuclear power plant, large carbon free power in a climate crisis, raised emissions. The data is in black and white. He ignores it. But anyone who could be anti-nuclear power has dubious reasoning skills. Hey what a neat gossip story you have here! Maybe it would be better to realize this is all part of Russian Active Measures and not believe a fvckin’ word Sanders says. But, ya know, that would actually be helpful.

Funny the Tulsi says that she also talked to him before her campaign launch and he said nothing of the sort to her... Sander tell the truth Dunce 1 vs Dunce 2

Warren ‘disappointed’ Sanders is trashing her on campaign trailWATCH: Sen. Warren: 'I was disappointed to hear that Bernie is sending his volunteers out trash me. Bernie knows me ... Democrats want to win in 2020, we all saw the impact of factionalism in 2016 and we can't have a repeat of that.' The Bernie camp pushing me further away from Bernie. Sad TeamWarren Like, Susan Collins levels of disappointment where she actually liked it? Bernie is not a Dem. He’s out for himself.

Sanders is an unstable mind person again hearsay, gossip Now what true color is he and he is wolf in the sheep skin and typical male chauvinist And we all have to take their words for it PackItIn Right now I’m tired of both of them. This is slander Who cares? Prove him wrong Oh God, is this the worst thing a Democrat can be found saying? Sounds to me like sporting banter, and I’m 100% certain if it was said, it just added fire to Warren.

Please stop LYING!!

Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win, sources saySources say Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren during a 2018 discussion about running for president that a woman can't win ComfortablySmug establishment!! I disagree with him. Does it matter? CNN doesn’t want Bernie to win.

It’s so fun watching u all cannibalize each other. U can’t destroy yourselves fast enough!Plz pick up the pace...👀⚔️🍿😍 Was it not 4 people yesterday ? I mean it’s a big reason Hilary lost so... some people are just... “old fashioned”... Why is this news ? And ewarren never lies.....except that Indian thing......but that was simply to get ahead, this is just pointing out that the rich old socialist is a massaganist too! WalkAway

He will gain support from Maga immediately if that is true. Well, Trump won over Hillary, should have been an easy match for her but in many ways she was out-maled. Cant believe anything that woman says Here comes the zionist WALL St WASP slander machine of the elites, otherwise known as the Spew York Times. Fricking Rag.

old white people....way to go Dem party

Warren 'disappointed' that Sanders reportedly 'sending his volunteers out to trash me'Sen. Warren calls on Sen. Sanders to turn his campaign 'in a different direction' after it reportedly provided talking points to its volunteers instructing them to paint Warren as the candidate of elites in conversations with voters. I call on Warren to drop out. She's falling in the pols and is now a divisive spoiler. I call on everyone in MA to make clear that they'll vote her out of the Senate if she doesn't do the right thing now. joshtpm She's right. Wanting to tax the rich and end corruption is hardly elite. I make 30k in CA. I went to food banks growing up. I am all in for ewarren . She took money from billionaires....

Nancy held up the impeachment paperwork so they were unable to go campaign! Genius AND THE BULLSHIT HATH BEGUN! BernieSanders2020 No one cares I prefer Bernie to Warren, but of all the candidates running think they are the best for the nomination. If the dems are to move in the right direction to steer the country away from the far right, this infighting should stop.

It’s nonsense. No one cares. Talk about the issues like Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal. Bernie said it. of course the right woman could be Elizabeth Warren's vagina dried up and closed year ago so she wouldn't have been the first female president. She's an IT. It's why she's so LGBT++++++++ friendly.

“According to 2 tweets we read one time”

Elizabeth Warren Says Bernie Sanders Sent Volunteers ‘Out to Trash Me’ Elizabeth Warren said on Sunday she was 'disappointed' that the Bernie Sanders campaign used a volunteer call script that suggested she appealed mainly to highly educated voters and would not be able to expand the Democratic Party coalition Who when where? Give up. Its anyways KAG2020 I have high cheekbones, just like my grand Pappy

I find this hard to believe. It would be a very un-Bernie statement. Someone is taking something out of context...or lying. That's not very nice That statement or anything resembling that statement simply reflects the deeply rooted sexual bias that exists within the Country! Well, if a woman is elected, it will hopefully not be Elizabeth Warren.

Give it a fucking rest already. What does Warren say? The left loves hearsay these days. Not only using it against the president, but against their own party members. Bewitched9 Read beyond the first paragraph. Sanders merely warned Warren to prepare that Trump will go after her simply for being a woman. He witnessed this first hand in the last election.

Are we going to start believing Warren now?

This is a sign of fear amongst the Warren’s. They had to create this in order to divert the polls. I wonder what will come next 🤔 he said she said LOL - so far Bernie is right!! Really bad journalism again from the NYT NYT establishment hacks at it again. Why would he say that 2 years after Clinton outvoted Trump

this turn out to be lies by the media, They have the video of the meeting, Biden 2020! Wow, Trump level hit job on Sanders According to shaunking people familiar w/Warren and this meeting said she embellished and he didn't say that; that she 'embellishes a lot'. We saw that w/the whole Native Am. debacle. This is simply not credible. Sanders' statement is, however, and consistent w/his long record.

Ohhh boy, not everyone is equal in Communist land! “I thought a woman could win; he disagreed.” I think this is completely blown out of proportion. The conversation probably could have been a miscommunication between the 2. Will most likely be cleared at the debate. this is pathetic reporting and intentional PresidentSanders smear. Establishment and TrumpFearsBernie “according to 2 ppl familiar with private discussion 14 months ago?”

Too bad nobody caught BernieSanders on tape. It would pretty much end his candidacy. Will ewarren confirm he said it? 🙄The same mierda CNN's spinning. afneil Now I'm gonna celebrate SSSC, confirming my registration until 2025,, I'm so oooooo happy, I've always been good with human beings,,, weres that Jack Daniels,, having a grandfather Major Allan, of India, father RAF, Burma, I'm gonna toast them, that SSSC has made my day, mmmmmm

🤡🤡🤡 Warren was my 2nd choice. Not anymore. Turning on your own Slimes

Sanders is the reason Hilary lost , he should step out of the race . His ego is too big for his breaches! The task is to get rid of Trump. So Sanders , Warren piease work with Biden and let’s get rid of the clown ! Is Pocahontas embellishing, again? She would never do such a thing! I don't believe it, because he's way too smart to say it

I simply don’t care. We have a demented monster as president. Nothing said by either candidate changes our need to throw trump out. More fake news and anonymous sources? Ok so if he did .Its not cool . But compared to trump who’s made 70 trillion comments that are worse. Cmon now. He urged her to run for the 2016 election, but didn't believe a woman could win? He did 30+ stump events for Hillary bc he doesn't believe a woman can win? So he's willing to physically fight for equality even though he doesn't believe it? Sounds logical.

It’s a nasty gossip, at the level of the yellow press. Are you seriously? Ask Hillary. He was correct One of them is a liar

🙄🙄🙄 She is toast......but Bernie Bro’s just remember how the DNC fucked ya last time!!! Think it will be any different this time? He meant that a woman couldn’t be chief. Wow turns out journalism is just saying whatever the fuck you want! Thanks nyt Good let the dems destroy each other. TRUMP2020Landside

Bernie, i hope you don’t ruin the 2020 like you did in the 2016... you knew you did not have a chance but you took votes away from hillary, letting trump swing in, thank you Bernie. please don’t do it again,, get the party together And here come all the Bernie Bro’s bringing out the long knives Oops looks like it might be getting down and dirty abit!

This is slander. I liked Warren, but this is a revolting lie .. and NYT et al pushing hearsay as a headline is equally revolting.

Not unless Bernie gets a sex-change operation... Toady. Don't post your articles if you're not willing to let people freely read them without creating a 'free acct' or 'subscribing.' You're impeding the flow of info & you're misusing this platform for commercial purposes. You're posting an AD, not an article. You owe Twitter for that.

Well at least not a woman with a permanent rather manic scowl on her face. Take a breath Liz and chill a little, for all our sakes. Bet the Dems are wishing they could play the Obama card all over again. In the Animal Farm all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others, and some pigs are just sows

Team Warren is getting desperate now that it looks she’s no longer in the top 3 and might drop out of the top 5 soon. Smearing Bernie will be though. As old as he is he may have thought that was the rule. Have we had a female president? I don’t believe that! Fauxahontis tells it like it is If his followers are anything to go by, Sanders being a misogynist is not surprising.

First she tried stealing Bernies platform from 2016. Then she tried dancing (most likely stealing Ellen's routine) and now she's slinging shit. I thought for the briefest of windows she might be a good pick for VP on a ticket. but she obviously doesn't have the ethics needed. Bernie2020 Bernie Sanders is not my top choice, but until Warren confirms, this is a garbage take. Do your job and vet Bernie on his record & policy proposals. Don't take the shortcut for clicks.

metoo When corporations who pay no tax become Russian propaganda in fear of one day paying their share. afneil WE CAN NO LONGER ENDURE THESE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR DULLARDS! Not a one is a leader. Just regulators and controllers. This content is unverified. It lacks journalistic integrity when the primary source (Warren) of the story is not cited. She is easily accessible to the NYTimes. A story accusation this big should require proper vetting before being published.

Major crack in Warren camp. Liz, Obama partially gained support due to his ability to externally dismiss these distractions while having internal staff fight these skirmishes. Keep your cool, don't get your hands dirty. TheDemocrats DNC SenWarren Show your cool, externally. NYT, are you guys going tabloid? This is assuredly untrue and the timing is highly suspect...

Fake news Didn't Sanders want Warren to run in 2016? This is such bullshit. The ruling class is really starting to freak out. They have nothing else to sling at Sanders so the have to resort to this drivel. Absolute malpractice. Just say NO!!! to old pale stale males. Either Warren is craven (she sends staff to say what she won’t) or the people who work for her are totally off the leash.

How can you run this without a quote from both parties? i.e. Warren says Sanders said X. Sanders denies X. How can you let “sources” do that kind of lifting? Bullshit Convenient this would come out as Bernie tops Warren in Iowa. 'private' Literally Just Fake News

Well well there you said it which we have known all along no woman female president on that chair!!! This is what passes for journalism at tHe pApEr oF rEcOrD? Your rag belongs in the 🚮 Don’t let the media fool you, this is a Sanders smear attempt imagine working hard your whole life to become a journalist and then using ur clout and position at a national news publication to post unsubstantiated and purposefully misleading bullshit like this ...........

Wow-- Oh --really? This is a bunch of BS. Sanders said “sources” weren’t even in the room. Everyone knows Hilary won the popular vote, why would Bernie say a woman can’t win? WHO CARES. SenWarren this is the second time your campaign is making drama out of petty nonsense. focus on the issues Seriously This story should be way below you. Bordering on clickbait.

So far in all the comments, no one believes this story. You’re no better than the National Enquirer. I believe Bernie not hearsay by disgruntled staffers, shame on the NYT for publishing speculation without verifiable fact, Fox News does that, have a higher standard or be regarded in the same vein Stop with all this corporate propaganda It’s unbecoming of you.

It didn’t happen. This is a planted story. 100% manufactured Mmn no that doesn't sound like Bern. So you're running with the same bullshit that CNN put out there that has been debunked. Someone get a call from a Clinton stooge? A woman already was. Hearsay. Look into Warren's work as a corporate lawyer representing the defendants Dow Corning (faulty breast implants) and Travelers Insurance (asbestos). Her website claims she fought for the people, but she actually limited liability in payouts to protect the corporations.

It’s hilarious how many are trying to keep this “feud” alive. Reminds of the little pot stirrers in grade school attempting to broker a fight at the bike rack. Stop playing them against each other What is the meaning of “familiar with the discussion?” Does this phrase imply they were in the room and heard it, or is this what a court would call hearsay? Asking for a friend.

I think warren has a campaign addressing a broader range of issues. I think she is the stronger candidate.. but 'she' has to be twice as good to have a chance! She's coming close!!!! That is SAD, but I think it's a real issue!!! AND SHOULD NOT BE!!! 🤞 she'll overcome!!! afneil The media machine fresh from destroying corberne now grinds onto its next victim

Damn. Now we're all in the extremely difficult position of deciding if we believe a guy who acknowledged being a socialist in the midst of the cold war despite the consequences or a woman who held up a DNA test proving her whiteness and said it was proof she's Native American new york times eat shit challenge 2020

She also said she’s a Native American. Let’s believe her. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. JUST BEAT TRUMP. Man, the NYT seems to have an axe to grind don’t they? Makes you wonder about the degree to which the ‘fake news’ line from President ‘Grab’em by the Pussy’ got so much traction was directly linked to underhanded behavior like this.

TrinityMustache If his comment surprises you, you have been living under a rock. That is what he is... Stop printing this trash. Bernie's character is unimpeachable. Warren just lost ALL credibility---because this is clearly from her camp. Cui bono---that would be WARREN and now NO she will not. Bernie is solid all the way through.

If Clinton couldn’t do it who can? Might be true though. How else to explain how Hilary lost to the current clown in office? Looking at the support for Trump, I am not sure that he is wrong. It's not necessarily a commentary on women, but on an American voting public that supports a misogynist like Trump.

And the media knives come out. Y'all are transparent af. Bring it baby! Can't wait to see what else was 'said' in that meeting. Seems like the gift that will keep on giving--pure slander: 'she said he said'. PRINTED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES!! STOP PUSHING LIES ABOUT BERNIE

It’s more likely then a god damn socialist. There's exactly zero chance Sanders said this unless it's taken grossly out of context. What on earth is happening right now. Stop sowing divisions within the Dems, this is how Trump won in 2016. Oh it’s True he’s a shame to admit it🤣🤣🤣 damn it's baseless smear time

According to who? Did they hear it said themselves? What do you call it when someone repeats something that someone told them someone else said Is that reporting? Or gossip? So hard to tell these days. Is somebody going to ask Warren? Absolutely fuck right off CNN cited four sources in the report – two people who are said to have spoken with Warren directly after the meeting and two others said to be “familiar with the meeting.” And the Failing New York Times believes Fake News CNN.

The DNC has handed their orders down to their media puppets: Take out Bernie!

It won't matter to Bernie supporters. They don't care. As long as they can paint Warren to be for affluent people & not the working folks & make that stick they will be happy. Don't report fake news nyt. Vet the claim.. disgraceful. I'm not a fan of Bernie, in any sense, but I sincerely doubt he said that to anyone, much less a more than likely future political opponent.

Clickbait bullsh!t. This is why no one trusts the press. This is fox news ol get out jail free ‘some people say’ style journalism. Utterly desperate. Who cares if he did and who cares if he didn’t? No one of any substance. foolsfakesandfrauds Bernie wouldn’t say something like that. This is BS Bernie is no better than Trump. Actually Bernie is more dangerous because he’s a career politician. Oh and he’s a Russian hack too.

'But the two senators were the only people in the room, and all reports of what was said have been secondhand.' SO WHY ARE YOU REPORTING IS AS GOSPEL TRUTH Disqualifying for Bernie.

Wow, two people who weren’t there but are somehow “familiar” with the conversation. Bang up job CNN, your plot to de-rail Bernie gets better and better I know 200 people familiar with the discussion who say this didn't happen The Dems are eating their own. Again. A truth that I wish were not true, but he’s likely correct. Sadly. The world isn’t on its axis since 2016.

'Something happened (or not don't blame us).' Everybody dance the Ruling Class Rag. Are you sure Bernie didn’t say an east coast, lying, arrogant, liberal, democrat women couldn’t win? That would make more sense. Blatant falsehood jmartNYT buried this at the bottom of the 11th paragraph... 'But the two senators were the only people in the room, and all reports of what was said have been secondhand.' FakeNews

afneil Who cares. Ok, two anonymous sources feed you a rumor and the campaign denies it on the record. Cool, cool

Name the people. Otherwise it is just more fake news from 2 sources? CNN said 4? And buzzfeed says 3 but that it was Warren personally telling the sources what was said in the meeting. Lmao Weird here's Bernie on video telling a whole lot of (now) women to become president Lol no one believes this Corporate propaganda smear piece

your paper is trash and this 'report' (and the already-debunked Politico one to which is referred within) is nonsense Was one of those people Liz Warren!? If not, IT'S NOT NEWS. NYT just a gossip site now ewarren not only just lost this election but she in no way is gonna win her re election in her own state I've never seen a self inflicted fatal blow like this in my entire life. WarrenIsOverParty

I guess I'm going to be reposting this one a lot

Nobody thought an Orange Man could win either, sometimes the electorate will surprise ya! This is hearsay, not a news story. Shame on you. Bernie asked Warren to run in 2016 the only reason he ran was because she didn't. The NYT is not familiar with journalistic integrity The media would rather see Trump win than Bernie.

Obvious smear, that you even report on it says it all and was what the liars of the Warren campaign wanted. He cant remember. He is getting up there. “2 people familiar w/ the discussion” Translation: 2 people who weren’t present in a private meeting... Otherwise known as second hand source, aka not credible. Let’s hear ewarren actually make the claim. Such a dirty smear by the Warren campaign, and NYT is complicit

Well he’s right so far, isn’t he?

LMFAO. FakeNews always innuendoes and speculation !!! NYSlime As the 'stop Bernie' campaign gathers speed. Sounds like more DWStweets -style shenanigans I don’t trust Bernie womensmarch WomenintheWorld Again - Bernie is not a Democrat and will NOT give full throated support of any Democrat! Full stop 🛑!

Being a 'private' meeting, I'd have some doubts about the sourcing... But what do I know.... they really had these articles locked and loaded, ready for the second a poll showed Bernie leading in Iowa And I had so much respect for you - over the line here - over the line afneil Bit bizarre considering the Founding Fathers erected a Statue of a Woman,, perched High on some Building somewhere,, Queen of the Heavens,,, Pocohontus perhaps,,?

patribotics Tracks with his actions. I mean look at how he treated Hillary in 2016, lukewarm support for her candidacy, never called out his bros for the way they treat others (still doesn't)

when they say 'according to 2 people familiar with the discussion', they really mean 'no one said this, but we like to stir the pot' afneil Facts? Coming frlm ewarren who claims she’s American indian, the truth is somehow dubious BUT, even if it was true BernieSanders said that, it’s a legit commentary on US politics, to date, a woman hasn’t been able to win a presidential election. It’s not like he said women shouldn’t

afneil Not sure, I'm wondering did he invent kfc ? Recent weeks we’ve seen the Democratic party turn on themselves lmao Bernie Bro-ism starts at the Top! I'm sorry but, what is the point of this article? To fire up ggreenwald ? I think he said it. It tracks with his whole anti 'identity politics' ideology. But I'm just one of her 'elitist' supporters so what do I know?

“In my view a woman could be elected president of the United States.” — Bernie Sanders, 1988 Sanders asked Warren to run in 2016, and only ran when she refused to do so. How absurd is this smear now? A sad, desperate end to the Warren campaign.

READING THE HEADLINE IS NOT THE SAME AS READING THE ARTICLE CONTEXT MATTERS - READ THE ARTICLE I don't believe that remark, Bernie is a lot better person than to say such a ludicrous statement! If Warren doesnt speak up on this she and the media are complicit in a political smear job for her own selfish purposes. What a joke of a 'progressive.'

BEERNY’Z CUWTYNG ITT CLOWZSE! EE’Z VWAY UWP THAYR, 1 VWEEK, AN LED’Z ZSEE, VWATT APPYN’Z NEX! 😎😕 Bernie must be destroyed and NYT is happy to help. afneil So it’s nothing more than unsubstantiated heresay not provable or useable in a court why publish it. Journalism standards are plummeting in my NYC my favourite city just as they are in the UK

This isn’t news, it’s just pathetic Dems are said to be shooting themselves in the foot fauxcahontas started this rumor I'm sure It will be woman from the Midwest not an East coast liberal. Amy has the best path to victory

Never Bernie True Democrat Here! Sounds so out of context Bernie is Probably a Russian plant to destroy the Democratic Party he is not a Democrat he never was a Democrat he attacks the Democrats more than he helps! Bernie was Putin’s Second choice in 2016

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