San Jose City Council Makes Key But Controversial Decision to Fill Vacant Seats

12/7/2022 6:00:00 AM

After much debate and some very public disagreement, the San Jose City Council made a key decision that will affect city politics for the next two years.

After much debate and some very public disagreement, the San Jose City Council made a key decision that will affect city politics for the next two years.

After much debate and some very public disagreement, the San Jose City Council made a key decision that will affect city politics for the next two years.

San Jose Approves Plan to Build Tiny Homes for Unhoused in VTA Lots Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas is also leaving the council to become a county supervisor.A battle over how to fill the D8 and D10 seats has been brewing for weeks.Officials Look for Ways to Combat Youth Fentanyl Deaths The latest in 2014, during Mayor Sam Liccardo’s term, who contends what’s happening now is a political game.RELATED: LULAC announces plans to sue the city of Houston They say the Hispanic community makes up 45% of Houston’s population, yet only one of 16 Houston council members is Latino.

She was part of the more progressive majority – voting against an election.She fears there would be low turnout and would take too long to get her replacement seated.But some of the council’s more progressive members, backed by the county’s Democratic Party and the local NAACP chapter, contended that a special election would be too costly and that the likely low voter turnout would end up producing a candidate that isn’t a true reflection of the community.“There are a lot of families, a lot of working-class families and children who need our support.“If my agenda is driven by open elections and the vote of the people then that’s great I'm very happy to stand by that,” said Mahan.And I’m not willing to leave them unattended for eight months,” said Arenas.Critics of the special election also argued that the winner would have to immediately begin campaigning for their 2024 election, which would not allow them to focus on their districts’ needs.Mahan, who is more moderate, argues that’s not how democracy works.Its goal included providing an equal opportunity for all voters to elect candidates of their choice, preserve communities of interest, and avoid diluting the voting strength of any group of voters.

“I don’t understand the arrogance of some of my colleagues who somehow think it is somehow more representative to let six councilmembers decide through what will obviously be a very limited process,” said Mahan.A special election would have offered Mayor-elect Mahan a chance to have a moderate ally on a council that currently has a progressive majority and who all chose to back his opponent Chavez in the mayor’s race.The clerk’s memo notes the price tag for a special election with a runoff in both districts could reach as high as $11 million.NBC Bay Area’s Political Analyst Larry Gerston said this really comes down to politics.The progressive majority will get stronger since they’ll be able to choose who will fill those two seats.“These are being neglected.“This whole idea about cost, democracy, all that stuff, I mean it’s nice to talk about but at the end of the day each side was looking out for what they thought would be the best and easiest ways to govern,” said Gerston.THE VOTE IS IN: 7 to 4 in favor of appointing replacements to fill the two soon to be vacant council seats in ’s districts 8 & 10.The members will be appointed for two years.This cannot be done with wasting our money on the special election.

The council will now work with the city clerk to decide how and when the process will be carried out.This article tagged under:.The special election would “leave so many residents out,” he said.

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San Jose council will make appointments for D8 and D10 seats“I think it brings shame to our city,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo

San Jose City Leaders Vote to Fill Vacant Seats, Not Hold Special ElectionThe San Jose City Council late Monday night voted to fill the two vacant seats themselves instead of holding a special election.

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