San Francisco mayor declares coronavirus emergency

The mayor of San Francisco has declared a local emergency amid coronavirus fears. From @CShalby:


The mayor of San Francisco has declared a local emergency amid coronavirus fears. From CShalby:

Mayor London Breed's decree comes on the same day the CDC warns that cases of COVID-19 will continue to spread.

San Francisco’s health officer, Dr. Tomás Aragón, said that decision was based in part on the high volume of travel between the city and Wuhan, China — the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.Breed reiterated the CDC’s call for schools and businesses to prepare for the likely spread of cases and prepare for possible school closures or work-from-home needs.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

CShalby Don't forget he says he killed all the viruses cuz he's the chosen one that's what he said CShalby I'm sorry you might think I'm being mean but I'd like to know why they were rushing people out of China back to our country where they could have been carrying it right then and there CShalby I think it's really convenient how Trump fired thousands of people that could have come up with a cure for this damn there he goes again

CShalby Aaaaaand...bam. 3rd times a charm. CShalby Coronavirus had spread from China CShalby Get Corona Virus Full Protection Now. Buy Face Mask, Glasses And Gloves: CShalby Just wash your hands ya little McNasties. CShalby Good way to cull the liberals. CShalby Is that the same photo from Dead Set?

CShalby God bless San Francisco 🙏 ❤ Godspeed. Stay strong. CShalby

This San Francisco Salon Is Reimagining the Black Hair ExperienceNaza is a recently opened hair salon in San Francisco that's backed by Alexis Ohanian and touted as the DryBar for people of color.

CShalby No Federal funds this time CShalby CShalby How many cases of Cornavirus did it take to issue a State of Emergency in Frisco? Zero? CShalby The cities that are Liberal toilets are declaring emergencies even though no one has died from it and no actual confirmed cases. Liberal politicians are doing everything they can to cause fear and slow the economy. Though the toilet cities will likely become a problem.

CShalby Some of y'all making jokes like this virus hasn't killed thousands yet some of you are living there.... CShalby CShalby Nancy Pelosi* CShalby But yet it's OK to shit on the sidewalk and create a super bug that could potentially cause millions to get sick and die sf and it's morals are messed up

CShalby Going on & on about the homeless people is ridiculous since this has so far affected travelers. But hey, gotta bitch about the homeless & immigrants at every turn, right? Did anyone read the article? Has anyone actually been paying attention to what’s actually been going on? CShalby FailingBiggly realDonaldTrump PressSec POTUS EricTrump EricTrumpFdn IvankaTrump jaredkushner DonaldJTrumpJr FLOTUS MELANIATRUMP WhiteHouse WomenForCohen VP SecondLady MarALago TrumpImpeachment ImpeachBarr TrumpBriberyCrimes

CShalby With homeless, feces, disease, drug use on the streets, the SF mayor is WORRIED NOW? I get it -- he's learned to accept what's there. They only get worried at new threats, like covid19 and the oceans rising. This is a failure of governance. And a new opportunity to handle money.

This San Francisco Salon Is Reimagining the Black Hair ExperienceNaza is a recently opened hair salon in San Francisco that's backed by Alexis Ohanian and touted as the DryBar for people of color.

CShalby No question San Francisco is a disaster area. pelosidisgrace CShalby LadyLycia DBerry1980 CShalby This is clearly fear mongering since there is no case reported .. hiking up prices CShalby Nice knowing y’all ✌🏼😔 CShalby Don’t worry, VP is sending prayers. Treatment, nope. Prayers, yep.

CShalby Despite 0 cases? Insane this is absolutely not about health for a virus with impact that is almost exclusive to over 65 with weak immune system and cure chances super high three is some manufacturered panic CShalby Start praying California . CShalby Oh well CShalby But it’s perfectly ok to shit in the streets!!

CShalby Coronavirus= Con or a virus

San Francisco declares coronavirus emergencyMayor London Breed's decree comes on the same day the CDC warns that cases of COVID-19 will continue to spread. They should declare an emergency for all the human feces on their sidewalks. Si San Francisco lo hace por que GobiernoMX no Corona virus spurs government officials to take action , now do the drug , homelessness, crime situation that no one cares about

CShalby In willing to help before it is considered a pandemic CShalby Start by cleaning the poop off the streets. CShalby There are more flu cases there than coronavirus. People have already died from the flu in that city but not one case of coronavirus. Stop politicizing and keep it in perspective. realDonaldTrump

CShalby Wash your hands and stay away from public places. CShalby Sounds like a great time to remind friends to wash hands for the full thirty seconds 😋 CShalby Remove the paywall on articles relating to emergencies, fires, public health, etc CShalby AN EXPERT SAYS IT IS JUST LIKE THE FLU RELAX !! CShalby Abwillams2013

CShalby Yikes CShalby 😓😓😓😓😓

This San Francisco Salon Is Reimagining the Black Hair ExperienceNaza is a recently opened hair salon in San Francisco that's backed by Alexis Ohanian and touted as the DryBar for people of color.

CShalby If the plague or typhoid doesn’t set in first. 🙄 FilthyCity CShalby Confused if I should not be going outside.. CShalby How do you declare an emergency upon something with ZERO deaths! CShalby All hype! It's the flu! Take precautions! Wash your hands! Don't lick the gas pump! You got the flu shot remember.

CShalby But thousands pooping on the side walks, rats and trash and people you have to walk over, dont arrest those just shoplifting & hurting local stores all due to their do whatevr you want policies No that's perfectly fine No one sick in California YEP local emergency CShalby The china Government made this virus to get the population down in China now it's in our own backyards

CShalby SF Calling dibs on limited fed funds allocated to Coronavirus aide- “the allowance of future reimbursement by the state and federal governments and “ smart. CShalby 😪 may God protect us all iA. Ameen CShalby TomiLahren CShalby Fear? I ain't even worry about it

This San Francisco Salon Is Reimagining the Black Hair ExperienceNaza is a recently opened hair salon in San Francisco that's backed by Alexis Ohanian and touted as the DryBar for people of color. BoycottElle BoycottElleMagazine

CShalby Due to zero cases 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 CShalby Better learn how to quarantine people real fast. Rights or not. We have the right to freedom from disease. 🤹 CShalby What a joke! Your city has more viruses in the human crap on the streets that you could care less about! CShalby 🤣🤣🤣Demorats want some badly to hurt Trump’s amazing economy of course California is on board lmao 😂

DavePOfficial CShalby Way to put people in a panic. Those Democrats are sure trying hard to bring that stock market down and then they can pretend Trump didn't do anything. Everything's a game to them. CShalby Declaring an emergency based on nothing? That’s California in a nutshell. CShalby Where’s pelosi?

CShalby This bullshit is starting over here! CShalby Glad to know someone is figuring out a way to handle the homeless in San Francisco. CShalby 哈哈

San Francisco declares emergency over coronavirusSan Francisco declares emergency over coronavirus Follow our live blog for coronavirus updates: Get Face Mask Against Corona Virus Now, Protect Yourself From All Viruses: THREE SQUEAKS 🐁🍽️🐁🐁

CShalby Just came out so y’all was saying what about the island it’s just starting.... Where did u say was a good place to have a urgent care set up CShalby kiara_puddle CShalby In a city full of drug addicts, public feces, and needles everywhere, I find this rather ironic. CShalby Panic much? Why doesn't San Francisco declare a bubonic plague emergency instead! They have a better chance of catching that then coronavirus!

CShalby Correct me if i am wrong but wasn't san fran the area where they accidentally let someone infected with corona virus out? Hmmmmm, this is fine, i'm sure NOTHING BAD could ever happen to us, pence says praying will take the virus away blessed coronavirususa CShalby Wait. The mayor called an emergency but there are no confirmed cases Why?

CShalby excuse me CShalby thankyouwoww dude check this out have you heard of the corona virus? CShalby Maybe the state of California should use the 'billions' Surplus money they brag about from all the tolls and gas tax money that is being collected daily, since they are not using it to fix roads anyway...


CShalby Kung flu with zero cases = emergency!!! Streets full of dying people pooping in front of kids? We approve!! Vote them all out!! CShalby thederekminor CShalby Apply Emergency Tag to Homeless and Human Waste CShalby “amid fears” Well fuck I fear walking at night in poop infested SF filled with characters trading drugs on every corner. Can we declare an emergency on that too?

CShalby Bandana411 CShalby So, used needles, urine and human waste all over the streets, sidewalks, shrubs, store doorways hasn't raised your eyebrows over the past few years? Priorities. CShalby Trying to get that hand in the 2.5B coronavirus cookie jar eh CShalby How shocking. Thanks, CA leadership.

CShalby 82,000 cases world wide. 7,800,000,000 people in the world. This is a dangerous disease but way overhyped! CShalby Do you realize the disease caused by the poop and needles on the streets. Plus I read they poop in the open drains

CShalby Didn’t you have typhoid recently? CShalby From all the human feces in the streets CShalby If homeless people die from this.....can we finally hold Gavin accountable? CShalby So the homelessness problem isnt an emergency? CShalby Biggest joke I’ve ever heard. It’s a new strain of the flu which is why we have an immune system. You’ll let people take a crap on the street but this you’re declaring an emergency.

CShalby 🥱 CShalby Seriously Only in CA. Where all the dumb dumbs live CShalby bitcoin2020conf PosiePosie1212 CShalby Leading West Coast ports of entry for Asian tourists..preventive medicines! CShalby

CShalby Yet the president just said we have nothing to worry about...m 😓 CShalby San Francisco is a toilet so I can see why they are concerned so quickly. CShalby Have they closed the borders? Banned travel? Got the homeless off the streets, and the poop off the sidewalks? No? Then what? CShalby Any plans to address the piles of actual shit?

CShalby I'm saddened behind the deaths of untold number of infected. But, I'm happy as HELL, there's no US deaths REPORTED. CShalby Its no suprise that the corrupt san fransisco area would try to get in on the scam. You going to kill off all your homeless people? It seems like a deepstate thing to do. Its like china scaring there protestors into hiding

CShalby CShalby Everybody PANIC!!!!! CShalby We must Learn from the Spanish influenzas, better be prepare than be sorry. History does repeat itself but we don’t need to keep making the same mistakes. CShalby Maybe pad the order with some duckling Porto potties a few hundred roll off dumpsters to collect the trash- Plus a free bus ride for all veterans to va hospital for a check up- dealwiththehomeless add the addreses for all the paid off mayors where the homeless congregate repost

CShalby garcetti? CShalby I bet the people that moved out are happy they moved. Did they know something we don't know? CShalby Dr. Fauci is asked by RepJoeKennedy if the prevalence of coronavirus will fall as the weather gets warmer, as happens with the flu. Fauci says the virus is new and hard to predict 'We don't know what this virus is going to do... We have no way of knowing how it's going to act.'

CShalby People aren’t taking this serious so give me some of your suggestions as to where infected people should be so that the risk of infected others is at a bare minimum? I’m waiting for your ideas becuz sounds like some think it should be the HILTON CShalby Open borders!!! Sarcasm CShalby Aw shit

CShalby So glad I land on Monday... 🙄 CShalby Hysterical. They should declare one anyway due to the 💩 on the streets. CShalby San Francisco is the new Florida. It’s time to make it 48 states, who’s with me? CShalby 'DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH!'

CShalby Is it IRONIC or NOT? I looked it up. THERE AREN'T OUTBREAKS OF THE VIRUS NEAR ANYTHING NAMED CORONA! EVEN THE BEER! TomArnold JoeBiden AdrianaC143 Alanis realDonaldTrump BetteMidler TheView walmart WeedPorns WeedFeed luvnewinfo CShalby All Coronavirus incubation period people need to go only to LA California.. period..

CShalby But Not people shitting on sidewalk, Needles laying everywhere? CShalby Maybe she could concentrate on cleaning the crap and the needles off the streets in her city CShalby What does that even mean? What modifications are being made? CShalby Is that what it takes to clean the shit off the sidewalks?

CShalby Next will be Nevada LasVegas cannot see minors unattended if a family dies. They should be allowed to call a number. As the case where a minor was alone as his grandfather died of CoronavirusOutbreak Would like to see the end of this as sunshine my Lord. CShalby At least someone is paying attention!!

CShalby So it’s closing in...prayers 🙏 susiecardenas30 CShalby susiecardenas30 check your dm

CShalby Will the homeless pooping on the sidewalks be effected? CShalby Hey PlagueGame have you come out with a Coronavirus installation yet? CShalby No, but there is plenty of black plague from all the people shit, right? CShalby One would think you would step up your preparedness, but to declare an emergency at this stage is ill advised.

CShalby How many cases in SF? OC? Diagnosed and quarantined? Why don't you start with education and prevention measures. Yelling 'Fire' is irresponsible. CShalby This should have occurred when they realized their leadership resulted in problems so out of control that they needed poop maps CShalby It's been a day of coincidences. Is it also coincidental timing after the SCOTUS ruled the WH can strip federal funding from sanctuary cities?

CShalby Are they shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge. You would think that would be the very first thing to do if you Declare a Local emergency for coronavirus. CShalby This is daily life in SF yet a virus is the state of emergency. Gtfoh CShalby Wait till this shit hits the homeless population ; all bets are off .

CShalby Take care out there CShalby Where the poor and homeless will magically disappear⁉️😳‼️ Jesus is watching... CShalby So you draw the line at the Corona virus? CShalby This is stupidly and obviously a play by the left to take down POTUS and to create panic. Fools it won't work CShalby Why? Fear mongering in Cali

CShalby Good CShalby Good to hear somebody cares. We know Trump is only worried about the stock market. We can’t trust him because he lies so much. This is not a game. This is a serious matter add Trump has destroy our health services. CShalby And Donald said he killed all the virus already CShalby On Gang cuh

CShalby Lort! Femme_fb

CShalby Must be all the feces in the air CShalby London Breed is a proactive leader. CShalby Quick!!! Ban more plastic! CShalby Horrible discrimination! They would sing a different tune if themselves or their loved ones were victims of the virus. We should send these victims to the best hospitals (where ever they’re located) in order to get better faster. That’s compassionate and just plain common sense!

CShalby Must be spreading from all that feces, homeless and needles everywhere CShalby Ok not to start anything theories but I’ve yet to hear of any people of color contracted this coronavirus does this mean their immune system is strong enough to fight it off? Please no jackass responses I’m so serious just my observation one case reported n Africa who is white

CShalby but mum on the homeless, drug, and illegal alien epidemic. CShalby shitJUNNYsays be careful when you go! CShalby What does this mean? “While three people have been treated for COVID-19 at San Francisco hospitals, there have been no confirmed cases of the illness in the city.” That 3 people were misdiagnosed?

CShalby And so the try to destroy the economy begins. You people will literally make Americans lose their retirement just to try to make realDonaldTrump look bad at election time. Sick! All of you. WakeUpAmerica WalkAwayFromDemocrats Trump2020Landslide

CShalby Wuhan is one of the first & rather smaller cities to have fully operational 5G network. It's just easy to saturate environment & ignite with those highly disturbing transmitting towers. A Human body is pure vibration & any organ can be targeted from distance.Get lost with your 5G CShalby FV_24 TheRealDonR uhhhmmm. We can cancel our trip now

CShalby Oh please!!! Where is his call for a state of emergency for the drugs and murder and homelessness In his lawless state? This is nothing more than a political propaganda. Why isn’t anyone investigating the MD at CDC creating panic is also the sister of Rod Rosenstein? CShalby Anything for federal funding. Because the years of human waste on sidewalks is no big deal. Not a bio-hazard at all 🙄

CShalby With all the homeless that shit gonna spread spread CShalby Only in SF...OMG !! CShalby Will they stop letting people 💩💩💩in the streets? Once it hits the homeless population...yikes! CShalby San Francisco Democratic mayor LondonBreed has issued a LAE through EAS w/o any confirmed cases in San Francisco COVIDー19 Coronavirus Event201

CShalby I fear they might just be stepping in shit CShalby Emergency on fear ?

CShalby stream The Man to cure it CShalby San Francisco might as well declare a local emergency for all needles and feces CShalby Y’all be safe Whotfisjerm CShalby Probably from the abundance of feces on the streets.. 🙄 CShalby The mayor is probably declaring a coronavirus emergency to draw attention away from San Francisco’s typhus and plague emergency.

CShalby Can the Coronavirus be transmitted through human feces? If not San Francisco is 👍🏿 CShalby Getting a little bit paranoid. CShalby valsurfsallot CShalby The sky is falling CShalby Here we go

CShalby It's important to start panicking before it's too late CShalby lol CShalby But the homeless, poop and needles everywhere aren’t a concern. CShalby Wait. What? A state of emergency amid fears but no confirmed cases? TF? CShalby Thugwafflee CShalby How about SF start with the clean up of all the $&+ that is contaminating the city.

CShalby CShalby Should have declared a local emergency over drugged out population shitting in the streets and supermarkets.... CShalby Call Bernie for help. CShalby Along with the other diseases and viruses in the crap hole city.

CShalby Given the rate of homelessness bcz of SF sucky housing policies, I'm wondering what protections will be put in place for the displaced. CShalby Awwww shit CShalby CarolynMelek NOOO CShalby Hmm still no flu emergency though 🤔 CShalby Damn 😏, let’s see how will affect the economy.... can be really bad problem

CShalby But the sh!t in the street is okay. No public health threat there. CShalby Friday January 24th, I briefly met a large group of Chinese in a small restaurant in a remote town in California. Nice people they were from Wuhan. I had never heard of that City before that day. CDCgov I hope you folks are checking with the StateDept on all travel visas

CShalby Smart CShalby Welcome to San Francisco karaswisher! CShalby Ha gayyyyy!

CShalby Ha Kylie said it was gayyyyy CShalby Maybe stop shitting on the sidewalks. CShalby Whoa 😮. realDonaldTrump says otherwise 🤦🏻‍♂️. TrumpIsAnIdiot Liar CShalby I feel sorry for those who got stuck there on business this week for conferences.... CShalby HawaiiNewsNow HawaiiSenate take notes let’s not wait!!

CShalby Just put up a virus free sign. CShalby That isn’t the only emergency in that declining city CShalby Well no wonder...with all the illegals there. When will ppl ever learn.🤦🏻‍♀️ CShalby ((((((((S H I T H O L E)))))))))) CShalby Of course he does

CShalby Homeless? CShalby Is the SF mayor named after a band? CShalby Wait until it hits the designed target population: Democrats. Genocide is real. CShalby But he won’t call to close the borders. How does California expect to stop the virus with open borders? Ludicrous. Laughable. CShalby MrSpeedCuber101 we’re you in San Francisco some how

CShalby Makes sense due to the demographics, LA next prob followed by Seattle CShalby Me about to reserve my san Fransisco vacation CShalby The way it looks, San Fran is just after allocation of $$$$ 💰 money ... honestly Do they care? So many people living on the streets? I don’t believe this is really about protecting citizens. Looks political

CShalby It’s a sanctuary city everyone is welcome to their universal healthcare. CShalby How can we spin into anti Trump topic and put our TDS on full display?

CShalby The local emergency is the festering feces, drug-ridden, disease-stricken, litter-filled streets of Mayor London Breed(ing) grounds. CShalby Sounds like maybe we need LondonBreed as POTUS. CShalby So the poop’s finally gone from the streets? SanFrancisco CoronaVirus CShalby Maybe he should declare a shitting in the streets emergency.

CShalby Great! CShalby I saw another article about fecal material being a possible transmission vector, so I can see why San Francisco mayor would be worried CShalby nothing to do with the high quality homeless accomadations I'm sure CShalby San Francisco’s health officer, Dr. Tomás Aragón, said that decision was based in part on the high volume of travel between the city and Wuhan, China — the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak 🤔😷

CShalby Why cause panic? CShalby About time. It’s probably too late

CShalby Make sure direct all traffic towards coinbase office and polychaincap scalarcapital CShalby Paywall CShalby But a city who needs a poop app ignores the used needles and human feces... No Commonsense here CShalby “The Mayor of San Francisco is trying to be trendy & wants attention.” There, fixed it for ya.

CShalby kimi4244 CShalby Good Luck San Francisco. The virus will mutate with the city blighted districts and and the end...🚨 The city should be the cleaning city on the planet and it’s one of the worst. Kinda sad actually ☹️ God Bless🇺🇸 CShalby _abbyy_martinez we’re def not going there CShalby Is Pelosi there? She can be the first victim

CShalby bdragon74 you may have to stay in Florida for awhile. CShalby San Franciscans are made to walk around piles of diseased sh*t on the daily but this is what scares LondonBreed coronavirususa CVID19

CShalby Lmao.....only California would declare an emergency over something that doesn't exist. Dip shits. CShalby Try cleaning up the feces too while you at it 👍 CShalby Stop spraying geoengineering it’s aluminum ash cocktail full of toxins harm respiratory system just like coronavirus it’s unconscionable to continue spraying This is a man made crisis that we doNt need further complicated by SRM SAI Do you care

CShalby oh nice I just applied to three jobs there CShalby BREAKING: stat of emergency in the state of California for the earthquake that will hit some time in the unknown future. Because you know we need to be ready. 🤦‍♂️ CShalby So I guess she’s going to do something about all the other emergencies like the homeless issue or the human sh!t on the sidewalks?

CShalby Protective Measure is the Key Word. The State needs to get the Homeless of the Street and into sanitary conditions. If not you will see an outbreak that will multiply like flies on shit! CShalby ewarren fix your state! CShalby remlorde you good? CShalby He’s a Liberal soooooooo

CShalby I guess with human feces on the street it would be inevitable. Another Democrat poorly run city. CShalby Only way to get that cash! Federal relief funds. Explains why Pelosi wanted more money in the bill! Socialist San Fran home of the homeless! CShalby Well San Fran is filthy CShalby How will SF handle the coronavirus with the high population of the homeless?

CShalby 😂 CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY WE ALL GONNA DIE! But AIDS epidemic 👌 because homosex legal marry. 🤮 CShalby Please do and cancel school 3 people have been treated for coronavirus at SF hospitals but there have been *no confirmed cases* of the illness in the city. Mayor Breed's declaration allows the city to allocate resources around mitigation efforts like staffing, coordination of agencies + increased awareness

CShalby Better safe then sorry. Morning wrong with being prepared. All major cities should do the same. CShalby Let me guess...they're going to need to establish some special virus committees funded by taxpayer dollars and they'll be filled by family and friends who earn $150/yr in salary + benefits.

CShalby Why don’t she declare a State of Emergency with homelessnes.

CShalby Liberal Mayor of San Francisco admits to affair and accepting gifts from the city's disgraced homelessness chief who is at the center of FBI corruption probe She should declare an emergency for the thousands of homeless instead of stealing from them CShalby crisyyl it’s happening faster than we thought .:.

CShalby You should have cleaned the homeless up, now they are passing it by defecating in the streets. Nice job running that beautiful city into the ground. CShalby 'San Francisco declared open air prison' Every Man For Himself! The Running Man Game Show hosted by Schwarzenegger and GovJVentura Coming this Spring from nbc

CShalby Better Safe than Sorry CShalby Praying and let's not panic, please. CShalby 🦀🦀 CShalby You would think San Francisco mayor would make other issues a priority before jumping the gun when no one is sick (yet) CShalby Good leadership that is stepping up their game CShalby Welp, time to leave Ig.

CShalby Smart move, mayor CShalby amp__xo 😰 CShalby With 0 reported cases in SF. And excrement all over the streets.🙄 CShalby Get Face Mask Against Corona Virus Now, Protect Yourself From All Viruses: CShalby I flew into SFO a few days ago and there is no protocol for Coronavirus. None at all.

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