San Francisco Going on 24-Hour Lockdown for 3 Weeks

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San Francisco is going the way of Italy with its coronavirus safety measures -- the Mayor's instituting around-the-clock curfew, banning almost everyone from leaving their homes.

announced what he calls a"defining moment" in U.S. response to the pandemic. Beginning at 12 AM, all residents within the city can only leave home for doctor's appointments or runs to the grocery store.

It's the strictest new policy enacted in the nation, and matches the current rules in Italy ... which has been the 2nd hardest-hit country in the world.In addition, to the city shut down, 6 Bay Area counties are telling residents to"shelter in place." That means ... unless your work falls under the list of"essential businesses," you've been ordered to stay home.

That list of essential businesses includes health care operations, grocery stores, shelters, media outlets, gas stations and banks. Restaurants can remain open, but only for takeout and delivery.

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In AZ our governor is waiting for more cases.... Consumer Cellular’s 164,000 square foot call center in Phx, is housed in a former Sam’s Club warehouse. Inside, hundreds of employees answer customer service calls for the cell phone carrier, sitting in clusters of 15 cubicle

Martial law is next

Dewdzoids: in 3 weeks will it be like when Orleans flooded, doors with coroner's Xs......and if 8 NJ Nets didn't flu, how come: 2/3 of statistical sample didn't get infected, send them to Sloane-Kittering.....or Walter Reed

San Francisco should put ma lockdown on mr. Lipton

Where are they going to put all their homeless drug addicts

Can TMZ do the same?

Family stay safe we are here if you need us

I really wish all California was on lockdown. It’s not going to be safe after 3 weeks just for them then someone from idk Hollywood goes to San Fran and shares it again!? Doesn’t help!! Shut it all down let’s all be safe! Let ppl still get paid to be home!!



What in the great fuck

Too bad the Coronavirus can infect 100% of people

I completely understand San Fran locking up them first.

How do you lockdown homeless people?

Are they paying their workers though? If you're going to do this you have to compensate for this big loss people will be taking in making money to pay bills


Should have done this 3 years ago

No they aren’t. This sidewalk residents are still pooping in the streets. They run the town and are still inches and feet from each other. What now? San Fran Politicians are still not protecting their tax paying residents

Isn’t it easier to say 3 week lockdown? JustSayin

San Francisco has never enforced laws thats why the city is a dump

Hold a wall around that funny littl town

The collapse is imminent.

What about homeless people, they are dirty, how come no one isn't talking about them.


Baby Boom 2020

How the coke man gonna deliver...smh

so, asking for a friend....san fran “enforcing” a law?

Aw, let me alone, will ya please?!

So does this mean people can’t go to work?



What is the point of this? In three weeks the virus will still be there so this is just a waste of time

It’s not just San Francisco but the whole bay area

Coming to Your Town next. WHERE are the Test Kits!

Chicago next


San Francisco should have been on 24 hour lockdown before the virus.

Man this is sad! 🤔

Wtf damn!!!

It’s not a lockdown but a shelter in place. Wording is everything and the difference between a smooth transition and create more panic, fear and anxiety. 🙄

So is it a 24 hour lockdown or a 3 week lockdown?

I don’t understand this. Why is this iris is such a pandemic but none before it has? Ebola, swine flu, bird flu. Many others. Makes news that’s it. Cover 19 hits and it’s all of a greats udon the end of the world. Every year a mutated flu kills many young and elderly people



It's like a movie

Freedom ! Human Rights !

Well, that’s overly dramatic. We can still drive and shop and shit.....


What about freedom and human rights👿

Fuck life

I guess it wasn't a dumb idea after all to buy up toilet paper and water. Lol

TMZ read your own article and have a coinciding headline


Human rights?

And people are shocked? Come on! You know its gonna be a matter of time WE all are gonna be locked down

graciapoeta1 Full blown craziness

5 Fun ways to use your VR glasses in 2020

End of human rights and freedom

Do you know what did you say when Wuhan is lockdown.What the fuck


Wow. This really isn't going on a good trajectory people ⬆️

Only rich people have freedom, and the U.S. government completely ignores the poor homeless.The U.S. government is persecution of people's freedom

American humanity? Where is it

The U.S. government is persecution of people's freedom

Where is human rights, democracy? Are democracies state afraid of coronavirus?

Just tell the cop you are homeless and he will leave you alone 😉

BabyMakaichy AleTweetsABit there goes our trip lol

USA needs freedom. Ameracan must go into the street and fight for freedom.

This pissing contest between the mayors and governors is ridiculous.

Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open, and restaurants may stay open to provide takeout food only. Also staying open: veterinary services, gas stations, hardware and other home supply stores, banks and laundry services. Dramatic headline but similar to NYC, Chicago, DC


Can’t wait to leave this liberal lunatic area.

so Why restrict people's freedom?just like china?

Good. Maybe they can get the shit off the streets....

Why not LA?


I'm scared of them in SF, for callin this shot 👈 Hey savin lives ain't easy 🎗 and surviving ain't always comfy 🛋 📺 God Bless America 🇺🇸

New TLC show. Love after lockdown®️©️

Except it isn’t. We can still go to the grocery store, Pharmacy, bank, you can walk your dog if needed...there are lots of places you are allowed to go you just shouldn’t unless you absolutely need too.

Where will the homeless go?

Maybe it’ll give time for SpeakerPelosi to clean up her home town since it’s always shitty anyway

How TF are people going to make money?

trump fires the CDC and called the coronavirus a hoax! Reap what you sow Amerikkka!


Makes no sense

🤨yikes hopefully it don’t get to this point here in htx

seagoat800 This is bullshit😂😂 false info.

So.. does that mean that the state and government is going to start rationing out everything 🤔

Oh, my god! In a country with a high degree of freedom to do such a loss of human rights. Where are human rights? Where is freedom?

The problem with this is it sets a precedent. So now the media will be asking all other mayors and governors about doing thing based on an over abundance of caution, even though it's completely unnecessary.


I'm sorry, but no mayor should have the power to do this anywhere in the world. San Fran county had 40 people test positive by the 16th. Think about how many homeless drug addicts are allowed to roam the streets everyday. Yet somehow 40 people is enough to declare marshall law.



I mean even Pelican Bay was 23 hour lockdown and 1 free hour a day

What does this even mean


Good. City blows

Just wait a sec, the ACLU gone get involved

Wow. I’m starting to freak out. sounds cool until 3 weeks ppl cant afford shit, bills is due, money spent, no food and NO GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE

LashaurdWarren broo😭

Yeah _micahvelli_ see read this even in 24 lock down they have grocery store employees as an 'essential'

America is a democratic country .How dare you?It’s against human rights lol

Does this include Pelosi?

How you lockdown people that live on the sidewalk tho?

If they on lockdown then why do restaurants remain open for takeout? Lol

This is very very very true, I spoke to my mom today.

Get ready early. I have a hunch that there will be more serious plans in the future. Maybe I should buy some toilet paper, too..... 😂😂😂

Miami better be next y’all trippin.

Does this mean I can’t crap in the street? coronavirus

This is a concentration camp!! We need human rights! We need freedom!!!

lol y’all should be celebrating. Most of y’all gonna sit home smoke drugs and chill. Lot of babies about to born 😂😂😂😂


As they should! sanctuarycity

Except for Nancy right? And if they do 3 week lockdown, how will all the bums crap in the street?🤷🏻‍♂️

It wouldn’t surprise me if they make a movie out of it.

Nah that’s imprisonment bro......

there are only like 20 cases there. they shutting down a whole city because 20 people are sick. this is so stupid. the only people at real risk are people with pre-existing illness.

chilloutcuhhh san francisco has bigger viruses to be worried about. . . but ok

Well,are you offending human rights now?Why did China offend human rights by locking down it's cities?

Unbelievable SMH, ppl can’t afford to sit home like this, especially in SanFrancisco 💔

no!!!we need freedom!we need humanity! from new York daily

Human rights?

Where is human rights and freedom?

oh jeez, i would've been stuck in san francisco if plans didn't change

We need some live feeds for entertainment

almostjingo Where will the homeless be placed?

The U.S. government doesn't respect human rights

People should certainly take this virus very seriously DSM2020

Deli_Fresh If this happens here... Deli_Fresh 😏

I hope the government will not do such things that do not respect human rights

So do the homeless people have to stay on the sidewalk

During a 24 hour lockdown how do people get groceries?

I hope the us government will respect human rights

Look Franny you got a couple of months to get it together aight


I live in the city. Its not a 24 Hr mandatory lockdown. We can go out to grocery stores, gas stations, banks, starbucks is open for grab and go coffee and some resturants as well for grab and go.


I'm a butcher here in Marin just wanted say that people have been really civil so far I know the shelves have been pretty bare and it's hard to get chicken and ground beef but hopefully we'll be stocked back up by the middle of the week we'll get thru this stay positive..👍

Human rights?

Hell, as nasty as San Francisco is already, I'm sure they will be fine 🤷🏽‍♀️

DerrickMTV Serious question, what are they going to do with the homeless just let them die

The graphic for this is so dramatic. This is what we mean when we say the media is sensationalizing this.

They made it look like a movie poster DynastyDenny Phil_PhaReal FntsyGold

DerrickMTV Yet he has no authority to do so... 😂😂

Looks like a movie

please read. it happened from Australia, Africa, to the whole world. always Pray 🙏

Hell naw!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

s_soteria If it hits their homeless population, we’ll really see the death toll rise. I hate it for them.

WOW! This is too undemocratic and free! This is a concentration camp! People's right to travel! This is the Communist Party!

Holy shit

Not because there is literally feces everywhere.

San Francisco is a shit hole anyways...let it burn! They are the poster city on how not to run a city. Feces, used drug needles, homeless all over the really is a dumpster fire of a place.

itsKelsss15 I am so so happy you are all in Dallas and away from California. This is really proof that everything happens for a reason.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽itsKelsss15 YazooMotif THEwillieCS15 iBurks goyokunaru Elias and if Blayke24 is there he should make his way back :)


Omfg chefrob30

This is some Stephen king shit


So all of San Francisco is basically on house arrest

almostjingo Is Pelosi and Watter's going to put up a few Homeless

Hope they got the National Guard out there before this happens tonight or they will make worse news in the morning since they just opened the gateway to the luders of the world.

Lock it down baby!!!!

Can we put Pelosi on lockup....?

samesfandiari so about that 2k League...


That’s a 504 hour lockdown.

Why would you guys lie like that? Oh it's TMZ. That's Straight BS Maggots

This will happen all across the Country Be prepared. Next 2 weeks they gonna get us all

Most of people who live in SF can work from home. Most cities, states and regions do not have that luxury. This won’t be a common occurrence in the US nor should it be.

Some post tabs on the public poop app.

Omegafilter LA next


Can I still shit on the sidewalk?

I bet UPS still gon be running dem streets

Somewhere aubrey_huff is laughing his ass off...

I wish TMZ would be on a 3 week lockdown with these irresponsible click-bait panic style headlines

maybe that'll give them time to pick up all the crap

Fake news

Maybe they can clean up feces in the streets and rid the sidewalks from needles... that might help.. place is gross. With the rampant drug use and homeless I’m surprised this didn’t start there....

MayorOfLA ... Your move.

How do the homeless stay home?

What is considered lockdown if you’re living in a tent spreading diseases and sharing drugs?

So is our 24 hours or 3 weeks?



I'm not buying any food since I can't find any toilet paper! So.. Im not eating so I dont have to poop 💩

Legit picture from SF hospital...

Isn't that 504-hour lockdown?

We live in Contra Costa County. One of 7 counties in Bay Area that are shut down only for essential.

All these Jesus comments had me like


So none essential businesses employees how they gonna pay they bills 🤔

jaaykaay37 24 hr lockdown?🤔 What are they going to do with all the homeless people there?

We at the movies caused they have blown this up into 3D 😲

Lies I have familythere is this is fake ass news.


Will there be mail delivery?


50-75% of COVID-19 cases are completely asymptomatic but contagious (a whole city got tested in Italy, ~3k population)

I wonder if they going to pay the people that can’t work because of this 🤡

I’m sure you guys probably reported this before the mayor announced it, just like you did Kobe and his family! RIPKobe

Other cities will soon follow!


Will this give city officials time to clean up the shit?

What about the vagrants and junkies.

ODBomboclaat dawg it's 24 hours a day for 3 weeks



JohnBasham So no more bums shitting in the streets? I like it😂👇 by the way say 'Hi' to Maxie of mad. RepMaxineWaters


jerryhoover65 Three weeks?!


So dumb honestly

JohnBasham How does that work with the homeless camps SpeakerPelosi ?

What happens if you share custody of your kids? You can’t see them? This is nuts.

almostjingo Where are they going to lock the homeless?

almostjingo What about homeless?

almostjingo Does that mean no one cleans up the 💩 for three weeks

Maybe they can use this 3 week period to CLEAN THE POOP OFF THEIR STREETS….

almostjingo We could bubble it with a force field.


It's Martial Law and it's just the beginning, within 3 months US citizens will have zero freedoms. All movement will be controlled by the government, people will not be allowed to travel outside designated area without risk of detainment. Entainment will be state controlled

What are they doing with all the homeless people and who’s going to pick up the sh** in the streets ?

_Sennedy Oh this is good news

I got some tips from jail when I was in 24 hour lockdown

Does that include the letter carriers?


If its met for me to get it, then I will, let life take its course! Not scared God has his plan for all of us! StandUnited

Cher An Nancy On Way With 💉🧪💊🌡🧻 SUPPLYS ——

Reed67816160 o shit


TheRealDreez first city with 24 lockdown...

The govt doesn't tell it's citizens the truth... Somethings not right.... Better be prepared to run....

incarceratedbob Save for the homeless

Dave17824012 ask Amir how it's going.


GRINDERed to a halt.

Here’s a of the 7 pages of exceptions - even restaurants can stay open (just no dinning in).

Glad I just got home !!

incarceratedbob miguelbtrevino



Omg 😳 seriously

theblakkmamba24 THIS IS NOT A LOCKDOWN

ITS_KUSH_ How is this effective in any way💀

What about all those homeless?



If you read it, it’s bad but it’s not THAT bad

75% of that city lives in the streets....

Late Winter, early Spring babies 2021

dougducey Why are we not doing this yet? COVID2019 coronavirus



Totally misleading

This is where shit is gonna happen and the national guard is called in

You are fake news

Oh word?

golfodds No it isnt


Thats not true because I still have to work 😩



Boobie24Dixon The Purge is happening

How does this work if other states and countries are living their life’s like nothing is happening

_simonnee Technically they still get to go to the grocery store, get gas and work if they have to.

So, why do “essential” businesses stay open if people are not allowed to leave their homes to travel to said businesses?

When you buy 1000 rolls of toilet paper but find out you still are allowed to go on a grocery run during a lockdown.


Is the good mayor paying all her citizens salaries?

K1NGP1NCUMM1NGS kinda close bruh

And the homeless?

Of course they are. Maybe SF should worry about all the homeless illegals camping on their streets more?


Well here we go 😐


Coming to a city near everyone. standby...

Where's the shit on the street going to go now?

Even if you are young you could lose 20 to 30% lung function so yeah this is serious!!


Where did the homeless go?

The entire Bay Area, not just SF, so JUST STAY HOME!


holly_stonhill Good... that area is disgusting

Damn shame adults on a curfew

chrisfleming91 it won’t be long!

My Hometown ❤️

What are they doing w all the homeless there?


So if your under lockdown, how do you get food or money for food?



Bye bye Coronavirus, hello Aids.

Why don't they just do a 3-hour lockdown for 24 weeks?

This does not feel real. Someone pinch me 😔

They have to California is disgusting and disgraceful

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