San Andreas fault is a 730-mile monster. Ridgecrest earthquake was a tiny taste of the possible destruction \r\n

A new calculation conducted in recent weeks at the U.S. Geological Survey shows that there’s an extremely remote chance the San Andreas could be triggered from the Ridgecrest quakes.


A new calculation conducted in recent weeks at the U.S. Geological Survey shows that there’s an extremely remote chance the San Andreas could be triggered from the Ridgecrest quakes.

Scientist knew almost immediately that the Ridgecrest quakes were not on the San Andreas fault. But understanding how those temblors might impact the 730-mile monster capable of producing “The Big One” has been a vital.

This is the 730-mile monster capable of producing the Big One, the fault famous enough to be the main character in a hit disaster movie.

But ever since, they’ve been studying whether the quakes could cause more seismic activity from other faults — including the San Andreas nearly 100 miles away.

all sparked concerns from scientists they could trigger a major quake on the San Andreas. In some of those cases, officials even issued a public warning of heightened seismic risk. For example, after the twin quakes in Landers and Big Bear in 1992, state officials announced there was

In the case of the recent temblors, the potential for the San Andreas to be triggered by the Ridgecrest quakes seems to be less of a concern, relatively speaking.

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Extremely remote? So you’re saying there is a chance

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