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Sale of Marlboro Ranch Snuffs Out Smokers’ Vacation Dreams

The Marlboro Ranch has been sold, and some smokers are disheartened. “I decided now’s a good time to try to quit.”

8/2/2021 3:30:00 AM

The Marlboro Ranch has been sold, and some smokers are disheartened. “I decided now’s a good time to try to quit.”

Cigarette maker Philip Morris USA sold the Montana property and some are disappointed; “I decided now’s a good time to try to quit.”

Aug. 1, 2021 11:37 am ETChristine Dorgan has a box full of swag and gear she ordered with points from the back of her Marlboro cigarette packs: a watch, a dart board, a portable picnic table. And last year, just as the pandemic hit, she won her most coveted prize: a trip to the Marlboro Ranch.

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The trip, like so many vacations, was canceled by Covid-19. And now she will never get the chance to go. In June, cigarette maker Philip Morris USAsold the 18,000-acre Montana propertywhere the company for two decades had hosted loyal customers on all-expense-paid trips. As cigarette smoking declines, so does its trappings.

“I signed up for that thing I don’t know how many times,” said Ms. Dorgan, a 54-year-old diesel mechanic who lives in Windom, Minn. A smoker since the age of 12, she quit last year shortly before she won the Marlboro trip in a sweepstakes, but still wanted to go. “I wanted to see a real cowboy,” she said.

The getaway, formally known as Crazy Mountain Ranch, was a real-life incarnation of the cigarette maker’s Marlboro Man marketing campaigns, which featured gruff cowboys riding horses and snowy Western peaks.It was Disneyland for smokers. Guests stayed in a faux ghost town, with a mining office, bank, sheriff’s office and saloon. When they arrived, their beds were piled with gifts: Stetson hats, cowboy boots, jackets, bandannas, digital cameras, sunglasses, ashtrays and, in earlier years, packs of cigarettes.

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What year is it? I think I'll take up smoking When is Marlboro getting into the cannabis business... I can't just see them dropping their complete business model for the greater good. If they are, they probably would actual deserve statues. God knows that I tried to quit for years... it's a tough nut to crack.

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I suggest using this ranch for covid negationists. If there's some space left, for anti-vaccines. WE, HERE IN THE VALLEY LIKED THE 'MARLBORO RANCH' EVEN AS A NON-SMOKER. IT WAS GOOD FOR THE VALLEY TO BRING IN VISITORS.. A real cowboy? Lol What a stupid reason to quit. The only thing stupider is writing an article about it.

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