Sadly, 'Covid Dick' Is Real

1/15/2022 1:19:00 AM

Sadly, 'Covid Dick' Is Real

Sadly, 'Covid Dick' Is Real

A man's claim that his penis shrink after a bout of covid-19 isn't far-fetched, though the risk may be low in general.

ffering from what’s come to be known as “covid dick..The 11-second snippet that was widely shared across Twitter, however, was of course, devoid of context that would instantly negate the narrative right-wing media stars had used it to push.By Ralph Ellis Jan.

” The writer, who identified as a heterosexual man in his 30s, said that he had gotten very sick and was hospitalized from covid-19 last July.After he was discharged, he began experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED).) Fellow panelist Geraldo Rivera called the pandemic “devastating.Though his symptoms did improve after seeing a doctor, the man reportedly was left with a glaring reminder of his ordeal.“I want to ask you about those encouraging headlines that we’re talking about this morning, this new study showing just how well vaccines are working to prevent severe illness,” Vega asked.Describing himself as above average in penis size before covid-19, he said that his penis had now shrunk about 1.Advertisement “Uh, that could be debated,” Pirro replied.5 inches and that he had “become decidedly less than average.Woodcock had been asked if the United States needed to change its COVID strategy.

” The podcast hosts, to their credit, also interviewed a pair of urologists who rightly noted that there’s a clear trail of evidence linking covid-19 to erectile or sexual dysfunction.And yes, really encouraging news in the context of omicron.A study this past November, for instance, that men with covid-19 were about three times as likely to develop a new case of ED than those who didn’t catch covid-19.Some research has suggested that the risk may be nearly.

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🤦🏾 damn they reaching… ya his name is Dr Fauci And if you get the vaxx it makes it bigger by 2inch. What next. sorryantivaxxer 😂🤣😂 Толстый намёк для вакцин. Но где правда ? ? Humans are incredibly buffooned That's not very appeeling. We’ll that’s the end of the vaccine then. We’d rather take our chances. Done.

pfizer profits growing not only by selling vaccines, Viagra will also fill their pockets.

Jeanine Pirro May Have Just Made Fox News' Dumbest Claim Yet About COVID-19The conservative TV personality showed she could use a reality check on 'The Five.' Why do they not shut down Fox News, they are constantly spreading false information? This is dangerous! It’s all fake news coming from any of the media outlets. Remember when you all were “flatten the curve” “the 💉 will be the savior”. Virus real and people have died, I don’t believe the numbers reported though because the CDC has edited that how many times now? 🤔🥱

🧐🧐 If we want anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers to take this more seriously, maybe lead with “COVID can make your dick shrink.”

Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham Run Wild With Debunked Claim on COVID DeathsIllustration by The Daily Beast/GettyWhen it comes to Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, apparently no amount of factual reporting can get in the way of pushing a misleading narrative—even when that reporting comes from their own Fox News colleagues.Hours after Fox News essentially debunked a misleading claim about COVID-19 deaths that had made its way through the conservative media ecosystem, the two primetime TV stars peddled the misinformation anyway.Throughout Monday, right-wing media and GO Faux News CDC director says study of vaccinated people show 75% of COVID-19 deaths 'had 4 or more comorbidities' Republicans love to point to comorbidities as the absolute reason why COVID is overblown and no one should be concerned, but the US in general, and southern states in particular, lead the way in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Maybe they should care about fixing healthcare.

FDA Head: ‘Most people are going to get COVID’Two top U.S. health officials made a stark prediction on Tuesday: Most Americans will eventually be infected with COVID-19. And the ones who never get infected will be the ones promoting their new book on Twitter: 'How piss saved my life, and it can save yours too.' So what your saying is that the vaccine is useless? Multiple times…

COVID-19 pill rollout stymied by shortages as omicron ragesThe pills — and other COVID-19 drugs, for that matter — are being carefully rationed, reserved for the highest-risk patients. Yeah, right. Starting with the wealthiest and working their way down.

COVID-19 Antiviral Pill Rollout Stymied by Shortages as Omicron RagesPfizer and Merck’s COVID-19 pills that were supposed to be an important weapon against the pandemic in the U.S. are in short supply and have played little role in the fight against the omicron wave of infections. So what's the problem? We're no worse off.

‘SNL' Announces New Musical Guest After Roddy Ricch Drops Out Due to COVID-19 ExposureThe rapper’s cancellation comes less than a month after COVID-19 caused most of the show’s cast members to stay home for its final episode of 2021.