Sabrina Carpenter Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before | Allure

Honestly, S/O to .@SabrinaAnnLynn for being a good sport 🥇 Watch her try 9 things she's never done before here:

10/21/2021 11:14:00 PM

Honestly, S/O to .SabrinaAnnLynn for being a good sport 🥇 Watch her try 9 things she's never done before here:

Sabrina Carpenter tries nine things she's never done before. Can she make a giraffe balloon animal? Does she remember how to play Operation? From freestyling...

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SabrinaAnnLynn i love you SabrinaAnnLynn I love you a lot SabrinaAnnLynn 😅 I think bout ,Pet [Dog] and homeless dog 😂, Pet is slavery but homeless dog is unlimited preedom ..But hard 😅 Oh yeah SabrinaAnnLynn SabrinaAnnLynn SabrinaAnnLynn bc w u finally see me in person i w to do fun things weird and naughty things with u and make and create memorable special moments and memories w u and cherish them w u and spend a life time dearly truly w u u until the end of this world baby❤

SabrinaAnnLynn SabrinaAnnLynn SabrinaAnnLynn baby w u finally see me in person let's talk to those little stuff animal doggies together ok baby bc I would love to sit down next to u and talk to those little stuff animal dogs w u ok baby bc sm t I talk to myself to w talking good ab u baby❤ SabrinaAnnLynn You are so beautiful Sabrina

SabrinaAnnLynn BLUE BANISTERS OUT NOW GreysAnatomy Curry Bil Lary Gui Araújo Valentina EliminaçãoAFazenda SobPressao CACTOS MELHOR FANDOM AFazenda ESCUTE SG NO SPOTIFY VoceAprendeuAAmar The Weeknd Galisteu jwkss SabrinaAnnLynn I used to watch veggietales as a child to SabrinaAnnLynn Watch out for that wasabi stuff, it's green but it's hot.

SabrinaAnnLynn 😍🎤👏👏👏👏 SabrinaAnnLynn 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

SabrinaAnnLynn she's so cute 😢 SabrinaAnnLynn 🥰🥰🥰🥰 SabrinaAnnLynn GOD I LOVE HER SabrinaAnnLynn she is so funny i love her SabrinaAnnLynn thank youuu yo make me so happy SabrinaAnnLynn you are my comfort person SabrinaAnnLynn i can't with her separating the two dogs that look alike SabrinaAnnLynn I love her so much 💗

SabrinaAnnLynn my new favorite video in the world3 SabrinaAnnLynn Wait those poor two dogs, nooo

SabrinaAnnLynn she’s the cutest 🥺🥺 SabrinaAnnLynn i love her sm SabrinaAnnLynn pls you are so funny ilysm SabrinaAnnLynn i made an edit :)) SabrinaAnnLynn SabrinaAnnLynn i love this sm SabrinaAnnLynn her talking to the puppies was so cute :( SabrinaAnnLynn cutest human SabrinaAnnLynn the puppy pep talk was the best part! and i don’t know how you made balloon animals w your nails or painted without getting red paint on your white louis vuitton shirt but i’m impressed

SabrinaAnnLynn I love her so much. ♥️♥️ SabrinaAnnLynn Te amooooooooo sabrinaaaaaa

SabrinaAnnLynn I LOVE HER PLS SabrinaAnnLynn queen 33 SabrinaAnnLynn girly pop, u did so good with the balloon animals u should do it full time, i’ll have u at my bday party SabrinaAnnLynn she’s so sweet SabrinaAnnLynn sabrinaannlynn do u listen to playboi carti SabrinaAnnLynn We need to keep her safe