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S Korea test launches 1st domestically made space rocket

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s first domestically produced space rocket reached its desired altitude but failed to deliver a dummy payload into orbit in its first test launch on Thursday.

10/21/2021 8:01:00 PM

South Korea ’s first domestically produced space rocket reached its desired altitude but failed to deliver a dummy payload into orbit in its first test launch. South Korea n President Moon Jae-in still described the test as an “excellent accomplishment.”

SEOUL , South Korea (AP) — South Korea ’s first domestically produced space rocket reached its desired altitude but failed to deliver a dummy payload into orbit in its first test launch on Thursday.

Live footage showed the 47-meter (154 foot) rocket soaring into the air with bright yellow flames shooting out of its engines following blastoff at Naro Space Center, the country’s lone spaceport, on a small island off its southern coast.Lim Hye-sook, the country’s science minister, said Nuri’s first and second stages separated properly and that the third stage ejected the payload – a 1.5-ton block of stainless steel and aluminum – at 700 kilometers (435 miles) above Earth.

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ADVERTISEMENTBut she said launch data suggested that the third stage’s engine burned out early after 475 seconds, about 50 seconds shorter than planned, failing to provide the payload with enough speed to stabilize in orbit.Officials from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the country’s space agency, said debris from the payload would have landed somewhere in waters south of Australia. The institute was planning to form an inspection committee soon to analyze what went wrong and map out adjustments before the rocket’s next test launch.

The launch, which took place at 5 p.m. (0800 GMT), had been delayed by an hour because engineers needed more time to examine the rocket’s valves. There had also been concerns that strong winds and other conditions would pose challenges for a successful launch.

“Although (the launch) failed to achieve its objectives perfectly, it was an excellent accomplishment for a first launch,” Moon said in a televised speech.“The separations of the rockets, fairings (covering the payload) and the dummy satellite worked smoothly. All this was done based on technology that is completely ours,” he added.

After relying on other countries to launch its satellites since the early 1990s, South Korea is now trying to become the 10th nation to send a satellite into space with its own technology. Read more: The Associated Press »

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South Korea's rocket level is equivalent to China's level in the 1960 s. Moonies stay mad 😡😂👌

S Korea prepares test of 1st domestically made space rocket SEOUL , South Korea (AP) — South Korea was preparing to test-launch its first domestically produced space rocket Thursday in what officials describe as an important step in its pursuit of a satellite launch program. This is really bad Nice. They're gonna love Dish.

South Korea set to launch first domestically produced space rocket South Korea is set to conduct its first test launch into space of a domestically built rocket in a major step toward jumpstarting the country’s space programme

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China says Korea tensions at 'critical stage' as North Korea conducts another missile testThe launch spurred South Korea n authorities to voice 'deep regret' over continued weapons tests from the North despite its efforts to smooth over tensions. Very Kool! Go DPRK!

S.Korea's Moon vows 'Korea space age' after rocket test falters South Korea 's first domestically built space rocket blasted off on Thursday, but failed to fully place a dummy satellite into orbit, delivering mixed results for a test launch that represents a major leap for the country's ambitious space plans.

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