S. Dakota gov says 'we will not be social distancing' at July 3 celebration with Trump at Mount Rushmore

Thousands of people are expected for the event. Masks are optional, too.

6/30/2020 3:57:00 PM

South Dakota Gov. Noem says 'we will not be social distancing' at July 3 Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore with President Trump.

Thousands of people are expected for the event. Masks are optional, too.

Trump is expected to attend the celebration and deliver remarks at the event, a day before the July Fourth holiday. Mount Rushmore is located within a national park in Keystone, S.D. The event will happen amid a surge in coronavirus infections across the U.S., which has caused some states including Texas to pull back on their plans to further reopen.

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Awebsitedetailing information for the July 3 event says that"attendance will be limited" through an online lottery that occurred in June"to around 7,500 participants."White the website for the celebration makes no mention of social distancing or providing face masks, the National Park Service says,"We ask the public to be our partner in adopting social distancing practices when visiting parks."

From the beginning of the pandemic, health and government officials have encouraged Americans to practice social distancing at a minimum of 6 feet. Officials have also been urging people to wear facial coverings to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

On South Dakota’s Department of Healthwebsite, it says that in order to avoid the illness, people should"avoid close contact with people...stay at home as much as possible," and"put distance between yourself and other people.” It also says, “everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public."

As of Tuesday, there are 807 active COVID-19 cases in South Dakota, according the state's department of health. There have been 6,716 positive cases and 91 deaths from the disease. According to a three-day moving average from Johns Hopkins University, there have been on average about 60 new cases a day recently which has remained steady.

Trump, for his part, has declined to wear a face mask throughout the pandemic. As of Sunday, there have been more than 2.5 million positive cases in the U.S. and a death toll of 126,332, according toNBC News' tally.The president recently held his first campaign rally in months in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where there was no social distancing and masks weren't required. Since then, at least eight members of Trump's advance team tested positive.

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Can someone cough on him please? 😐 so...... attempted suicide🤔 CB7152395484 govkristinoem Fuck yes! You rock dude. Tell the world SD don't fall for BS like that. Is Noem cutting down on testing in SD to make sure he doesn't get embarrassed if there's a rise in cases? Criminal negligence RIP SD Well.... stupid is what stupid does!!! God help us all!

It’s way too dry for fireworks! You know this. Don’t start forest fires Stay home! DO NOT FOLLOW THIS INHUMANE ACTION! WEAR A MASK,SOCIL DISTANCE 6+ feet: BEST FOR ALL,STAY HOME and CELEBRATE! LIVES WILL BE LOST IF this LUNATIC IS FOLLOWED! And of course there won’t be any fires. The mountain is stone! The sparks are going to completely ignore the trees and go straight to the mountains. 🙄

Just stupid. Seems stupid. How did I know Gov Kristi Noem is a Republican? Well then no one go! If this president wants you all to commit suicide rebel and say hell no we won’t go xileenie I thought independence day was jUly 4th? It's a slap in the face of our indigenous people who owns all of America, and shit won't great here until we give it back, and the ask permission to be here.

South Dakota has 70 Covid patients hospitalized, the lowest since May 1. Only 91 deaths in the entire state...PERIOD It took me 10sec to find this data but we Trump supporters are the ignorant science deniers.....I don’t think so Good, Hope it really pisses you off. But you can always edit the tapes like you did with Zimmerman

Now do the “protests” 🙄 Go to hell. Time will show What goes around comes. . . . Good, makesure you’re all nice and right and breathe as heavy as possible. Nope nobody should Let’s see... can we predict who wants their face chiseled on the mountain too? Great 👍 dea!!! I think it's a shame that those four true presidents will have to look down at what has become a stain on our history

Good for you lick each others but cheecks BLM & ANTIFA didn’t Social distance but remember no uptick from the virus that’s because they are liberals And trump keeps spreading trump-flu around. Are your hospitals, doctors & nurses ready for what is about to happen? Perhaps you could volunteer to give them some help.

You can’t fix stupid IF we are staying with the current trend of removing statues of racists white people. Then that means we need to get rid of all the President's face on Mount Rushmore. Because of all these President's owned were slave masters that owned slaves. So there faces have too go. I can’t believe you, So. Dakota, are letting that Moron disrespect that beautiful monument on July 3. He doesn’t even know who those men are or any history about them🤑🤑

Good. They are allowed to have their protest. Right? I hope the whole mountain falls down so that no firefighters have to risk their lives for this selfish, moronic act. Plus, it sucks and no one cares about Mt. Rushmore anyway. Ahhhh TrumpsLatest This is why the virus is still circulating Isn't July 3rd the Day he makes us celebrate Russia?

Let me guess, Trump believes his ugly face should appear at Mount Rushmore. We the American people want more faces. 🗽😏✌😷✌ AMEN! Good. Y’all can die. Makes me not want to go there in September just for that comment alone. Makes me nervous to go there all together I Agree! SOCIALIZE 🙌🏻🙌🏻 DO NOT! I Repeat DO NOT wear masks!!!! DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I hope George, Thomas, Teddie, and Abe all sneeze on everyone visiting !!!! That's right! .POTUS FauciTheFraud admits Masks are just symbolic 🙄 Media working overtime at gas lighting Americans. Don't be a fool. MasksOffAmerica MasksAreForSheep Good for him currying favor for Trump and disregarding the lives of his constituents. Jerk. Part of Trump’s speech while there will be to state that he should replace one of the four or be added to the memorial-wait for it.

We only needed one Dakota anyway Let me guess - trumpublikan. Good for her, if people don't like it stay home. Simple. Mind ur business. Isn’t that thing out in the middle of nowhere? How hard would it be to ask people to be safe? 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏼‍♂️ This country has no need for two Dakotas. 😡 MergeTheDakotas

Good stay as close as possible to him with as many people as you can. Another putz I bet trump suggests he should be on Mt. Rushmore. What a joke. Great! 😡 Gov Noem of SouthDakota totally irresponsible and ignores public, world health emergency with COVID19. As of now, more than 126,000 people have died in USA. Shame on such irresponsible, careless politicians that causing deaths of innocent people.

Give back the black hills. Trump is spreading disease & death to his followers. America, we deserve so much better than the laziness, most inept & illiterate potus in history.TrumpsCoronavirusRally If you're not going to social distance, wear a mask, protect yourself and others. You can get a Trump2020 mask which is a great way to support the president and creates an awesome picture to shut down the left wing media. It's not going to hurt you to wear the mask. KAG2020

Trump thinks someone will put his face on the mount😂 I love that Governor Sorta like the protests. Aparently Gouvernor Noem feels left out because South Dakota is not sharing in the corvid 19 outbreak ... yet. The 4th of July celebration should take care of that with the added bonus that the heretofore banned fireworks display may give a new meaning to the term Black Hills!

Maybe because the vast majority of BLM protestors at least wear face coverings. We'll all send prayers when you all end up with with covid and bring it home to your famlies. Or maybe no prayers and we'll just be happy to have less low IQ orangebuffoon supporters. With special guest... ThinningTheHerd

🙄 To be fair that state has 100 people and no one important It might hurt trumps feelings if you acknowledge there’s a DEADLY VIRUS killing thousands & thousands of Americans. Quite patriotic !!! Then we’ll see cases rise by end of July, and deaths to follow. You can thank Trump for that. I’ll pray that god protects those that attend

Trump's wet dream! Fair warning. And what could go wrong? Word to the wise. July 3rd? This is very poor leadership by the Governor. When you're more worried about pleasing 45 more than taking care of those you were elected to protect, it is sad. So dumb. Helping a friend...and her owner too:-) A small donation is awesome, and a share would be amazing as well. Thanks so, so much!

TrumpIsKillingUs Isn’t South Dakota gov., supposed to be looking out and caring for his flock, Waiting for more............... For people who pretend to be driven by science, you don't seem to understand much about the risks here. The presidential re-election campaign is starting to look like a subreptitious attempt at herd immunity.

Oh, no, they're not living in fear of a virus with a 99.7% survival rate! EnseySherwood Cleaning out the stupid, pandemic style. Just label it a protest and the media will be fine. This person got elected governor!! TrumpDeathCult bjsiefferman Good. Then I’ll be there This must be the sequel to 45pp✳️‘s dictatorial parade, he had last 4th of July, which bankrupt DC’s ER response fund & was rained on. If this upcoming dictatorial party is also rained on, it may be God pissing on 45pp✳️ & his dickish parties.

MarkTLive talkjames Let's just pretend it's a social justice rally with a DEM Governor & these comments are not a news story. 👍 Freedom to kill others. Thanks much..... Jesus Christ does not practice social distancing 🙌🙏 Wildfires and Covid-19, South Dakota knows how to party! Well, good for you Gov. Noem. Who needs social distancing when there is a pandemic raging? Might I suggest that you stand shoulder to shoulder with those in attendance. This way you can share in their misery when they are infected with COVID-19...

Not very smart, some would say you want to get COVID-19 Good, I hope they sneeze, cough and spit on each other then, especially trump and the governor! All this time and she still doesn't get it. That’s great. Seems like America will continue on this way and will have more and more issues with regards to health issues. Very sad but GBA!!!!

sparkledocawake Count me in!♥️ sparkledocawake Good. The hoax is over. Get back to life! If you are afraid, stay home. Did you report the protests in the same manner? Ah, you didn't? Why not? 81 deaths total for this state with no lockdown? Say it isn't so ! How are you going to get hysteria out of this one?

Of course she won’t. “Personal Responsibility”... that’s her quote. Practice what you preach. Think about others just once. He brainwashed them, does not take much to do some serious damage on South Dakotas population The problem here is not that this group will come down with covid but rather our medical first line will, once again, need to deal with the outfall of this irresponsible behavior.

RIP Stupid humans. You are tainting a national treasure for political motivations. Shame on you. DeadWhiteAndBoom 🇺🇸 July 4th !! 💥 Because the cult leader said no Why not? So easy to do!! Why are Americans so selfish and stupid No social distancing is ingredient for infection. Doesn't seem to be a healthy event.

USA baby! 🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲 tibbs_cindy Get ready for China/ DNC to unleash more COVID-19 in South Dakota, and then blame on Trump. These ppl will leave & retrn to grocery stores & jobs whr they will cough & infect othrs that did nt participate in this event. Thanks govkristinoem & POTUS for putting those of us that want to practice social distancing & other safety precautions, in case they do work, at risk

Angelclimber 🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🇺🇸 Enjoy eternal peace. Idiots MarkTLive Wtf I hear it’s an event to die for. So very IgnorantBeyondBelief The Truth the SimpleTruth WILL helpYou helpyourneighbor MaskIt or casket This is more criminal than paint on statues. BringFauciBack tuesdayvibes CoronaVirusUpdate CoronavirusUSA

She also said that if you feel uncomfortable don’t show up. This is America NBC. Sorry you don’t like freedom of choice. It is therefore the responsibility of all Hotels, Inns, Restaurants, Bars, and service providers to close shop July 2 to July 5. To protect yourself from infection. Will it be the Governor that people will sue?

RussianRoulette. Maybe the Russians are funding the Governor based on the body bag count. I would just like to know beforehand who it is that plans to take responsibility or anything goes wrong? squeakypapy Now do protesters Ah, another great example for our country. I don't understand the ignorance. If BLM and Antifa aren't social distancing, why should we?

This is irresponsible, immature, and dangerous! Awesome! aileeng009 If BLM & Antifa don’t have to social distance why should Patriots on the 4tn of July? WTF? EnseySherwood Is the Governor also going to be volunteering at the ICU wards ? Cleaning bed pans and holding the hands of the people dying from being at their, oh so important celebration with Trump?

Good to know ahead of time. I won't be attending. NaturalSelection, do your thing. Let me guess the Governor is a REPUBLICAN? daydayb South Dakota Gov. Noem: EnseySherwood Fools stupid Good... I hope you all get it Let the Darwinian cull of South Dakota begin...... Yup - that's just brilliant...🙄 davynoxLIVE lollll

don-the-con trump is NOT: honorable, lawyer, religious, Republican, Patriot, brave, compassionate, minister, MD, x-military, CFA, historian, patriot, literate, CPA, diplomat, honest, TAX PAYER, chemist, trustworthy, farmer, FAITHFUL husband, law&order president, psychologist. Natural selection fuck it.

This didn't seem to be a problem for weeks of 'protesters' did it? Or was the smoke from all the arson protecting them from the virus? Wish she was my governor! Good. Unless the democrats are going to ship in citizens of Mexico to South Dakota, everything will be fine. Of course not. Stupid people elect stupid representatives

Hopefully they have BLM t shirts and signs for all of the attendees so they can stay immune to COVID When did we become such sissies? We conquered the west and built a transcontinental railroad in 6 years and became the world's most technologically advanced nation in the shortest amount of time and put a man on the moon. Now we can't do anything because of 'muh COVID'. Lame.

Why is South Dakota even a state anyway? Can't we combine them with North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana and call it no man's land. I hope no news agency covers it Good🇺🇸 God bless you govkristinoem. That's what I call a true INDEPENDENCE Day celebration. NOMASk Social distancing for thee but not for me.

I respect WI Governor Evers and my city Mayor, our city will not be having a 4th celebration or fireworks. But we can still have a cook out and sparklers! Might be a good day for take out & support local resturants! wewanttolive wewantyoutolive besmartbesafe votenov3 Negligent Gov. and will prolong Covid in US

Stay away from Minnesota! Maybe we need a wall😡 Enter the Trump Ego Rally at your own risk. Then stay away from my family and myself. Rally = bad. Protestors = good. You can’t have it both ways NBC. Go to Devils Tower in Wyoming ten times better than Mount Rushmore What an ass this governor is! Sure seems like Stupidity & mutual pandering. We all know the over-rated Egotistical IMPEACHED IMBECILE wants his UGLY mug on Mt. Rushmore; NEVER happen (unless it had jail bars in front of his mug & caskets surrounding it for all the deaths on his hands) COVIDIOTS AP CNN

Wow what an ego 🤷🏻‍♀️ Breathe deeply. How many people are going to be infected or die before this is taken seriously? When the fuck did all of these politicians become doctors? Then, the SD covid cases will skyrocket by mid-July! When certain states are testing 100% positive, do you really think no visitors will have the virus? Noem, you being obtuse will cause people to sicken & cost lives. Bet YOUR family WON'T be there!

These Conservative Governors are going to KILL a lot of there voters just to support the President. That's good I would like to be there. I love people that don't live in fear. But you will be spreading Covid-19! If you go to these outings you shouldn't be allowed access to medical help.. deny them..let them die at home.

Wow. I had South Dakota on my list of places to visit. But with the lack responsibility and concern for its citizens by this governor, I think I will put that visit off for a looooooong time. How brave, Governor! Fake Russia Hoax. Fake Virus Hoax. Divisive Fake News. well okay then...good luck with that..

Did Kristi and other hammerhead Republicans rake the forest floor. Sounds responsible. And the WH ADMIN wonder why we're in this crisis. Oh wait its embers. Like the HIPOCRITE WH PRESS SEC quoted. Just a slight flu, nothing to worry. 'PPL DIE'. Who cares WH OR TRUMP DOESN'T. MELANIA should walk around in front of cameras with her coat.

Don't touch out counties history. Defund Democrats. Fund our police and save The monuments for history. Well that’s pretty ballsy. Excuse me? I guarantee tRump makes some lame comparison of those busts on Mt Rushmore to himself and how great he would look up there someday. Do it. Invite all the right wing nut jobs. What could go wrong?

You can stay home and social distance from all of us Someone needs to drape some sheets over that monument This going to get out of hand. No! 'I want my freedom!' How do all these ignorant people get elected into office ? They are unqualified for government positions ! SD covid cases are rising. Illness doesn’t care about politics or geography. This is all about placating trump, fulfilling a promise, and putting $ over people’s lives.

This has to be a joke, right? No one is this stupid, right? I guess we all know where the COVID spike will be next Ok good 👍🏽 EnseySherwood They will unveil this! TraitorTrump What could possibly go wrong? 10 days from now: 'South Dakota has seen a huge surge in cases since Trump's rally at Mount Rushmore; this was entirely preventable.'

If you’re gonna be brainless, why not just declare it ahead of time. It’s like stepping in front of a moving train. How reckless & dangerous. Well, unfortunately there will be fewer of you around in November to vote. Think about it, many of these people won’t be around to vote for realDonaldTrump and his disciples come November 2020.

Fool...…. Chump loves the uneducated govkristinoem just put the masks on the monuments What for IDIOTS Who finds this mountain ugly ? This whole deforestation and defacing of natural mountains. Then suffer the consequences, have you not watched what happened in other states? People who are not social distancing need to plan on getting sick. Too many people are modeling Trump’s ignorant and dangerous behavior. Unbelievable.

There is a reason why red states have the highest COVID-19 cases. There are deadly consequences when people decide to wallow in arrogance and ignorance. I don't feel sorry for Trump supporters. I feel sorry for innocent people who get infected by them. Keep stoking the fire. Nice less voters for November.

The white domestic terrorists seizing the chance to finish off what their ancestors started. Genocide of native Americans . Bible thumping hypocrites ! trumpharmsusall Time to order some body bags SouthDakota deserves better. Stupid is as stupid does. Paging Charles Darwin. Stupid is as stupid does This has happened many times in the recent past and each time it's been proven to have not been worth the risk. How are they continuing to just not learn the very simple lesson that being in such close proximity is a terrible idea? Deadly, even?

How did wearing a mask become political I love the typo from 'while' to 'white' ... Must be a Trump supporter looking forward to the July 3rd Coronapalooza celebration with Trump spouting his great wisdom! 🤣🤣🤣 Stupid is as stupid does! Good With 55 counties in South Dakota without ICU beds this seems like a dangerous move on Noem’s part. South Dakota is beautiful country with wonderful people - very sad that their governor cares more for Trump than his constituents’ lives.

KristiNoem I really don’t care if you get sick. COVIDIOT Then nobody who attends gets to use hospital resources when they get sick. 'Yes, we don't care if you get sick'. I keep forgetting Douth Dakota exists All of those 4 are racists, war criminals and gangsters Of course they won’t. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Then they deserve to die by this disease when they contract it. I have passed the forgiveness point for this level of blatant ignorance and disregard for human life. Proudly ignorant. This is why America is 1 in coronoavirus stats. Stupid freaking Trump Republicans. Welp....we'll see this state added to the growing list of spikes in about 2 weeks. Idiots.

Perhaps a rogue lightning bolt? This is almost criminal Break out the waivers!!! Well this was govkristinoem million dollar war slogan on meth. So yeah. 'We will be flinging poo at each other.' Who cares really - you’ll should hug kiss and have an orgy —- go for it. The more the better... All Republicans want us dead. Governor of SD is a MORON.

Fucking psychos Fools coronavirus Can’t fix stupid or Republican TrumpKillsFlorida and SouthDakotaNext This should have already been cancelled. Why do people consider Noem a leader? South Dakota Gov translation - we love that F-ing virus here in SouthDakota. Having my citizens gasping for air and on ventilators would be a dream govkristinoem

Stupid. You have 884k in your entire pancake ass state and now you want to bring an event that will spread a virus in after doing well? Motherfuckers keep trying to ice skate uphill.

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