Barbie, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling

Barbie, Margot Robbie

Ryan Gosling To Play Ken In Warner Bros., LuckyChap and Mattel’s ‘Barbie’ Movie Starring Margot Robbie

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in ‘Barbie’ movie starring Margot Robbie

10/22/2021 11:31:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in ‘ Barbie ’ movie starring Margot Robbie

EXCLUSIVE: Margot Robbie ’s Barbie movie looks to have found its Ken as sources tell Deadline Ryan Gosling is in final negotiations to play the iconic Mattel character in Warner Bros. movie ce…

is in final negotiations to play the iconic Mattel character in Warner Bros. movie centered on the classic doll line. Greta Gerwig is directing the pic with Robbie playing the titular role. Given his busy schedule, Gosling initially passed on playing the part, but insiders add that as pre-production dragged out and the studio remained persistent with him being their only choice, an opening in his schedule appeared, allowing him to sign on to the project.

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With Gosling close to signing on, the film looks to be on the verge of a greenlight and the hope would be to shoot at the top of 2022. Gerwig also co-wrote the script with Noah Baumbach.Plot details are unknown at this time but given Gerwig’s track record as a director, one can expect that this won’t be your typical take on the doll’s story.

Robbie will also produce the film, under her LuckyChap Entertainment production banner along with LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara as well as Mattel’s Robbie Brenner and Ynon Kreiz; and David Heyman.As for Gosling, the role itself may be some of the more spot on casting in recent years in Hollywood and is sure to excite fans even more of what to expect out of this project. The Oscar-nominated actor recently wrapped production on the Netflix action pic

The Gray Man, that he stars in opposite Chris Evans with the Russo Brothers directing.Gosling is repped by CAA and Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern. Robbie and LuckyChap are repped by CAA, Management 360 and attorney Jeff Bernstein.Must Read Stories

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joanjob Aquest home ja va demostrar el seu potencial inexpressiu fent de blade runner, no sembla mala idea. BRO WE ALREADY GOT LIFE SIZE YOU CANT TOP THAT That’s what they are going to shoot I think, that story . Ken was Canadian also as well as Ryan gosling I mean is there a better choice 🥰😌 Hell's teeth. A career pinnacle.......😳😱

No dick great cast 🤣🤣🤣 Great The sequel to Bladerunner 2049 is looking kind of whack. Wait, shit no this is Drive 2 ;-) A movie that no one asked for,.. 🤦🏾🤦🏾 Finally. Someone who has the aesthetic features of the actual character That guy is the perfect Batman

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Do I get to take Ryan’s clothes off & play with him naked like I played with Ken at age ten? this is a serious career misstep...either that or they're getting paid bucket loads I'm your huckleberry No. I mean… 😍 but also… 😬 Fuck yeah. -looks from Ken to this guy- ......How tf With or without genitals? stepintoURpower oh my god?

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Wonder if it will be a suspenseful murder movie? UnrankedWarrior yooooo i will be watching this opening night. Give the fans what they want I bet they find a way to make him stop liking Barbie and instead like the MilkMan. I very much regret logging into twitter just to find out there's a live action movie of Barbie in the makes.

They should make a porn instead. Right guys? They're going to make him wear the barbie dress again hahaha!!!!! Nahh. I want James Marsden as Ken BaDayForTheDead our 2 faves 🤣🤣

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Chris Evans would have been better. A smiling plastic doll with no genitals whose love interest is a blonde smiling plastic doll whose only asset is a really nice car and a really nice house. Actually….:the roll of a lifetime. bi panic No. What like THE SQUID Game.... I love both actors but neither one looks like Barbie and Ken.

I watch too much true crime because my brain convinced me this was the Ken and Barbie killers Barbie Life In The Dream House Ken and Toy Story Ken are NOT the same Ken. Let's throw in mpgisofficial Ken's,too! How do you say PLEASE get their writers in the Barbie movie?! NSFW language What about VancityReynolds?

Is there an official synopsis out yet? Because I'm wondering what the hook for the movie is. All them animated barbie movies had a hook of her being something or in a fantastical setting.

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Hello, I'm selling 2 of Harryween: harry styles rescheduled from 10/31/2021 Location: Madison Square Garden New York, NY 10001. Performers Harrystyles Harrystlylesloveandtour TeetMe *gasp* Ahhhhhhhh! 😆💕 I've heard for a while that there was going to be a Barbie movie. I've always loved Barbie ever since I was a kid. I want to see it!

Zac Effron would make a good Ken Seriously, who asked for a Barbie movie though? I hope he doesn't have to lose his genitals for the part. Okay he's not even traditionally attractive, but I can understand the casting if it's a more humorous role. Much love Henry Cavill must’ve been unavailable or uninterested because…

what’s this now?

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Courtneylynn989 He should have played Ken I mean ya, that works... Sounds like a bad idea fir a movie. EbonyReid42 how do you feel about this I am so excited, the story line and character growth will be out of this world, life in plastic, it's fantastic! Haha Nice I like both of those actors Rumor has it he has almost no dick so perfect casting

Why would they not choose a Trans BIPOC actor to play the part? This just promulgates toxic patriarchy and yt supremacy. Hollywood needs to DoBetter.

Actor Ruby Rose alleges she was fired from 'Batwoman' after being injured on setWarner Bros. Television Group denied Rose's allegations, saying they parted ways with her last year after reviewing multiple complaints about her behavior. 1. A big fat lie. 2. That series is awful. It's a wonder why they renewed it for a second season.

this movie is going to be dark. haha cc: katyrochelle What the hell is happening what if it's just some shaky iphone recording of a girl playing with barbies for an hour that would be funny i think Live action barbie movie sounds interesting on paper I just it lives up to the hype when it comes out. Why tho? He's not that good looking. 🤨

Ryan Gosling? Oh good lord how embarrassing. Robbie has about as much acting talent as a plastic doll but Gosling is REALLY fucking himself over with this one lol. Shame. How do you make a Barbie film? What would the storyline be? It'll be rubbish. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Awesome can't wait i like this. for Ryan...not at all what I see when I see Ken. More of a Chris hemsworth role. This Ryan is bad casting for ken I'd prefer Michelle morrone 😁😁😁😁😁 who is going to play barbies gf so the movie can appeal to those of us who never owned a ken doll resulting in all our barbie dolls being lesbian?

I thought it was I would watch that. Embarrassing

Don’t get me started on how much I love Barbie, I’ve spent my life 💖 her Margot - 👍🏻👍🏻 Ryan - yeaaaaah, NAH. There has to be an unknown actor that can come on board. I’ve just never rated him. Just me 🤷‍♀️ That makes sense to me Good casting Two talented folks, and sounds interesting! Wishing the best on this project! 👍

I wish more for him glennhustler wonder how much this will cost to make Can't wait to not watch this movie. ❤❤❤🥰😍 Ryan Gosling as Obama... When? Chris pine is perfect choice.

Love this for Lars. You’re acting like this isn’t meta. It'll be the tank top and khakis sjw Barbie how embarrassing lmao! Purr Now I’ve seen everything! This is ridiculous 🙄 Why? If he doesn’t say, Hey Girl, I will be extremely disappointed! ☺️ 😂 They got a Skipper yet? V into this That’s great and all but Tom Chisum is the REAL Ken.

so happy they changed the cast. wtf were they thinking casting Robert de Niro as sugar daddy Ken!!💀 Will showing Ken’s smooth plastic crotch be considered a “nude scene”? WOW! it's been like 15 years since I last saw a barbie movie. I'm looking forward for RG's next movie but not barbie lol, i'm too old for this

Please dont put the tag 'true events' in the movie.. barbie is just a doll and not a person. So weird that a guy would want to be paid millions of dollars to pretend to date Margot Robbie. Definitely breaking news. Wow that’s awesome!!💗 The Man. has just been robbed it's another day of sun

Perfect casting! 💀 I hope Ken plows the shit out of Barbie and it's one of those sex scenes where there are rumors that they actually did it like in Wild Orchid. Who's playing Barbie? No seriously, who? placing my bet that there’s a lego movie-esque twist where they’re just toys in someone else’s world. that movie pulled it off so well.

HELL YEAH LETS GOOOO Cue the anatomically curios comments. I forgot this movie was even happening, but I will be watching this for Margot. Hes Hollywood’s Ken Doll I beg your pardon

We won!!!!!! PERFECT CASTING ... especially if you want Ken to go brooding psycho stalkery Barbie meets Drive lessgo 👏 I wonder if Rodrigo Alves is pissed that he changed gender now. God, I hope they make Barbie out to be a complete ditz like they do in the cartoon. I get it's a doll, but why do they make her out to be stupid in the cartoon? little girls watch that. (I have nieces, so I've seen it)

I can’t wait for this!!! hmm no. That's weird tho I always said Margot Robbie looks like a doll. Ryan I mean… of course he is. Dude’s hot. Listen the script got to be good for him to be on board

The villain will be a Tammy doll with normal boobs and a waist size that can fit a liver AND a spleen. Barbie is more scarier than that chucky doll she is pretty good at brainwashing pretty evil haha _semc_ Hard pass. Why can’t it be a black man 👨 Coming soon, Sethrogen in Operation. okay, i’m smiling I 😍 them both, they're talented and beautiful so keep they ass far apart when the film ain't in the 🎦 🇺🇲 can't take another Brad & Angelina situation. Management, assistants and craft services keep ya head on a swivel when these sexy ass mf's are close🙏

I hope there is at least a B plot about the challanges faced by both the injection-molding die makers and the vinyl plasticizing chemists in the extrusion of doll heads that held both hair and fine features so well! Good role for any pair of Jonas brothers. He don’t look anything like ken & she’s no Barbie

Would it genuinely kill hollywood to not tap into old ideas for the guaranteed fan base and just let some writer come up with an original idea Why do I hate actors with very close eyes? the only thing I hate more is that other people don't seem to care Why? barbiefan420 Actually very excited for this and I hope they give the true Barbie fans some easter eggs

Yeah he is. 😍 harriekd 🤣 Sorry it had to be you

Well he’s career is over! 🤦🏻‍♂️ lucyshea He's GOOD. It looks like he is fitting up and down the belt. 😄 Hell no. DOES THIS MEAN WE'LL GET MORE OF THIS Does the studio need a loss making flop for a tax write off? omg Does he want to fuck margot though? Margot Robbie only makes movies with dudes she needs / wants to dick. 🤷‍♀️

Horrible casting. He's not even close to good looking enough to play someone who is playing a Ken doll. Now that's perfect casting!

AcademyRewind -_- Interesting, I didn't know they were making a barbie movie? Will it be live action, or animated? was wondering what this dude was up to next after his The Big Short-La La Land-Blade Runner 2049-First Man streak. I mean… okay The film looks to be on the verge of a greenlight and the hope would be to shoot at the top of 2022