Russia-Ukraine Live Updates: Russia increases penalty for soldiers after mobilization

9/24/2022 11:26:00 PM

Live updates on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Police detained anti-mobilization demonstrators during a protest in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Live updates on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Putin signs criminal code amendments raising penalties for looting, desertion, surrender Link Share to Twitter Email this article Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law with amendments to the Russian Criminal Code imposing more severe punishments for the crimes of desertion, looting and surrender during periods of mobilization and martial law, according to the official portal of legal information.asking people to vote on whether they want to join Russia in an effort to legitimize its annexation of the regions.referendums in Ukraine underway for a second day, Russia clamped down on soldiers who renege on their military contracts, and it increased penalties for crimes committed against the military.Ukraine on referendums to become part of Russia, Russian-backed officials there said.

AP Russian policemen detain demonstrators protesting against mobilization in St.Petersburg, Russia, on Sept.Alexey Pavlishak/Reuters A woman casts her ballot during the first day of a referendum on the joining of Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine to Russia, in Sevastopol, Crimea, Sept.24, 2022.” Here’s the latest on the war and its ripple effects across the globe.The law introduces the notions of"mobilization,""martial law" and"wartime" and adds a number of new articles to the Criminal Code.The referendums, announced three days ago, will be held for five days, with in person voting taking place on Tuesday.This comes days after Putin announced a mobilization expected to draft more than 300,000 Russians with military expertise.The referendums follow Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order of a partial mobilization, which could add about 300,000 Russian troops to the fight.

Anti-war protests have broken out in response to news of the draft and many have tried to flee Russia.Russia had previously done this in Crimea in 2014, but this vote is expected to have even less legitimacy.Previously, soldiers could legally repudiate their military contracts.The article criminalizing"looting" has been amended to provide for up to 15 years of imprisonment.Commission of the crime"during a period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime" is deemed an extenuating circumstance.US has been warning Russia privately about consequences of using nuclear weapons Link Share to Twitter Email this article The United States has been sending private warnings to Moscow about the consequences of using nuclear weapons, a U.AFP via Getty Images Police officers detain a man in Saint Petersburg on Sept.Despite official assurances that it is only a partial mobilization to help the war in Ukraine, the initial process has sparked fears that far more soldiers could be sent to fight than the 300,000 first announced,.24, 2022, following calls to protest against the partial mobilization announced by the Russian President.official told ABC News.Election officials will be bringing ballots to people's homes and setting up makeshift polling stations near residential buildings during the first four days of the referendums, according to Russian-installed officials in the occupied regions, who cited safety reasons.

Failure by a subordinate to obey an order issued by a superior in due manner during a period of martial law, in wartime or in conditions of an armed conflict or the conduct of hostilities, as well as a refusal to participate in military action or combat, will be punished by imprisonment of two to three years.If severe consequences ensue, such actions will be punished by three to ten years of imprisonment.N.He also claimed that Russian forces sought to mobilize Ukrainians to fight their countrymen.Olivier Morin/AFP via Getty Images A Finnish boarder guard works at the Finnish/Russian boarder crossing at Vaalimaa, Finland, as traffic from Russia lines up trying to enter Finland, on Sept.22, 2022.The warnings have been vague, a deliberate strategy designed to keep Kremlin officials guessing on what the U.Furthermore, reservists will be criminally liable for arbitrary abandonment of a unit or base and for failure to report for duty in due time without a good reason during their recruit military training.27 in the separatist.” Valentina Matviyenko, chair of Russia's upper parliament house, said that residents of the occupied regions were voting for “life or death” at the referendums.

This acts will be punishable with up to 10 years of imprisonment, depending on the severity of the act.response would actually be in the event of a nuclear strike, according to The Washington Post , which was the first to report on the private warnings.The law also introduces a number of articles regarding a failure to execute a state defense order and a violation of the terms of a state contract.Biden vows to impose 'swift and severe economic costs on Russia' Link Share to Twitter Email this article President Joe Biden issued a statement Friday evening again calling the referendums in Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory a"sham.-ABC News' Sarah Kolinovsky Zelenskyy: Russian citizens being 'thrown to [their] death' with mobilization Link Share to Twitter Email this article Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke directly to Russian citizens in his latest nightly address in response to President Vladimir Putin's partial mobilization of troops to fight in Ukraine." "The United States will never recognize Ukrainian territory as anything other than part of Ukraine," he said in his statement.Biden added that the U.22, 2022.And now it’s time for you to choose.

S."will work with our allies and partners to impose additional swift and severe economic costs on Russia." To those who are silent,"You are accomplices in all these crimes, murders and torture of Ukrainians," he said, wearing a black T-shirt that said in English:"We Stand with Ukraine." He said the U.S." Russian foreign minister accuses Ukraine, West of falsely changing the 'narrative' of the war Link Share to Twitter Email this article In an address to the United Nations Security Council on Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov fought back against what he described as a"propaganda operation" by Ukraine and its Western allies to change the"narrative" in the war.will join with other nations"in rejecting whatever fabricated outcomes Russia will announce.Official Vladimir Rogov didn't offer any details as to what caused the explosion and whether there was damage and casualties.

" -ABC News' Ben Gittleson White House responds to Russia's nuclear threats Link.Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaks during a high level meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the situation amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, at the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Sept.

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You can't call that recruitment in any sense because they are forced into it. Finally! A Russian with a backbone! Don't you mean a conscription officer? Forced service has nothing to do with recruitment. Not the same at ALL. They should consider getting our democrats over there to ban guns What kinda lies is this

make the police go fight!! Excelente !!!

Russia-Ukraine live updates: US privately warns Russia against using nuclear weaponsSome of the first reservists called to Ukraine for Putin's just-announced partial mobilization are seen off by their families and loved ones. Soviet boot camp. Remember 80% of Russians supported the killing and torture happening in Ukraine by Russian Soldiers. Don’t feel sorry for them, they will help the Sun Flowers grow. Poor dudes are leaving to go die. Russian ethnicity on the way to becoming extinct.


Ukraine live briefing: Russia adds penalties for military desertersWith the Kremlin’s referendums in Ukraine underway for a second day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on citizens in occupied territories to help resist Russian operations. This staged annexation is a farce and a ploy of Totalitarian Russia. The World should absolutely not recognize this corrupt tactic, and kick them all out. If they want to join Russia, just leave Ukraine and join Russia. Stay out of Ukraine. StandWithUkraine️ As a resident of Eastern Ukraine, I know that 90% of those who vote 'for separation from Ukraine' are traitors and collaborators 🤬. RussiaIsATerroristState RussiaIsANaziState 🤬

Moscow-held regions of Ukraine in 'sham' vote to join RussiaThe Kremlin-orchestrated referendums, which have been widely denounced by Ukraine and the West as shams without any legal force, are seen as a step toward annexing the territories by Russia. No importa cuan sólo, incomprendido y desplazado te sientas. No sólo Dios está contigo, también lo estoy yo, para Amarte sinceramente y Vivificarte x medio de su Espíritu. Hay una esperanza Verdadera, a la q estamos llamados, la Vida Eterna. Resiste al mundo en Cristo y Vencerás. 11:38 🇪🇺ECB's supports 75 bps rate hike in October Bank of Latvia Governor and European Central Bank(ECB) governing council member Martins Kazaks shared on Friday that he would back a three-quarter of a percentage point interest rate increase at the central bank October meeting.

In Seized Parts of Ukraine, Moscow Stages Balloting on Joining RussiaVideos posted by local residents and Kremlin-controlled news media displayed a hastily organized and inconsistent show of voting in tense cities and towns, with no ballot secrecy and soldiers looking on. It’s revolting how the western media is already questioning the validity of the voting process… Rhetorical overkill, NYT! It is a foregone conclusion that 11 out of every 10 votes will be for joining Russia

Biden says U.S. will never recognize occupied Ukraine regions if they vote to join RussiaPresident Biden is condemning the 'sham' referendums in occupied areas of Ukraine that would unite those regions with Russia, saying the U.S. will never recognize those territories as anything but part of Ukraine. Well. If there's an expert on world class sham voting - it would be 46. Well. If there's an expert on world class sham voting - it would be 46.

GOP Unveils 'Commitment To America' Plan With Stock Videos Of Russia, Ukraine“We celebrate the rich heritage of the American story,” a narrator says, over footage of a drilling rig in Russia's Volgograd region. This is very peripheral an issue...but okay. Hilarious What?..